Sunday, 31 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Ghostly Witnesses

That's Books and Entertainment: Ghostly Witnesses: Ghostly Witnesses is the debut novel from author James. L. Williams. P.C. Vic Holland has recently undergone a personal tragedy that ver...

Monday, 25 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Chasing the Sun With Henry

That's Books and Entertainment: Chasing the Sun With Henry: Gary Brockwell's debut novel Chasing the Sun With Henry looks at how tragic circumstances can impact relationships, perhaps not always...

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas, everyone! What to do for a last minute present

OK, with all the best will in the world, things can go wrong.

The present doesn't turn up at all, or it's broken, the wrong size, not what you ordered, a distant relative unexpectedly turns up with a gift for you, etc., etc.

So... what are you going to do?

Send them an Amazon gift card!

To get your loved one, best friend, parent, etc., an emergency Christmas gift of an Amazon e-voucher.

To order your Amazon e-voucher please visit our online store and hunt down what you need

And Merry Christmas to all our readers!

That's Books and Entertainment: From Small Beginnings

That's Books and Entertainment: From Small Beginnings: From Small Beginnings is a poetical book from the pen of London-born but Irish citizen, Sean Notyeats. It's a very interesting book ...

Saturday, 23 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Lost?

That's Books and Entertainment: Lost?: Lost? is an interesting exploration of Liverpool F. C. as it celebrates 125 years as a football club. However, there are niggling doubts...

That's Books and Entertainment: Much Needed Rain

That's Books and Entertainment: Much Needed Rain: Much Needed Rain is a gripping debut crime thriller from R. G. Oram. David Lewelyn is an extraordinary person. He knows when you are lyi...

Friday, 22 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: A New Man

That's Books and Entertainment: A New Man: A New Man is an interesting and very important autobiography from Charlie Kiss. Charlie was a proud feminist and also a proud lesbian. ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Marvin's Seaside Adventure

That's Books and Entertainment: Marvin's Seaside Adventure: Louise Crowther's Marvin's Seaside Adventure tells the story of Marvin. Marvin is an elderly and rather rusty Mini car who has sto...

That's Books and Entertainment: Lebensraum 2018 How to Fight World War III

That's Books and Entertainment: Lebensraum 2018 How to Fight World War III: Lebensraum 2018 How to Fight World War III is a novel from Ian Muir who brings us a thrilling tale of the very near future. The novel mi...

That's Books and Entertainment: DP Goes A-Roving

That's Books and Entertainment: DP Goes A-Roving: DP Goes A-Roving is a fantastical historical tale from author Nicholas Romano. Dino is a young boy who is trying to make some sense from...

That's Books and Entertainment: Whisper of Death

That's Books and Entertainment: Whisper of Death: Whisper of Death is a new novel from published author Paige Elizabeth Turner. It is a follow-up to her novel Beyonds All Doubt, which se...

That's Books and Entertainment: Dreaming of a Divine Life

That's Books and Entertainment: Dreaming of a Divine Life: Dreaming of a Divine Life is an amazing memoir from Joanne Lee Philpot. The book commences with the dream of a yoga teacher's dream ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Mary Darling

That's Books and Entertainment: Mary Darling: Mary Darling is a debut novel from L M d'Mello. The protagonist of the novel, is Mary Darling who was found abandoned on the steps o...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Theology of Truth

That's Books and Entertainment: The Theology of Truth: The Theology of Truth is an analysis and review of the theological concepts and ideas that are to be found in both the Old and New Testame...

That's Books and Entertainment: Without Borders

That's Books and Entertainment: Without Borders: Without Borders is a moving novel from Susanne Burge. The novel follows a young Doctor called Ana, who is working at the Za'atari re...

That's Books and Entertainment: Colonel Belchamp's Battlefield Tour

That's Books and Entertainment: Colonel Belchamp's Battlefield Tour: Colonel Belchamp's Battlefield Tour is a moving piece of fiction which does start from some historical wartime fact. In May 1940 Dun...

