Thursday 31 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Aldi cuts prices of fruit and veg

That's Food and Drink: Aldi cuts prices of fruit and veg: Already the UKs cheapest supermarket, Aldi has cut the prices on a range of fruit and veg products. This week, shoppers can enjoy even cheap...

That's Food and Drink: Urban Rhino Gin a Massive Tonic for Rhino Charity

That's Food and Drink: Urban Rhino Gin a Massive Tonic for Rhino Charity: Urban Rhino premium London dry gin has launched a formal agreement to make a UK-based rhino charity, Waterberg Rhino UK, which supports The ...

Wednesday 30 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Salcombe Brewery Co. Celebrates Double Win at the ...

That's Food and Drink: Salcombe Brewery Co. Celebrates Double Win at the ...: Salcombe Brewery Co. is celebrating a double win for its Island Street Porter at the 2023 World Beer Awards. Not only did it win a gold in t...

Kickstart Your Christmas Celebrations With Flapjackery's Advent Calendar Box

Flapjackery's luxurious and decadently tasty Advent Calendar Box (£52) promises a daily treat throughout December of delicious gluten free flapjack pieces.         

There are 24 wrapped half pieces of flapjack that come in delicious-sounding flavours like Christmas Orange Flapjack, Burnt Caramel & Sea Salt Flapjack and Billionaires Flapjack that are packed in a box, or add numbered advent bags to your order and pop them in there.

The flapjacks are handmade in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor using only British oats, locally-sourced West Country ingredients, fair-trade brown sugar and real butter. 

The advent calendar box can be ordered for delivery from the middle of October. If no date is specified they will be dispatched the week commencing November 15.

The flapjacks are delivered to your door in recyclable cardboard boxes and have a shelf life of three months. All the flapjacks are gluten free.

Advent Calendar Box £52 

Advent Calendar with Velvet Advent Pouch £65.00 

Advent Calendar with Jute Advent Pouch £65.00 

For further information on Flapjackery visit

Follow Flapjackery on Instagram and Facebook.

Flapjackery is affiliated with AWIN.

The Advent Calendar Box (£52) contains the following 24 half pieces:

Golden Caramel Flapjack

Caramel Latte Flapjack

Chocolate Fudge Flapjack

Granola Flapjack

Dark Chocolate Orange Flapjack

Clotted Cream Fudge Flapjack

Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate Flapjack with Caramel drizzle

Florentine Flapjack

Ginger & Dark Chocolate Flapjack

Millionaires Flapjack

Mince Pie Flapjack

Christmas Millionaires Flapjack, with white choc drizzle 

Salted Caramel Fudge Flapjack

Traditional Flapjack

Raspberry Millionaire's Flapjack 

Rocky Road Flapjack

Burnt Caramel & Sea Salt Flapjack

Mint Fudge Flapjack

Milk Chocolate Orange Flapjack

Rum & Raisin flapjack 

Peanut Butter Fudge 

Billionaires Flapjack

Christmas Orange Flapjack 

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel

That's Food and Drink: Dangerous TikTok trends warning to parents

That's Food and Drink: Dangerous TikTok trends warning to parents: Parents of young children and teenagers are being warned of the most dangerous trends going around on TikTok and are advised to keep track o...

That's Food and Drink: Mr Lyan's Cocktails at Home by mixologist Ryan Che...

That's Food and Drink: Mr Lyan's Cocktails at Home by mixologist Ryan Che...: Cocktails aren't just for fancy nights out!  In Mr Lyan's Cocktails at Home, award-winning and internationally famed and acclaimed m...

Tuesday 29 August 2023

Create a fantastic Christmas ambiance with Hillarys Blinds

Novelist Edna Ferber is quoted as having said "Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling" and I think I understand what she meant by that.

So how can you create the feeling of Christmas all year round? Check out Hillarys Blinds. They have a lovely collection of blinds and drapes that will help you to be able to enjoy the Christmas feeling all year round. 

Hillarys points out that you can create a "Nordic Nest." 

In fact, Hillarys says: "You'll be able to Deck the halls and bring joy to your home with our expert advice, beautiful imagery and home hacks for Christmas." 

Isa "Candy Cane" Chadburn, who is an interiors influencer and a member of their Interior Squad says:-

“To create a neutral Christmas inspired living space, I like to use lots of natural items. Firs, wood and pine cones are great accessories working well with extra soft subtle textures like cushions, throws and rugs all in neutral colours.”

To learn more please visit

Monday 28 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Home frozen bananas make an excellent treat

That's Food and Drink: Home frozen bananas make an excellent treat: Home frozen bananas make a nutritious, tasty and cooling treat for those hot summer days. And I offer my thanks to my wife, Anni, for coming...

Why Not Try Crafting for Christmas?

Why not try your hand at crafting for Christmas this year? It’s a great way of learning new skills or honing old ones. 

And you will be able to gift loved ones unique, handmade gifts and also save on money, too.

There are many retailers that sell crafting kits and equipment. National chain stores, Etsy stores, Amazon (where many people selling crafting items are in reality “Mom and Pop” operations working from home) and local retailers from your own town also sell crafting items. Large chain stores and some supermarkets also have crafting departments so they are worth checking out, too.

What can you make? If you have never crafted before you can check out crafting videos on YouTube and see what other people have made or are making. (Unfortunately some TikTok channels carry "faked" crafting videos so are best treated with caution, in our experience, as you might never be able to achieve the results they claim to have achieved.)  Incidentally, some crafting supply stores and crafting kit manufacturers have videos on their websites to show what you can do with their products. 

They also sometimes have demonstrations and classes at their local branches with experts displaying their skills or teaching crafting techniques, so these are worth looking out for, too. Some local colleges also have arts and craft courses, so check with them to learn what they have to offer the aspiring artist or budding crafter.

What can you try your hand at? What about Knitting, crochet, painting, glass or ceramic painting, woodworking, sewing, baking, cheese making, wine and beer making (obviously checking on the legality of this where you live) upcycling furniture, resin crafting including embedding items such as flowers, etc, origami, air dry clay crafting, embroidery, tie dying, cyanotype printing, upcycling clothing, paper crafting, DIY wall art, macrame, quilting, sewing, woodworking, gluing, etc, etc.

If you start now, in late August, you’ll be able to learn new techniques and to perfect them well before Christmas when you will be able to gift your perfected handmade presents.

You can also buy crafting kits as gifts for people in your family and your group of friends who you know will appreciate such a “crafty” gift. 

That’s Christmas has already covered the innovative company Sugru who offers a wide range of crafting items for you to use to create fantastic gifts, or for you to give out as Christmas presents for other people.

There’s their Kintsugi Repair Kit in Gold or Silver, Multicolour Wool Clothing Repair Kit, Fix & Create Kit by Sugru all of which you’ll be able to learn about at this post, here: 

The following retailers/companies sell craft and crafting items, so why not check them out?

Growing concern for elderly loved ones’ self care as increased worry about need for more personal support revealed, especially at Christmas time

It's time to review the right support and care options as many people worry about signs of mental decline and possible signs of dementia.

A majority of adults are more concerned elderly relatives of 75 and older will be lonelier, according to new research, with two in five admitting they'd need more personal support. With 7 in 10 seeing relatives this age over the Christmas and holiday break, and over a quarter hosting them at home, the insights highlight a significant concern for their wellbeing and the overstretched care sector.

The research, commissioned by Ageless Innovation LLC, who develop Joy for All® Companion Pets for older adults, also found many spotted increased signs of forgetfulness, a decline in mental sharpness and even signs of possible dementia in 13% of cases, increasing worries.

Ted Fischer, who is CEO of Ageless Innovation, said: “This highlights the significant concerns many have for their aging loved ones, both in terms of how they feel after the fun and togetherness of a family Christmas and festive time, plus the signs spotted over this time that they are becoming more vulnerable.

“There are also many other ways to provide comfort and companionship to those who need it most. We believe the care sector and other care experts can provide valuable guidance to address this important issue.”

Analysis of the data also revealed 58% of adults aged 35 and under were concerned their elderly relatives wouldn't be able to cope with living on their own, now. One in five were concerned elderly relatives were frailer in comparison to the last time they saw them, with the same number also believing their elderly relatives will be doing less exercise once they went home after the festive period.

Developed with extensive input from older adults, Joy for All ® Companion Pets look, sound, and feel like real pets and can create a personally rich experience by delivering joyful moments to aging loved ones.

Research was conducted via One Pulse in the second week of January 2023 with 1032 UK adults over the age of 18. Ageless Innovation commissioned it, understanding the concerns and worries of close relatives for aging parents and grandparents who might be more vulnerable and in need of support following a time of excitement and family gatherings, such as Christmas.

Peer-reviewed research, including a recent study from the University of Plymouth, has shown robotic animals can alleviate loneliness among older people. Researchers have found that this technology can significantly reduce anxiety levels and provide calm and comfort.

Actually, we at That's Chirstmas feel that these Companion Pets could make ideal Christmas presents for vulnerable people.

To learn more about Joy For All Companion Pets, visit

Ageless Innovation is a global company whic is devoted to developing fun and engaging products for older adults. Beginning with the award-winning line of Joy for All Companion Pets, Ageless Innovation is focused on creating products which promote fun, joy and play while reducing the cost of care and creating meaningful connections for older adults, their families, and caregivers.

That's Food and Drink: Aldi expects to sell a bottle of fizz nearly every...

That's Food and Drink: Aldi expects to sell a bottle of fizz nearly every...: Aldi is predicting sales of its fizz range will jump 35%, as we Brits celebrate despite a lack of sunshine. Shoppers can pick up a bottle of...

Friday 25 August 2023

Scented candles for Christmas from Loriest & Co.

A luxury scented candle from Loriest is the perfect and meaningful Christmas gift; reminisce what has been and to celebrate what is to come.

At Loriest & Co they make journeys through the year scenting stories with 12 candles, each inspired by the seasonality of the 12 months of the year,

Specially hand-poured in England, their sustainable luxury candles are all carefully crafted to harness the fragrance of plants and flowers that are found all over the British Isles. 

Their special Notes of December candle carefully captures the scent of an evergreen forest and is wonderfully aromatic in the home over the festive season.

For a more personally considered Christmas gift, look back at moments in the year that can be recalled with scent; for example, a summer wedding with their Notes of June candle which releases a bouquet of English roses, or what about a friend's weekend away in August with the scent of sea air mingled with geranium which are to be found in their Notes of August candle, or what about a special anniversary in November with the cosy warming aroma of woodsmoke is perfectly balanced in thier Notes of November candle?

Established in 2022, Loriest & Co is a small, family-run UK business, and with the natural world as their muse, a responsible approach is at the very heart of everything they do.

Their candles are all plant-based, clean burning and are guaranteed to be 100% vegan. Each vessel is made with recycled glass, their gift boxes are FSC-certified, and they are proud to report that they are are plastic free.

Loriest candles are wonderfully meaningful Christmas gifts, beautifully packaged and delivered free of charge across the UK. 

They provide a gratis gift wrapping service (complete with gorgeous velvet ribbon!) and personalised handwritten gift notes, too.

This Christmas surprise someone with the gift of storytelling through shared scent memories.

The Loriest & Co scented candle collection, each £40.

Twelve candles across the four seasons

Autumn scent memories

Notes of September pear / blackberry / hops

Notes of October moss / juniper / woods

Notes of November woodsmoke / sloe / cedarwood

Winter scent memories

Notes of December evergreen woods / camellia / bay

Notes of January thyme / viburnum / rosemary

Notes of February snowdrop / ferns / primrose

 Spring scent memories

Notes of March hyacinth / green leaf / daffodil

Notes of April bluebell / blossom / woodland

Notes of May peony / rhubarb / lilac

Summer scent memories

Notes of June rose / freshly cut lawns / elderflower

Notes of July tomato vines / sweet pea / mint

Notes of August heather / geranium / sea thrift flowers

The perfect present all wrapped up this Christmas with

Cherish has handmade Christmas decorations you will love

"Welcome to my Christmas collection," says Cherish of Cherish Handmade. 

She went on to say: "I have a range of handmade felt characters that make great additions to the Christmas tree or for hanging anywhere around your home during Christmas time. 

"They're small and cute enough to send as a small gift or stocking filler for an animal lover.- and there are certainly many of those! 

"My fabric decorations are carefully hand-stitched using only high quality fabrics and they feature exquisite little details like tinkling bells, wooden collar beads, heart motifs and other festive touches. 

"They're available as a white Westie dog, a black Scottie dog, a black dachshund, a brown dachshund, and a black or a brown cat. At £5.95 each they are great value for money and I'm sure your readers will love them." (EDITOR: We are sure of that, too, which is why we are featuring them.)

Cherish also has a gingerbread man and felt heart decorations available, too.

Thursday 24 August 2023

Have a very merry Luxurious Festive Feast to Remember with DukesHill's Christmas Collection

Have yourself a luxurious Christmas this year with the very best in festive food from artisan food producer, fine food supplier and Royal Warrant holder, DukesHill.

Established in 1985 in the glorious Shropshire countryside curing hamsusing time-honoured traditional techniques, the DukesHill's range has since grown and is renowned for championing artisan producers whose skilled use of unique and traditional methods create outstanding food and flavours.

With an uncompromising commitment to sourcing and creating the very best in British produce, with the highest regard for animal welfare, DukesHill's Christmas collection has a quality that is second to none.

2023 Christmas Highlights 

Cranberry Glazed Ham with Pork & Cranberry Stuffing - Half ham, £82 (min 2kg), Whole ham, £130 (min 4kg)

As justifiably proud Royal Warrant holders, DukesHill are undeniable experts in curing the finest of hams. This season their special edition Christmas Ham is the Cranberry Glazed Ham, generously stuffed with Pork & Cranberry Stuffing. 

Using their traditional Wiltshire Cure, the hams spend time maturing in DukesHill's own-recipe brine to which a touch of unrefined brown sugar is added for a subtle sweet flavour. The hams are then air dried for a further week, stuffed by hand with pork & cranberry stuffing and steam cooked for 12 hours, allowing the fat to render and soften, giving a delicious buttery texture. 

Once cooked the hams are trimmed, coated in a cranberry glaze and finished off in glazing ovens, producing hams with a moist texture and mild flavour with a delightful hint of cranberry. This special festive ham will make for a fine centre-piece for your Christmas table.

DukesHill Free Range Bronze Turkey - Prices from £90, Various sizes are available 

The traditional choice for a Christmas Day feast, DukesHill's free range bronze turkeys taste outstanding. Reared especially for DukesHill in the Kent countryside by highly experienced third-generation farmers who have been rearing turkeys for forty years, their turkeys roam freely in grassy paddocks and meadows and are fed a natural cereal-based diet.

Christmas Pudding - £14.50 (454g)

Handmade for in excess of 30 years by the DukesHill team as part of an annual tradition, their rich Christmas Pudding uses butter instead of suet for a much cleaner finish on the palate and combines the rich flavours of the finest French Brandy, succulent vine fruits, cherries, fresh free-range eggs, carrot, mixed spice and candied orange for a wonderfully moist pudding whose secret family recipe has been passed down through the generations.

St Clements Mince Pies - £13.50 (6 x 80g)

Created following repeated customer requests and incorporating classic Christmas flavours, DukesHill's handmade all-butter pastry St Clements Mince Pies are full of mincemeat soaked in a rich, warming brandy and balanced with a delicate citrus edge from extra St Clements orange and lemon peel. 

Pigs In Blankets Kit - £12 (750g)

With plenty of dry-cured streaky bacon and traditional pork cocktail sausages, this easy kit will make 24 tasty 'piggies'. A Christmas must-have.

Condiments For Christmas

DukesHill's condiments are the very best finishing touches to any festive feast.

Created specially for DukesHill by an artisan food producer in the Yorkshire Dales who foregoes pectins, additives and preservatives, Boxing Day Chutney (£4.50 198g jar) is a handmade dark, rich and fruity chutney containing cranberries, English Bramley apples, ale and a special Christmas blend of 11 spices that tastes wonderful with any leftover ham or turkey and is essential for any cheese board. 

Also from the same producer is handmade Proper Piccalilli (£4.50 198g jar, £11.50 575g Kilner jar) which combines crunchy cucumber, cauliflower, courgette, red and green peppers, Lincolnshire onions and juicy tomatoes with a sweet, tangy mustard sauce and pairs perfectly with DukesHill's cured hams or cheese. 