Smooth shaving, Gillette and Justice League style

There's going to be some smooth shaving this Christmas and beyond with the Gillette and Justice League shaving kit!

What would King Camp Gillette have thought if he knew that Gillette would get together with the Justice League franchise to produce a special Virtual Reality Experience for shaving men this Christmas?

Actually, I am fairly certain that King Camp Gillette would just have nodded and sad: "That's great!"

Why? Because King Camp Gillette was always at the forefront of technological innovation, producing new, safer razors that gave a shave just as good as a cut throat razor but with much less chance of the terrible injuries (some life threatening!) that could result from the incautious use of those dangerous devices.

You can download the Justice League Gillette experience here and it should be widely available from all good drugstores, pharmacies, leading supermarkets and some independent stores, too.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: You Can't, You Won't A Life of Unarmed Combat

That's Books and Entertainment: You Can't, You Won't A Life of Unarmed Combat: You Can't, You Won't, a Life of Unarmed Combat is a stunning memoir from Liverpudlian comedian Gary Skyner. Written with the assis...

That's Books and Entertainment: Red Sky Over Dartmoor

That's Books and Entertainment: Red Sky Over Dartmoor: Red Sky Over Dartmoor is a novel from debut author Tony Rea. It takes the reader back to A september morning in 1920. The sky above the ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Red Sky Over Dartmoor

That's Books and Entertainment: Red Sky Over Dartmoor: Red Sky Over Dartmoor is a novel from debut author Tony Rea. It takes the reader back to A september morning in 1920. The sky above the ...

That's Books and Entertainment: AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar

That's Books and Entertainment: AspergerWorld: My Fairy Jam Jar: Aspergerworld: My Fairy Jam Jar is a new book from Autism activist Joely Colmer through which she shares her own inspirational life story. ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Jan

That's Books and Entertainment: Jan: Jan is a fictional thriller from former military officer Peter Haden. But it is based on the true life story of his Uncle Jan. Jan was a...

That's Books and Entertainment: Storyteller

That's Books and Entertainment: Storyteller: Storyteller, On the Journey of Poetry, is the third collection of poems from David Hamilton. It is like no other collection of poems tha...

That's Books and Entertainment: Blackhart

That's Books and Entertainment: Blackhart: Blackhart is a novel from D L Millan. In the year 1822 Lord Blackhart is thrilling his young grandsons with the stories of a mystical cu...

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Aaron's Rod

That's Books and Entertainment: Aaron's Rod: In 1938, during archaeological digs at Lachish, James Starkey discovered a copper scroll that had been buried in a clay cylinder, hidden b...

That's Books and Entertainment: No Turning Back

That's Books and Entertainment: No Turning Back: Published author Fred Smith is back with the second installment of the life of James Williams. James Williams is the son of Robert Willi...

That's Books and Entertainment: Conkers and Grenades

That's Books and Entertainment: Conkers and Grenades: Conkers and Grenades is set in the city of Bristol in 1916 in the midst of the Great War. This is the debut novel from Hillary Lee-Corbi...

That's Books and Entertainment: At Reception

That's Books and Entertainment: At Reception: At Reception is the debut novel of Galahad Porter. Sally is a lonely person. However, it's a lonely world that she inhabits that is,...

That's Books and Entertainment: Anything is Possible

That's Books and Entertainment: Anything is Possible: Anything is Possible is a love story which is a debut for former bank worker Rob Osborne. Matt is an ordinary sort of bloke, he leads a ...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Boys From the Bridge

That's Books and Entertainment: The Boys From the Bridge: The Boys From the Bridge is an incredible true story of how, in 1976, Richard Attenborough directed the film A Bridge Too Far. Attenboro...

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Malinda Kathleen Reese and Google Translate style

That's Books and Entertainment: Saving Africa

That's Books and Entertainment: Saving Africa: Saving Africa is a very thoughtful book on the situation in Africa, by Ivorian author N. Timolen Amessa. In his book Amessa identifies s...

That's Books and Entertainment: Legacy of a Duelist

That's Books and Entertainment: Legacy of a Duelist: Legacy of a Duelist is a novel from author T. C. Sutton. It opens with a child who is starving and dressed in a few pitiful rags of clot...