Cranberry Sauce with Port (£4.50, 198g) combines cranberries and port with a hint of citrus fruit and tastes delicious with turkey, roast goose or baked ham.

Brandy Butter - from £4.50

Serve a spoonful of this creamy, warming brandy butter onto DukesHill's Christmas Pudding or a St Clement's Mince Pie and indulge yourself.

The full DukesHill Christmas range will be available from the end of next month, 31st September at: 

Wednesday 23 August 2023

That's Business: Don't wreck your business by not promoting it!

That's Business: Don't wreck your business by not promoting it!: One of the first things to go for many businesses during times of economic troubles or a recession is the marketing budget and the advertisi...

That's Food and Drink: Sip Urban Rhino gin and support wildlife. It's a r...

That's Food and Drink: Sip Urban Rhino gin and support wildlife. It's a r...: There's a real win-win situation for lovers of good, high quality London dry gins, as every time they take a sip of Urban Rhino Gin, the...

Eat, Drink and Be Merry With a Luxury Christmas Hamper from DukesHill

Justifiably famed for stupendously awesome artisanal luxury hampers including its hamper like no other, the Truly Magnificent, priced at £895, DukesHill has a standout collection available for this Christmas.

Filled to the very brim with the finest artisan food and drink, DukesHill's luxury hamper collection celebrates the very best of Britain's artisan producers - including their own expertly cured hams that carry a Royal Warrant awarded by Queen Elizabeth II, creating hampers of quality, taste and exceptional provenance to gift or enjoy this Christmas.

Christmas Hamper Highlights

Truly Magnificent Hamper - £895

39 items, 2 x 20” wicker hampers with leather straps

The Truly Magnificent Hamper certainly does live up to its luxurious name. Thirty nine individual items are nestled across not one but two wicker hampers creating a Christmas classic. 

At its very heart is a boneless Large St George's Ham, cured by DukesHill's experts and baked with a spiced orange, cinnamon, mace and clove glaze, closely followed by a whole sliced side of superior oak traditionally Smoked Salmon. 

Included is a fine selection of artisan cheeses, chutneys, crackers, sables and a duck liver pâté with Cointreau along with a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie, crafted and baked exclusively for DukesHill.

There are, of course, some delightful sweet treats, including DukesHill's Extra Large Christmas Pudding and a selection of handmade artisan mince pies unique to DukesHill: St Clements, Classic and Almond-topped flavours to add to your feast.  

You'll also discover Peaches in Brandy, handmade Scottish Shortbread direct from Loch Lomond, Turkish Delight, and for chocolate lovers, Blonde Chocolate Coffee & Caramelised Hazelnut Mendiants, Dark Chocolate Roasted Almond & Ginger Mendiants, an Extra Large Chocolate Selection box, Chocolate Covered Pecans and Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb that's made in small batches using real honey and the finest Colombian milk chocolate. A selection of fine wines and champagne complete this gourmet journey in a hamper.

It's A Wonderful Life - £195

14 items, 20” wicker hamper with leather straps

A carefully curated selection of the very best that's available from of DukesHill, It's A Wonderful Life pulls out all the stops this season with DukesHill's legendary boneless Wiltshire Ham and signature traditional Oak Smoked Salmon.  

Seasonal savouries include Isle of Mull Cheddar, Cote Hill Blue Cheese, Boxing Day Chutney, Scottish Oatcakes, Parmesan & Pistachio Sables and DukesHill's exclusive Pork Rillettes, made by slowly cooking pork belly with peppers, spices and Espelette pepper. A Family Christmas Pudding, Classic Mince Pies, handmade Scottish Shortbread, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb and Grandad's Light Fruit Cake Loaf made with almonds, butter, cherries, vine fruits and mixed spice are the sweet picks on offer, alongside a bottle of Tanners creamy, biscuity Cava Brut to toast the season.

Bah! Humbug - £95

12 items, 14” wicker hamper with leather straps

However, please rest assured that there's certainly nothing Scrooge-like about the Bah! Humbug hamper with its Honey Baked Baby Ham cured by DukesHill's very own experts, Sliced Oak Smoked Salmon and Pork Rillettes, exclusive to DukesHill and made by slowly cooking pork belly with peppers, spices and Espelette pepper. 

Also included is Barbers Black Waxed Cheddar to try with a spoonful of Fig Chutney, a jar of Cocktail Nuts, DukesHill's moist and rich Christmas Pudding, a mini classic Panettone, handmade Scottish shortbread from Loch Lomond, Milk Chocolate Crunchy Biscuit & Caramelised Pecan Mendiants, Milk Chocolate Honeycomb and a festive Gingerbread Blonde Chocolate bar.

The Chocolatier's Collection Hamper - £95

7 Items • 14” Wicker Basket with Leather Straps

Exquisitely and beautifully presented, this chocolate lover's dream contains an ingenious hot chocolate shaker to enjoy the most velvety smooth hot chocolate at home, along with three bags of artisan chocolate; milk chocolate drops, indulgent dark chocolate orange flakes and delicious blonde chocolate flakes. 

This exceptional collection also boasts a box of 16 beautifully hand decorated special Christmas truffles produced by artisan chocolatiers, alongside two bars of luxury-tasting chocolate in the most delicious flavours: Pistachio & Cranberry Chocolate and Marmalade Dark Chocolate.

Deck The Halls Hamper - £60 

7 Items • 14” Wicker basket with leather straps

A DukesHill artisan tasting experience in a hamper, this contains a carefully selected collection of the very best handmade and British produced products including a delicious Fig Chutney, Parmesan & Pistachio Sablés, Classic Panettone, a tin of melt-in-the-mouth Scottish Shortbread handmade in Loch Lomond, a festive tasting Gingerbread Blonde Chocolate Bar, DukesHill's family recipe Christmas Pudding, and a 75cl bottle of a biscuit, creamy cava Brut from Tanners.

(EDITOR: This reminds me. My wife and I need to pop in to Tanners to sort out our Christmas wine order, as Tanners are our local wine merchants.)

To learn more and to place your orders please visit DukesHill's website

Tuesday 22 August 2023

Luxury Christmas Gifting from DukesHill

Seeking out highest-quality gifts for friends and family this Christmas? Then look no further! Because luxury artisan food supplier and Royal Warrant holder DukesHill has Christmas gifting wrapped up for all fine food lovers.

Highlights for the festive season include two new indulgent chocolate products, Luxury Christmas Truffles and the Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box containing the secret to making the smoothest, most velvety hot chocolate, and DukesHill's Whisky Cask Cider Savoury Hamper, the perfect companion on a bracing Boxing Day or New Year's Day walk this winter. 

Full of the finest food and flavours, DukesHill's Christmas collection celebrates the very best artisan producers creating gifts of quality, taste and exceptional provenance.

Whisky Cask Cider Savoury Hamper - £70

10 items 14” wicker hamper with leather straps 

The perfect gift for all whisky, cider and cheese lovers, this hamper is beautifully presented in a leather-strapped DukesHill wicker basket. In it you'll find the very best savoury selection from Isle of Mull cheddar cheese to the finest charcuterie including bresaola, sliced lomo, porchetta and pastrami, Fig Chutney, Multi Seed Crackers and three bottles of Whisky Cask Cider. Matured for six months in single malt scotch whisky casks, this smooth, dry cider is handcrafted in small batches using real fruit that produces warm notes of vanilla, oak and honey.

Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box - £45

The Luxury Hot Chocolate Gift Box is a stylish Christmas gift, containing delicious artisan chocolate and an ingenious Hot Chocolate Shaker - the secret to making the smoothest, most velvety hot chocolate. Shaking creates the right amount of friction to perfectly bind chocolate to warm milk or water which can't be achieved with stirring alone. By shaking a hot liquid in an airtight container, the air inside the container heats and expands, causing a hot chocolate taste explosion. This ingenious, can't-live-without hot chocolate shaker has a lid that pops to accommodate the increased pressure as the air expands. A chic gift box to give, it also contains two bags of artisan chocolates, Milk Chocolate Drops and Dark Chocolate Orange, for the very best tasting hot chocolate.

Luxury Christmas Truffles - £25 (160g)

Box of 16 truffles

Beautifully presented in a box tied with a striking red ribbon, this selection of handmade artisan chocolate truffles come in stylish Christmas colours of red, white and green. Delicious and decadent, they're made fresh using milk, dark and white chocolate, cream, butter, real fruits, herbs and spices.

Port & Stilton Gift Box - £50 

A classic combination, this elegant DukesHill gift box has the finest handmade Blue Stilton Cheese from Cropwell Bishop Creamery, potted in a striking cream and red ceramic jar. It's paired with a 75ml bottle of Tanners Patrono Fine Ruby Port Fonesca.

Traditional Scottish Shortbread - £14.50 (475g), £21 (725g)

Presented in a beautiful floral keepsake tin and handmade in Loch Lomond exclusively for DukesHill, this traditional all-butter Scottish Shortbread uses the finest possible ingredients resulting in a delicious melt-in-the-mouth, crumbly texture.  A delicious and thoughtful gift idea when visiting family or friends this Christmas.

The DukesHill Christmas gift range will be available from 31st September at: 

An advance preview of the DukesHill Christmas brochure 2023 will be available to view from 14th September. 

Instagram: @dukeshill

Saturday 19 August 2023

Friday 18 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: 100% dairy-free Sheese, the Melting Sheesy Bake

That's Food and Drink: 100% dairy-free Sheese, the Melting Sheesy Bake: 100% dairy-free Sheese is an amazing produce from the Bute Island Vegan Creamery. As you might be aware, I had to stop eating dairy cheese f...

Craft Gin Club Launches Gin Advent Calendar to Welcome in Christmas 2023

The Craft Gin Club ( is to launch its fabulously festive Craft Gin Advent Calendar for 2023 at a price of £94.95 from 1st September (pre-sale) and on general sale from 1st October on the Craft Gin Club online shop.

The calendar features 25 miniature bottles, each containing a double shot (50ml) of craft gin, so you'll get to enjoy a special G&T on Christmas Day, also!

All the craft gins are new to the calendar for this year, and the selection includes seven exclusive gins created just for Craft Gin Club by master distilleries from all over the UK

For example, the massively popular Cornish craft distiller, Tarquin's, has created an exclusive Mince Pie Gin recipe. This gin can't be purchased anywhere else.

The gins come from the finest craft distillers from around the UK and also from across the globe.

Featuring a fun and fabulously retro hand-drawn design, the calendar will take pride of place in any festive gin-lover's living room!

The advent calendar also has three tasty cocktail serving suggestions to try at home: a 'Claus-mopolitan', a 'Festive Snowball' and a 'Sloe Gin Negroni'

The back of the calendar also outlines a suggested mixer and garnish to pair with each individual gin, as chosen by Craft Gin Club's in-house mixologist, so you can enjoy the perfect G&T with each and every door opening; a 'pairing bundle' of mixers will be available on the online shop to accompany the advent calendar from September.

Thursday 17 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Food Rebels: Taste the Rebellion!

That's Food and Drink: Food Rebels: Taste the Rebellion!: Introducing Food Rebels, which is a new podcast and radio programmed solely dedicated to celebrating food challenger brands, food founders, ...

That's Food and Drink: Gin For Rhinos? Yes, Gin For Rhinos!

That's Food and Drink: Gin For Rhinos? Yes, Gin For Rhinos!: In a remarkable union of conservation and craftsmanship, Pete Richardson, who is the co-founder of the world's first baby rhino orphanag...

That's Food and Drink: A Tropical Paradise With Giffard Liqueurs

That's Food and Drink: A Tropical Paradise With Giffard Liqueurs: In the creation of tropical cocktails, fruit purées or syrups has long played a supporting role.  Giffard Liqueurs has a wide range of delic...

Celebrate Christmas With Codorníu

Codorníu is utterly thrilled to present the perfect Christmas gifts for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Introducing the extraordinary Codorníu Ars Collecta Bottle which is an exquisite addition to any celebratory occasion!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Codorníu Ars Collecta bottle is elegant and sophisticated. It's encased in an opulent, hand-blown glass bottle, the deep amber hues evoking warmth and festivity, while the unique design is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Spain and the artistic legacy of famous architect Gaudí. The bottle showcases a distinct shape that echoes his masterpieces' organic curves and intricate patterns, like Barcelona's Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

But you should note that the Codorníu Ars Collecta Bottles aren't just a gift, but an unforgettable experience carefully designed to create lasting memories this Christmas season. Whether shared among loved ones around a crackling fireplace or presented as a token of appreciation to esteemed colleagues and friends, this gorgeous bottle will elevate every festive gathering and add an element of genuine luxury to any occasion. 

Should there be any vegans present at your Christmas dinner, you and your guests will be delighted to be able to sip in confidence. Codorníu Ars Collecta is proud of its vegan-friendly status, as no animal-derived ingredients are used at any stage of its production.

Ars Collecta Grand Rosé Reserva

Fine bubbles and intense aromas of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry.

The red fruit notes stand out on the palate, typical of the Pinot Noir variety. An

excellent accompaniment to gourmet appetisers or perfect with salmon

sashimi, sushi, carpaccio, or tartar.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Rosé 75cl | Vinissimus ( £24.65

Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs

Fine bubbles and delicate toasted notes with a touch of peach, nectarine,

brioche, and nuts aromas resulting from a long ageing in the bottle. Broad,

complex, balanced, and creamy on the palate. Perfectly paired with

seafood, sushi, or smoked cod.

Codorníu Ars Collecta Blanc de Blancs 75cl | Ocado £18

Make sure you're on this year's nice list by leaving out a glass of Codorníu Cava for Santa and his Reindeers!

Q Catering Launches Christmas 2023 Brochure

Q Catering, the South East of England's premier independent foodservice wholesaler has launched its 2023 Christmas brochure early, offering a helping hand to hospitality owners who are feeling the strain as the festive season appears on the horizon. And it'll be here sooner than we might expect!

The growing wholesale distributor offers a wide range of quality ambient, chilled, and frozen food products to over 830 businesses across the South East of England, including pubs, restaurant, schools and cafés.     

The beautifully created brochure boasts all the festive favourites, from mince pies to turkeys and even a range of items to help dress the table, too. 

To reduce food waste and create a more sustainable greener Christmas, the brochure suggests ways that customers can enhance existing, core products that are ordered all year round, to give them a newer, festive twist and avoid the risk of being left with heavily themed Christmas products in January. This interchangeability of the products and paired serving suggestions, captures Q Catering's passion for both reducing food waste and saving money for all of its clients. 

There's something something for everyone!

Q Catering caters to everyone, and the Christmas period is no exception. Their 2023 festive offering includes a huge range of vegan and vegetarian products too, including Buffalo Cauliflower Bites, Individual Luxury Chestnut Roasts, and Chocolate Chip Orange Puddings. 

This selection not only highlights a strive for inclusivity, but also shows businesses stressing about providing vegan and vegetarian options is now no longer an issue.

Exclusive Partnerships  

This Christmas, Q Catering is proud to be working exclusively with Kent based company, The Finest Cake Company, by offering their delicious, sweet treats and bakes to its customers. The Finest Cake selection range includes Sticky Toffee Apple Traybakes, Biscoff Blondie Traybakes, Salted Caramel Brownie Traybakes and much more, besides. 

Also on offer are two enticing cheeseboards exclusive to Q Catering during the festive period, the Kent & Sussex Cheeseboard, and the British Cheeseboard, each made up of an assortment of five cheeses. Both will showcase some of the best cheeses that are available from the South East and the whole country.  

Steve Clarke, who is the MD at Q Catering says: “It's really never too early to start preparing for Christmas and we're obviously delighted to have released our first ever Christmas brochure so early in the year. 

"We're obviously well aware of  how important the festive season is to our customers and how stress can arise during this time, so we've taken the decision to launch our Christmas catalogue earlier than ever before. 

"Of course, our warehouse expansion which we undertook last year will come into great use during this time, as this expanded facility lets us offer even more of a comprehensive range of core products during this busy time. Not to mention how it allows us to keep stocking new products in line with demand and trends as we move toward the festive season.”   