That's Books and Entertainment: A Time for Role Call

That's Books and Entertainment: A Time for Role Call: It is post-war Britain, 1946 to be precise, and former debutante Sally Jardine-Fell, SOE operative is in jail, due to be put on trial for ...

That's Books and Entertainment: All Change

That's Books and Entertainment: All Change: All Change is a comedic debut novel from author M. M. Purkess. Our protagonist James is a youthful and aspiring author. James is renti...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Creators

That's Books and Entertainment: The Creators: The Creators is an important new series of novels from the pen of J. M. Collins. It brings to life the turbulent times of the 1970s, as ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Mag-Iggle

That's Books and Entertainment: Mag-Iggle: Mag-Iggle, written by John Benneyworth, is a very amusing children's book with excellent illustrations. It's ideal for parents t...

That's Books and Entertainment: In The Shadows

That's Books and Entertainment: In The Shadows: In The Shadows is a new and gripping novel from author E. J. Shaw. It tells the story of Eden Matthews. Eden is blessed with the talents...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Metropolis Of Glass

That's Books and Entertainment: The Metropolis Of Glass: The Metropolis of Glass is a new anthology of poetry from poet Chole Lee. Written over the past four years it is a distillation of the c...

Sunday, 17 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Stargazey World

That's Books and Entertainment: Stargazey World: This is a new novel from published author Christine Dawe. It's something of a departure for Christine Dawe, an author of a number o...

That's Books and Entertainment: Quick and Quirky

That's Books and Entertainment: Quick and Quirky: Quick and Quirky is a quick and quirky collection of humorous short stories and quips from the pen of debut author Fred Onymouse. It&#39...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Human Ape

That's Books and Entertainment: The Human Ape: The Human ape, subtitled "A Magnificently Minute Moment" is a debut collection of poetry from poet Mark Cox. The poems cover a...

That's Books and Entertainment: Coach Yourself First

That's Books and Entertainment: Coach Yourself First: Coach Yourself First is a new and invaluable book for coaches and supervisors in a business setting by Mark Bisson, who earned an MA in ap...

That's Books and Entertainment: Responsibility and its Avoidance

That's Books and Entertainment: Responsibility and its Avoidance: Responsibility and its Avoidance is a vital new work by a consultant and project manager, Donald Curtis. He has seen experience not only...

That's Books and Entertainment: Responsibility and its Avoidance

That's Books and Entertainment: Responsibility and its Avoidance: Responsibility and its Avoidance is a vital new work by a consultant and project manager, Donald Curtis. He has seen experience not only...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Diary of an Old Drunk

That's Books and Entertainment: The Diary of an Old Drunk: The Diary of an Old Drunk is a remarkable novel by George Bothamley. It is an intriguing book. Part philosophical discourse, part novel,...

Saturday, 16 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Two Jam Jars for the Manor

That's Books and Entertainment: Two Jam Jars for the Manor: This is the latest novel from Dermod Judge. It tells the story of young Johnny. Johnny has a passion for the movies. It is his dream to ...

That's Books and Entertainment: Africanism

That's Books and Entertainment: Africanism: Africanism is a story by author Patricia Bamurangirwa. It is the true story of how Patrica emigrated from Africa and how she was able to c...

That's Books and Entertainment: White Windows

That's Books and Entertainment: White Windows: White Windows is an enchanting debut novel from author David Wallis. It's a tale of mystery and magic about a family which is having...

That's Books and Entertainment: Steal Big: Vatican City

That's Books and Entertainment: Steal Big: Vatican City: Steal Big: Vatican City is a new crime novel from crime writer Sean O'Driscoll. The Mastermind. Remember him? After a year of living...

That's Books and Entertainment: Without Walls

That's Books and Entertainment: Without Walls: Without Walls is an interesting memoir from a very interesting figure. Meet Nilton Toubkin, the founder of the Southbank International S...