He went on to say: “At the start of the year, we extended our telesales hours so orders can be placed up to 10pm on Monday to Thursday and we've also introduced a Sunday telesales service from 5-10pm. We understand the challenges that come with the festive season and our team's committed to ensuring all our customers are fully catered for.” 

Q Catering is committed to investing in all of its customers and providing them with quality products, impeccable customer service, and modernised experiences that meet businesses evolving and growing requirements.

To stay up to date with the latest news from Q Catering, sign up the newsletter here:   

For more information, please visit Q Catering's website at  

Wednesday 16 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Celebrate National Mai Tai Day With a Don Papa Rum...

That's Food and Drink: Celebrate National Mai Tai Day With a Don Papa Rum...: I must admit I was totally unaware that it is National Mai Tai Day on August 30th.And Don Papa Rum invites us to celebrate National Mai Tai ...

That's Food and Drink: Rum, but Hattiers style

That's Food and Drink: Rum, but Hattiers style: Hattiers is the UK's first B Corp certified rum and it has taken a fresh, exciting look at the traditional art of rum blending with an u...

Tuesday 15 August 2023

Unwrap the Magic of Christmas With Don Papa Rum's Eternal Spring in Sugarlandia Eco-Canister

Don Papa Rum, famed for crafting absolutely exceptional aged rums which encapsulate the rich heritage of the Philippines, is justifiably proud to present this special offering to celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas. 

With the Eternal Spring in Sugarlandia Eco-Canister, their aim is to create an extraordinary experience for both rum enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Not only will this eco-canister make a stunning looking Christmas gift, it will you will also be gifting back to those less fortunate. 

Because £50,000 worth of the proceeds from the sales of the eco-canister will be distributed amongst a number of Don Papa supported educational and environmental charities in the Philippines.

Available for £37. The bottle will also be available in all Sainsburys outlets from November.

For details please visit

Monday 14 August 2023

Guide to Christmas BBQ - Flame-Kissed Festive Feasts with Kamado Joe

World famous ceramic charcoal grill leaders, Kamado Joe, reveals how to master a memorable Christmas dinner outside on yuor barbecue.

The 'Great British BBQ' survey of 2,000 people revealed a stunning 71% of their audience have cooked a Christmas turkey on a barbecue and over 80% would consider barbecuing their dinner on Christmas day.

Barbecued turkeys tend to be much more succulent and flavoursome compared with their roasted counterparts. Also, cooking outside frees up valuable oven space for other items. 

Here's Kamado Joe's tips and tricks for grilling the perfect dinner.

TV BBQ chef, and Kamado Joe global marketing manager, Ben Forte reveals his top tips to BBQing the turkey this Christmas. Passionate about BBQs, Ben is no stranger to cooking over charcoal flames whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

“My passion for BBQ started from a young age,” he admits “I use my Kamado Joe for cooking pretty much anything and have done so for years. The thick ceramic walls retain so much heat and actually they seal in moisture, so your food is juicier and more tender. They're designed to last a lifetime of year round cooking, and in my household winter barbecues are definitely a major thing.”

What better way to please the crowd this Christmas then with a showstopping barbecued turkey taking centre stage? Ben Forte shares his quick-fire tips:


Cook to temperature, not time. 75C is perfect.

Add a bacon weave. This helps the turkey breast meat to stay moist and you get a bonus bit of crispy bacon, too!

Get your turkey out of the fridge half an hour before you start the cooking process. This helps prevent shrinkage.

Cook your veg below the turkey on the BBQ so it catches all those juices as it cooks.

If you like a bit of smoke, then you should consider adding a chunk of fruit wood like apple or cherry.


For a very special celebratory Christmas lunch, nothing wows everyone more than a large cut of beef like a rib. To make it even more succulent and to enhance the delicious beefy flavours, coat the beef in a layer of salt and marmite or miso and leave overnight in the fridge. This gives the most savoury, umami taste to impress your guests.

Smoked gravy tastes incredible, so ensure you catch all the flavours and juices from the meat as it slowly renders down.

Plan ahead – remember, you're cooking to temperature, not time. Ensure you've got at least an hour to rest a large joint of beef.


Veg can be par-boiled the day prior, this helps speed things up a little. Nothing tastes better than root veg once it has been licked by flame to transform their natural sugars. (EDITOR: True!)

To serve your chargrilled veg, take a large platter and cover in aioli. Lay the vegetables on top, perhaps with dollops of harissa to make the flavours sing?

When it comes to sauces and sides, don't think Sunday roast, think celebration. So go for a punchy chimichurri, tahini and yoghurt, salsa verde, a vivid romesco sauce – all these things transform it from a carvery to a truly memorable Festive Feast.

Gifts for BBQ Lovers

Kamado Joe BBQ Range

Kamado Joes - These world-renowned ceramic grills pack the latest technology and meticulous craftsmanship inside each iconic red barbecue. The thick-walled, heat-resistant shell locks in smoke and moisture at any temperature. There's nothing you can't cook in them, from low-and-slow dishes to grilling and searing at scorching temperatures. Prices start at £499 for Joe Jr.

NEW The Konnected Joe -  A global first, this digitally connected ceramic grill combines all the benefits of traditional ceramic cooking with modern technology, offering a solution for easy fire-lighting and effortless temperature control.  £1,999. 

Must have accessories every grill-master needs

Karbon Steel surfaces - Paella pan, griddle, half moon pan set and wok. Karbon steel combines the best qualities from stainless steel and cast iron. The lightweight yet strong material heats up quickly with exceptional heat retention. The new range is naturally non-stick, easy to clean and offers long-lasting endurance. From £109

The JoeTisserie fits inside your firebox and slowly rotates your skewered meat, veg or fish above the charcoal. It's been cleverly designed so the kamado lid will still close, keeping all the heat right where you want it. If you're going for a low and slow spit-roast, Kamado Joe's thick ceramic walls helps retain moisture, so you get a juicy, tender result. Best of all, you can bung the whole lot in the dishwasher when you've finished. RRP: £279

Kamado DoJoe The durable cast-aluminium transforms your Kamado Joe into a best-in-class pizza oven. You're guaranteed a crispy crust on the bottom, while the altered airflow traps heat in the dome above the pizza for perfect toppings. This combination of convection airflow above and conduction heat below creates a uniform, even cooking environment surrounding the pizza as it bakes for masterful results.

Here are some special recipes:-

Orange, Whisky and Cranberry Glazed Joetisserie Gammon


2kg Gammon, fat scored

2tbsp Whole cloves

200g Cranberry Sauce

1 Orange, zest

3 tbsp whisky

1 tbsp honey


Set your JoeTisserie up on the Kamado Joe and set the grill to approx 170c.

Score the gammon fat in a diamond pattern and stud with whole cloves. In a small bowl mix together the cranberry sauce, orange zest, whisky and honey.

Secure the prepared gammon on your JoeTisserie and cook until it reaches approx 50c. At this point, brush your ham periodically using two thirds of the glaze mixture, reserving the remaining glaze.

Once gammon reaches a core temperature of 70 degrees, remove from the heat. Brush on the remaining glaze and set aside to rest.

The Jingle Burger

Complete with Turkey & Smokey Bacon Burger, Brussel Sprout Slaw, Oak Smoked Cheddar, Pancetta Weave, Cranberry Sauce and topped with a pickle and pigs in blankets this is one burger that has to be tried this festive season.

Burger Ingredients

500g Turkey Thigh Mince

4 rashers of Smoked Bacon (finely diced)

1 Egg

Bacon flavour crisps (I used popcorn crisps as they are gluten free) (crushed) 

Brussel Slaw

250g Brussel Sprouts

2 Carrots

1 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar

 4 tbsp South Carolina BBQ Sauce

Other Bits

Oak Smoked Cheddar

16 rashers of pancetta/streaky bacon

Cranberry Sauce

Pigs in blankets


Seeded Brioche Buns

4 Wooden Skewers 


 Make your burgers by combining all the burger ingredients together then shape them into burgers using your hands or a burger press.

Finely grate the sprouts and carrots then combine in a bowl and add the vinegar and South Carolina BBQ Sauce.

Now you need to create some bacon weaves. For mine I use 4 rashers of pancetta cut in half and stretched out for each weave. This makes them the perfect size for the burger.

Now smoke your burgers in your BBQ at around 225F until they reach an internal temp of 165F.

Put your bacon weaves onto some foil and put them in the BBQ until they are nice and crispy and cook your pigs in blankets.

Then bring off the burgers and put them onto a hot skillet and cook for a few minutes each side, then add your cheese to the top and cover with a closh for about 1 minute to melt the cheese.

Time to build the burger.

Layout the base of the bun.

Put on the Sprout Slaw

Next add the Burger

Then the bacon weave

Now the cranberry sauce.

Finally push a wooden skewer through the pig in blanket and through a pickle and then straight through the burger.

Sunday 13 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: Why not plant fruit trees in your garden?

That's Food and Drink: Why not plant fruit trees in your garden?: King's Seeds have a wide range of fruit trees available for sale. These include Peach Peregrine Fruit Tree - 4.5Ltr Pot. Apricot Flavorc...

Saturday 12 August 2023

Plan ahead for Christmas and save money!

It's often difficult buying what you need for Christmas, the food and drink, presents, decorations, etc.

However, with the current economic situation, things might be a bit tighter than usual, this Christmas.

Some people will flex the plastic or even take out expensive loans and then face a New Year of penury and hardship as a result.

But it doesn't have to be like that at all! Here is the simple That's Christmas Plan Ahead for Christmas Programme!

1) If your shop or supermarket has a savings club, sign up for it and save a small amount of money for Christmas.

2) If you see an item that would make an ideal Christmas present for a family member, buy it when you see it (so long as the price is keen) and put it away for Christmas.

3) Rather than buying a large amount of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) at Christmas and risking buying more than you'll need, add a bottle or two to your weekly shops between now and Christmas. If you find you need more you can always pop out to the shops when you need to.

4) Bearing in mind use by and best before dates, stock up on foods for Christmas well before the Christmas season. And avoid any potential pre-Christmas price rises that might occur!

5) Get crafting! You might be surprised at how good you can be with making special bespoke Christmas gifts for friends and family members. Also, why not try your hand at making unique Christmas decorations? Hobby Craft, Home Bargains, Poundland, Rymans and The Works all stock craft items and art items.

6) Shop around! You'll be pleasantly surprised to find the item you wanted to buy at a much lower price in a discount shop. 

7) Check out local/regional Christmas Markets to see of there are any you'll be able to get to. However, if you are looking out for genuine Continental Christmas products/produce then the German discount stores Aldi and Lidl are both well worth checking out.

(Image courtesy of Jan Vašek from Pixabay)

That's Food and Drink: Violife the cheese alternative and more, besides

That's Food and Drink: Violife the cheese alternative and more, besides: I'm neither a vegan or even a vegetarian, but I cannot eat dairy cheese for health reasons.  Whilst we were discussing what to give up f...

Friday 11 August 2023

That's Food and Drink: That's Food and Drink Video channel launches

That's Food and Drink: That's Food and Drink Video channel launches:  

Waitrose launches its Christmas range for 2023, with more than 140 new products this year

Savvy, wise shoppers are planning ahead as searches for ‘Christmas dinner ideas’ on has risen 51% compared to the same period last year.

Waitrose has introduced new frozen vegetables and exciting new party food lines to launch from this month, August, to help customers spread the extra cost of Christmas

As the song says, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Waitrose has launched details of their Christmas range for 2023, and with searches on for ‘Christmas’ increasing by an astonishing 133% compared to last month and searches for ‘Christmas dinner ideas’ are up 51% compared to the same period last year, it’s clear savvy customers are starting to plan ahead for the festive season. 

(EDITOR: That's Christmas has noted a similar increase in visits to our site, plus sister site That's Food and Drink during this time period.)

Martyn Lee, Waitrose's Executive Chef, said: “Our team have had a real blast developing products for Christmas, with over 140 new products this year. So, it’s safe to say we've been really very busy. 

"We feel we want to do Christmas like nobody else this year and with our Ultimate Triple Nut Roast served in a beautiful panettone casing, social media driven Cinnamon Bunettone and great tasting, high welfare Chestnut-fed Galician Serrano Ham, I think we may well have managed to do just that.

"Our customers can be certain when they shop at Waitrose this festive season, they'll have a Christmas to remember with the best quality products that not only look beautiful on their festive table’s but taste amazing.”

Natalie Mitchell, who is the Director of Own Brand at Waitrose, said: “Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of year, friends and family come together to celebrate and enjoy the good stuff! With searches on already rising, it’s obvious that savvy customers are already planning ahead and our team has put a lot of work into the range to ensure customers can do this with ease. So however you’re celebrating this Christmas you can be sure to celebrate with great tasting, ethically sourced food - we hope our customers love the range just as much as we do!”

Buffet bites and Christmas grazing board

Christmas is really the time to celebrate, whether you’re hosting all your family and friends, or planning a smaller affair with your nearest and dearest, we have a selection of delicious buffet bites and Christmas cheese to help you create a spread to impress. Ensuring you can spend more time with guests and less time in the kitchen this Christmas. We also have seven new additions in our frozen party food range launching in September to allow savvy customers to spread costs and shop ahead this Christmas.

WR Paneer Fries

Waitrose Paneer Fries - Paneer and grilling cheese in a spiced crumb, with mango chutney and crispy onion dip

Waitrose Feta Popcorn with Hot Honey - Bitesize balls of whipped feta, soft cheese and goats cheese, with a quinoa flecked crumb for extra crunch and hot honey dip

Waitrose Red Fox Welsh Rarebit - A deliciously creamy vintage Red Fox bake with a splash of ale and a hint of mustard

Waitrose Shimmering Salmon Mousse - Tender Scottish smoked and poached salmon mousse with a shimmering bronze lustre finish - available as a large sharing centrepiece as part of Waitrose Entertaining and a smaller-scale in shops

Waitrose Old Fashioned Smoked Salmon - Hung and smoked in a traditional kiln over whisky cask oak chips, cured with salt and sugar finished with whisky, orange and bitters 

Waitrose Chestnut-fed Galician Serrano Ham - Sweet and nutty ham made from free range pigs fed with chestnuts

Centrepieces and Sides 

When celebrating over the festive season, it’s no longer just about the traditional turkey that takes pride of place at the big Christmas day lunch. So we have a number of mains to suit all occasions, to ensure your spread is one that will have people talking for years to come. And with higher welfare British beef with room to roam, MSC certified seafood that is responsibly farmed and caught and free-range British turkey - you can be sure your produce has come from farmers we know and trust. 

WR Old Fashioned Glazed Ham

Waitrose Jewelled Stuffed Bronze Turkey Crown - Free Range British Bronze turkey crown with a pork and jewelled fruit stuffing, dry cured smoked streaky bacon, maple butter glaze, star shaped salted butter and a rosemary sprig.

Waitrose Old Fashioned Glazed Ham - 'Sugar pit' dry cured boneless ham with a whisky and orange glaze, candied orange slices and smoke flavoured cherries - available on and off the bone

Waitrose 2 Mini Pork Stuffing Panettoni - Outdoor bred British pork sausage meat has been laced with panettone crumb, raisins, lemon, cherries, sultanas and caramelised orange zest. Our fresh pork is always British and always outdoor bred or free-range.

Waitrose Shredded Sprouts and Cavolo Nero - Spring greens, shredded sprouts and cavolo nero, with crispy maple smoked bacon, coated in a caramelised shallot glaze.


With searches for ‘plant based’ on up 115% compared to the same time last year we wanted to make this our biggest vegan Christmas ever with options for every dish. Meaning you can create a whole plant based menu bursting with flavour, with no compromises. 

WR Ultimate Triple Nut Roast

Waitrose No.1 Ultimate Triple Nut Roast - Richly savoury, with crunchy roasted nuts, sweet potato, lentils, chickpeas and a dash of miso, hand finished with a spiced clementine and apricot chutney glaze. Adorned in whole brazil nuts and almonds.

Waitrose Chestnut and Thyme Plant-Based Turkey Roast and Gravy - Hearty plant based soya turkey roast, packed with thyme-scented chestnut and caramelised onion stuffing, served with a rich cabernet sauvignon gravy

Waitrose No.1 Ultimate Vegan Sharing Wellington - Moreish mushroom duxelle with no ‘beef’ plant based beef braised in a fragrant shallot, garlic and thyme vegetable stock. Hand decorated with holly to finish.