That's Books and Entertainment: Where Peacocks scream

That's Books and Entertainment: Where Peacocks scream: Where Peacocks Scream is a fantastic adventure novel for young adults set on a magical isle not far from the Riverside public house. The...

That's Books and Entertainment: Love Never Fails

That's Books and Entertainment: Love Never Fails: In his non-fiction book, former nurse Don Snuggs makes an interesting and very compelling account of his experiences as a sole carer. Wh...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Last Squadron

That's Books and Entertainment: The Last Squadron: The Last Squadron is a Science Fiction novel set not in the far, distant future, but in the near future. It's 15 years into our futu...

That's Books and Entertainment: Journey Out Returning

That's Books and Entertainment: Journey Out Returning: Journey Out Returning is a book by William Fell-Holding that recalls an interesting time in recent social history, the brief but influenti...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Nokka

That's Books and Entertainment: The Nokka: Jenifer and Jory are two fairly ordinary children who fall prey to some extremely extraordinary magical adventures. They discover a comp...

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: The Spark

That's Books and Entertainment: The Spark: The Spark is a new and compelling read from author Trevor Stubbs. It addresses a range of issues that are, unfortunately, all too common...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Devil Gets Lonely Too

That's Books and Entertainment: The Devil Gets Lonely Too: This is an anthology of poems written by Liverpool's own Thomas B. Langton. The poems are described as being "gritty" in n...

Sunday, 3 December 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: William the Hedgehog Boy

That's Books and Entertainment: William the Hedgehog Boy: In William the Hedgehog Boy author Robert A. Brown presents a children's novel that is an entertaining read but which also brings to t...

That's Books and Entertainment: The Tall Tale of Maxwell Anderson

That's Books and Entertainment: The Tall Tale of Maxwell Anderson: In the novel The Tall Tale of Maxwell Anderson, the plot came in a dream, author Steve Joyce brings his debut novel to the reader. It te...

That's Books and Entertainment: Zombie Park

That's Books and Entertainment: Zombie Park: Set in the mid 1980s in a rundown psychiatric hospital facility against a backdrop of the massive socio-political changes that were washin...

Monday, 13 November 2017

Quiet Rebellion brings new and joyous life to socks at Christmas

Yes, Quiet Rebellion does bring new and joyous life to the idea of socks at Christmas.

There are some people, I am no exception, who rather likes the idea of getting a new packet of socks at Christmas. And on the odd occasions when I haven't had any socks as Christmas presents I have found myself joining the "happy" throngs of shoppers participating in that well-known blood sport, the Boxing Day Sales.

But sometimes it must be said that the socks one receives as a gift, no matter how well-intentioned, might not be the most imaginative of gifts and perhaps weren't the ones you would have chosen for yourself.

And, to be fair, it's also sometimes difficult when we are looking for socks to buy as Christmas gifts for other people.

The choice is seemingly limited to dull, plain designs or garish novelty socks that really do not belong on the feet of someone you love or, to be honest, are only someone you vaguely know!

But that's all over now! Because now there's a company which is producing socks with stunningly original designs that are bright and stand out from the crowd, yet are not hideous in any way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Quiet Rebellion Socks.

They are designed for maximum comfort and wearability and are made from 80% combed cotton to provide strength and 18% nylon to provide strength. Wait! Isn't that only 98% So what's happened to other 2%? Glad you asked! The other 2% is taken up with that nifty and remarkably flexible material called elastane to provide a nice bit of stretch.

And there's an extra two inches of length, too. Also, sock wearers will be pleased to know that the toes are hand-linked to provide extra comfort and the heels are reinforced to offer extra wear.

My own personal favourite is the jigsaw-inspired John Spilsbury Sock, created in honour of John Spilsbury Socks, the father of modern jigsaws. They are £12.00 a pair, though half a dozen will only cost £7.83 a pair.

But there's more available, too! There's a fantastic array of boxer shorts in a wonderful selection of prestigious designs from Picasso to Roger Bacon Boxers to Agent Zigzag, all at £49 for three, as a mixed gift pack or as individual designs.