Waitrose Fruity Stuffing Christmas Trees - Apricot and cranberry stuffing decorated with cranberry and a herb breadcrumb

Cakes, Bakes & Desserts 

With over 20 new products across desserts and bakery for 2023, there are plenty of sweet treats to be enjoyed by all this Christmas. From showstopper desserts, to panettone with a modern twist and not forgetting a festive favourite - the mince pie.

WR The Golden Buche De Noel

Waitrose No.1 The Golden Bûche de Noël - Belgian blonde chocolate mousse and silky salted caramel and caramelised biscuit sauce on milk chocolate speckled with caramelised biscuit

Waitrose No.1 Chocolate and Hazelnut Quenelle - Rich hazelnut mousse with a silky milk chocolate sauce hiding inside, on a crisp chocolate base speckled with crunchy feuilletine and cookie crumb

Waitrose Cinnamon Bunattone - Panettone meets cinnamon bun – a light cinnamon-spiced Italian cake with pockets of sweet mascarpone sauce. It’s served with a sachet of cinnamon icing sugar to finish. Made in a family-run bakery in Piedmont, Italy, our bunettone takes over 24 hours to create.

Waitrose No.1 Florentine-inspired Panettone - Buttery panettone speckled with sultanas,  cherries and Sicilian orange peel, swirled with caramel sauce and finished with dark chocolate, cherries, orange peel, almonds and Nocciola Piemonte IGP hazelnuts.

Waitrose Crumble Mince pies with Orange and Cranberry - All butter mince pies filled with zesty mincemeat with a dash of Valencian orange oil, tangy cranberry and a buttery crumble on top.

Waitrose Deer-licious Sticky Toffee Pudding - Sticky Toffee Pudding made with dates and gingerbread spices. To be finished at home with a drizzle of the unctuous toffee sauce before adding the gingerbread antlers.

Waitrose Sicilian Orange and Whisky Christmas Pudding - Richly fruited pudding laced with Scottish whisky and topped with red and blonde glacé cherries, almonds and candied orange then finished with a sticky Sicilian orange sauce.


Gift something delicious from Waitrose this Christmas! Including small gestures for the party host, keepsakes that a loved one will cherish and the perfect treats for your Christmas stocking. Also as part of our brand new Winter Village theme you’ll find our Winter Village Chocolate Box, Biscuit Tin and Poinsettia Musical Tin - ready to reuse again year after year!

They’re proud to continue our use of Fairtrade cocoa in all of our own-brand confectionery and as part of our efforts to remove unnecessary packaging where we can, we have removed non recyclable wooden packaging and replaced it with recyclable card - saving over eight tonnes of packaging from going to landfill.

WR Winter Village Chocolate Box

Waitrose Winter Village Chocolate Box - A 3D showstopper with hidden drawers housing tempting chocolates inside 12 dark chocolates made with zesty Valencia orange, and 12 silky milk chocolate salted caramels.

Waitrose Panettone Chocs - Real Italian panettone is mixed into smooth milk chocolate and given a shimmering lustre in our indulgent panettone truffles. With tangy orange peel for extra fruitiness.

Waitrose Merry the Mince Pie - Our new little festive friend, Merry is made from hollow white chocolate with just a touch of milk chocolate.

Expected launch dates (subject to change, so please keep an eye out for these):-

Frozen vegetable sides - from 28th August

Frozen party food - from 18th September

Confectionery & gifts - from 24th September

Bakery, including panettones, Christmas cake and mince pies - from 27th September

Christmas sandwiches - from 25th October

Sides, including stuffing, gravy and sauces - from 22th November 

Party food - 29th November

Starters - from 6th December

Chilled desserts -15th December

Mains, including beef and turkey - 20th December

That's Food and Drink: Waitrose launches first British cheese washed in E...

That's Food and Drink: Waitrose launches first British cheese washed in E...: Their Leckford Wash cheese is lovingly made by Nettlebed Creamery, a family run, organic farm in Henley-on-Thames, owned by Rose Grimond - w...

That's Food and Drink: Finding alcohol free options is even easier at Wai...

That's Food and Drink: Finding alcohol free options is even easier at Wai...: Demand for low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks is growing at such a rapid rate that  the Waitrose company is working with Diageo to introduc...

Wednesday 9 August 2023

Cosy Autumn and Winter Bliss Awaits you and your family at the Collective at Woolsery

Dreaming of an Autumn or Winter staycation full of country strolls, roaring fires and hearty pub lunches? Then you need look no further than The Collective at Woolsery. Located off the beaten track in a stunning part of North Devon, it's the perfect place to escape for truly sumptuous and cosy weekends in the country.

After a blustery and exhilarating walk along the South West Coast Path or in the delightful surrounding countryside, you can snuggle up in one of The Collective at Woolsery's design-led rooms or suites, with super soft beds, sofas and soft furnishings. 

The Collective at Woolsery offers a collection of three cottages, two suites, and two rooms within the village, each showcasing its own unique character. 

Carefully crafted by Hannah Lohan of New Heritage Designs, these accommodations pay homage to the village's history and heritage, with nostalgia permeating every corner, creating an ultimate sanctuary to relax, unwind and embrace the art of slowing down.

The interiors are adorned with beautiful artwork, while vintage pieces lend an air of authenticity to every room. The meticulously curated décor pays homage to the village's long farming history, providing guests with an immersive experience that transports them to a bygone era of rural life.

Surrounded by open countryside and a mere stone's throw from the romantic and dramatic Hartland Peninsula coastline, The Collective at Woolsery is a peaceful haven where the stars shine bright and the darkness of night envelopes and cocoons. 

Guests will be able to explore nearby tracks, footpaths, and lanes, or take a short drive to the rugged South West Coast Path. With fires aplenty to warm chilly toes after any adventure, guests will be rewarded for braving the elements. Alternatively you can stay in, kick back and truly relax and go nowhere with everything you need at your fingertips. 

The food at The Collective at Woolsery is worth travelling for. Guests can choose between dining at The Farmers Arms or savouring a gourmet takeaway of fish and chips. Executive chef Ian Webber, in collaboration with head gardener Josh Sparkes and livestock manager Chris Jenn at Birch Farm, crafts a menu that exemplifies integrity and celebrates local produce. 

The contemporary offerings draw inspiration from the traditional fare of farming families, ensuring a nourishing and comforting dining experience that perfectly showcases the season.

Breakfast at The Collective at Woolsery is a remarkable and utterly extraordinary affair, unlike anything you'll have ever experienced before. Served in-room, with guests selecting their meals the previous night, the breakfast menu boasts an array of mouth-watering options. From honey-glazed hams and hoggett to homemade porridge and yoghurt, from freshly baked muffins, sourdough, and crumpets to farm-fresh eggs, each dish is a testament to the kitchen's dedication to flavour and wholesome nourishment.

A stay at The Collective at Woolsery is an unparalleled experience that transcends mere ordinary luxury. Every tiny detail is meticulously crafted and embellished with love and comfort, redefining the concept of a truly indulgent cosy retreat.

More information about accommodation options is below. To find out more about The Collective at Woolsery please visit the website here

Suite 1 - sleeps 2

Curated with wonderful pieces of furniture that capture the essence of the 1930s and 1940s, Suite 1 has a large sitting area and sumptuous bathroom, with a backdrop of bold wallpaper and ornate light fittings. Here you can curl up with a book on a chaise long, snuggle down into a plush velvet sofa, or enjoy the rain shower and freestanding bath. 

Price per night: £325

Suite 2 - sleeps 2

This retro-styled room oozes opulent romance with gold embossed Art Deco-inspired wallpaper, a free standing bath, and a rain shower. Throw off your shoes and sink into the sofa, play some tunes on an old record-player, or delve into the bar. 

Price per night: £325

Room 3 - sleeps 2

Vintage feminine charm pervades in this room which is built into the rafters of the building and features a huge skylight that frames the mediaeval church. This room is filled with glamour and charm with soft pastel colours and pretty pinks and a primrose yellow bath that will call you like a siren for a long, hot soak. 

Price per night: £275

Room 4 - sleeps 2

You'll be absolutely amazed by the stature of this room where floor to ceiling windows let volumes of light dance through and provide views right across the north Devon countryside to Dartmoor. Dark wood, rich fabrics and Art Deco pieces have created a masculine vibe that oozes comfort and relaxation. 

Price per night: £275

The Old Smithy - sleeps 2

Steeped in rich history, The Old Smithy is country cottage living with a welcome contemporary twist. A neutral palette against the warm, rich tones of the furniture and soft furnishings, exposed beams and polished cement floors emanate a sense of warmth and welcome. With two wood burners and sumptuous sofas, this is a place to unwind, switch off and relax. 

Price per night: £450

Rosehill Cottage - sleeps 4

This stunning space reflects the eclectic aesthetic of The Collective at Woolsery, with rich tones, opulent furnishings, and stunning artwork at every turn. It's a space that will make you stop in awe, and wonder at the cleverness of brilliant interior design that seems to wrap you up, and want you to stop and stay and savour every moment. 

Price per night £550

Hillside Cottage - sleeps 6-8

Gather your gang for a stay at Hillside Cottage which sleeps six to eight people. This is a cottage designed for entertaining with four roomy bedrooms, and beautiful well-appointed social spaces both inside and outdoors.

Prepare a feast in the fully equipped kitchen and dine at the banquet style table, where the original well is an incredible glass covered feature, or head outside for some delightful al fresco dining. 

Price per night as a 3 bedroom: £650 Price per night as a 4 bedroom: £750

That's Food and Drink: Everersfield Organic launches new restaurant

That's Food and Drink: Everersfield Organic launches new restaurant: Eversfield Organic, which is one of the UK's leading organic grocery stores, is absolutely thrilled to  be able to announce the opening ...

Tuesday 8 August 2023

Celebrate the Christmas Magic With Luscombe's 'Open Fire' and 'The Sicilian' Cocktails

Whether  you're looking to host a festive gathering, toasting with loved ones or simply unwinding after a long fun-filled day at Christmas, Luscombe's Christmas cocktails will add a wonderful touch of style to celebrations.  

Capture the spirit of the season with their cosy fireside cocktail, 'Open Fire' or citrus delight, 'The Sicilian'.  Cheers to a joyful and merry Luscombe Christmas!

Open Fire

Combining the warmth of Luscombe's famous multi-award-winning Hot Ginger Beer with rum, the sweetness of honey and chestnuts and the zing of lime, 'Open Fire' is perfect for kicking off the festive season.


Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer

35ml Premium Navy Strength Rum

15ml Chestnut Liqueur

15ml freshly squeezed lime

15ml runny honey 

Garnish - Lime wheel

Suggested glass - Rocks or tumbler 


1. Combine the rum, chestnut liqueur, squeezed lime and runny honey into a cocktail shaker filled with ice

2. After a good shake to dissolve the honey, strain into an ice-filled tumbler

3. Top with Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer

4. Garnish with a chunky lime wheel 

The Sicilian

Blending Luscombe's traditional Sicilian Lemonade with sloe gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, 'The Sicilian' is pure joy.  It's simply Christmas in a glass. 


Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade

35ml Premium Sloe Gin

20ml Campari 

20ml Sweet Vermouth 

Garnish - Clove-studded orange peel

Suggested glass - Rocks / tumbler 


1. Stud a long slice of orange peel with cloves, don't be shy with the cloves!

2. Put the sloe gin, Campari and sweet vermouth in a mixing glass with ice and stir for a good 15 seconds

3. Strain into a rocks glass with the studded orange and lots of ice

4. Top with Luscombe Sicilian Lemonade

5. Give the drink one last little stir for luck and to get the cloves working


Luscombe is the proud holder of a Royal Warrant, over 100 Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food and was the first drinks brand to gain organic accreditation from the Soil Association. 

Passionate about crafting exceptional tasting premium organic drinks, they source the finest quality organic whole fruits from trusted growers around the world. Luscombe expertly blends these with their own source of Dartmoor spring water to create their range of fruit juices, crushes, bubblies, tonic waters and mixers. 

Owner and founder, Gabriel David, is justifiably famed for his pursuit of perfection and no compromise approach to creating an elegant and multi-award-winning range of drinks.  The team takes great pride that all of their drinks are made from gently pressed organic ingredients, picked at their ripest in the climates where they grow best.

For further information visit or follow Luscombe on Instagram: luscombedrinks or 'Like' on Facebook.

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Over the next few months That's Christmas will come out of hibernation

Yes, over the next few months That's Christmas will come out of hibernation and we will be bringing our readers all the latest news on Christmas gifting ideas, plus how to source items for delightful homemade Christmas gifts and trinkets.

That's Christmas will also be carrying news and features on Christmas season foods and drinks, plus Christmas-related foods and special seasonal drinks.

So please, watch this space!

And if you have news of a Christmas-related product or service that you would like to share with our readers, please email us at

Sunday 6 August 2023

Saturday 5 August 2023

It'll be a very Merry Christmas as Asda to reward customers saving for the Christmas Season

There's good news for Asda shoppers, because Asda has announced it's introduced a new feature to its popular Asda Rewards loyalty app which will reward customers who are saving up for Christmas.

The Christmas Saver Cashpot is a new feature within the Asda Rewards app which will allow customers to save their Cashpot for spending over the Christmas period, where budgets may be tight this year.

Customers will also be able to transfer savings from their Cashpot into their Christmas Saver Cashpot as many times as they’d like, up to a maximum amount of £300 in total.

Asda customers that transfer money into their Christmas Saver Cashpot will also receive a one-off cash bonus dependant on the amount they transfer.

Cash bonuses will be added to customers Christmas Saver Cashpot between 20th November and 24th November 2023.

Customers can choose to convert their Christmas Saver Cashpot into vouchers to spend either in an Asda store or online between 24th November 2023 and 31st December 2023.

Vouchers can be created out of their Cashpot with as little as £1. With the maximum voucher amount at £100, there are plenty of ways Asda customers can utilise their Cashpots.

The move comes as Asda’s latest Income Tracker reveals families in some UK regions are left with little to spend on themselves after paying taxes and essential bills.

Asda Rewards now has over five million active users in the UK and has given customers over £198m million back on their shopping since last August. 

Every time they shop, customers complete Missions and buy Star Products to help grow their Cashpot. There are new missions and events each week, so there are plenty of ways for customers to maximise the Rewards they earn. 

For customers who are looking to further boost their savings for the festive season, Asda also offers a Christmas Savings Gift Card. The savings card can be topped up at any time with the benefit of receiving a bonus from Asda in November. All shoppers need dop is just load money onto the card before 12th November and they can receive a bonus of up to £15.

In 2022, Asda gave £1.3million in bonuses to over 170,000 customers. For more details visit

Terms and conditions apply, and customers can view a list of the products excluded from Asda Rewards on Asda’s website -  

Friday 4 August 2023

Coming Soon to Mandira's Kitchen – Saffron Soirée -a Festive Indian Fine Dining Pop Up – Winter 2023

Mandira's Kitchen are celebrating this year's festive season with a magical pop-up restaurant!

From mid-October right through until Christmas, our friends at Mandira's Kitchen will present a unique and enchanting space (an extension to their existing space) that promises to elevate your celebrations to new heights with one-of-a-kind experiences for private gatherings and events in their Saffron Soiree – a Festive Indian fine dining Pop Up.

Guests will take a magical step into a world of captivating flavours, delightful aromas, and heart-warming traditions with curated alternative festive menus to tantalise your taste buds and leave you craving for much more.

Mandira's Kitchen's team of expert chefs has carefully crafted a selection of dishes beautifully blend the richness of Indian cuisine with the festive spirit of the season.

Besides the special menu, the Winter Wonderland will have charming décor, magical twinkling lights, and a cosy ambiance, the pop-up restaurant will be the perfect setting to create treasured memories with your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Mandira Sarkar said: “Our fine dining pop-up is a really, truly enchanting space  offering curated alternative festive menus we aim tp really tantalise your taste buds and transport you to a magical place blending  the richness of Indian cuisine with the spirit of the season.”

To book your private event or indulge in the curated menus as you celebrate with those who matter most head to This will be Christmas with a delightful Indian flair.

For more information visit the website or call them on 01483 940789

Location – Next to Mandira's Kitchen, Silent Pool, Shere Road, Albury, Surrey, GU5 9BW.