And there are also some particularly funky weekend bags in a range of prices from £199 up to £249. The bags are specially hand crafted in Hackney, in London.

And on orders of more than £50, you don't pay postage.

To learn more about Quiet Rebellion and their interesting and quirky story and to place orders please visit them at

To learn more about the names behind the designs (they are all named for famous rebels throughout recorded history) please visit

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Wilkinson Sword gardening gifts for all pockets

From pruning knives to premium secateurs and loppers there is a Christmas gift to fit all pockets and purses from Wilkinson Sword. They are available from most leading garden centres, high street sheds and hardware stores all year round but make the perfect Christmas gift for all of your greenfingered friends and family.

Wilkinson Sword tools are firm favourites with British gardeners of all ages and experience and there is something for every gardener within the Wilkinson Sword range of garden tools this Christmas, along with the reassuring Wilkinson Sword 10 year guarantee.

The stylish and practical Wilkinson Sword Pruning Knife makes a great stocking filler! It is suitable for all small pruning tasks and general garden use. The stainless steel blade folds away for safe storage and the curved handle provides better grip, even with wet hands and wintery fingers.

Looking for a gardening gift set? Every gardener needs a trowel and fork so why not couple together the Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Hand Trowel and Hand Fork? Both have ash handles with leather hanging straps and are ideal for transplanting and general border work. You can make the gift set even more special by adding in the Stainless Steel Patio Knife that is designed for removing moss and weeds from paved areas and patios. It also has an ash handle and a leather hanging strap so is stylish as well as practical!

For the gardener with all the tools but who is always seemingly losing them, a high-quality leather tool pouch from Wilkinson Sword this Christmas could solve all their problems! It has belt clips and loops that can hold most secateurs designs and provides safe and easy storage on the move in the garden.

In need of a gift for the gardener with a whole host of tools that are perhaps in need of a revamp and some TLC? Then why not help them keep tools and blades sharp all year round with the ingenious Wilkinson Sword Garden Tool Sharpener. It offers seven sharpening edges that will keep knives, secateurs and many other items of garden equipment in perfect cutting condition. It comes complete with pouch.

Keep warm this Christmas by throwing logs on the fire! The 40cm Wilkinson Sword Hatchet Axe makes chopping logs and making kindling simple. It has a high quality, and impact absorbing, fibreglass handle with a soft grip. The head is made of dropforged carbon steel and is ideal for in the wood shed in winter but also general garden work all year round.

Gardeners with an abundance of festive holly will love a helping hand when it comes to pruning it. The Wilkinson Sword Deluxe Bypass Pruners offer just that! They have cast aluminium handles and are fitted with large rubber buffers to absorb shock when using them. They have an easy to open mechanism that is perfect for both left and right handed users.

A highlight under any Christmas tree this year will be the Wilkinson Sword MultiTool Garden. It has
14 functions, including three screwdriver fittings, three spanners, a can opener, a bottle opener, a saw, a knife and an all important pruner, so give as a gift for not just gardeners but anyone who loves the great outdoors!

The user-friendly design means accessing the tool heads is very quick and easy, as the ergonomic handle design provides comfort and control, combined with a smooth opening action for ease of use. Durable, sturdy and stylish, the Garden Multi-Tool is fabricated from black anodised aluminium and stainless steel and weighs a mere 250gm. When closed, it compacts down to just 13cm x 4.5cm x 2cm, a perfect fit for trouser and jacket pockets alike.

If you know someone who is a keen gardener, but they perhaps find some of their tools are getting a bit too heavy and cumbersome then the Ultralight range from Wilkinson Sword may be exactly what you are looking for! Through the use of strong and lightweight materials the Ultralight Bypass Loppers provide the power, whilst weighing in at just 450 gm. The bypass, non-stick coated blade is perfect for young, green wood, with a 25mm cutting capacity.

Not sure what to get for the gardener who has everything? How about a Stainless Steel Digging Spade from Wilkinson Sword? A spade is an essential tool but this top-of-the-range one is specially designed to withstand usage on unprepared areas that can help to improve drainage and in preparing soil in readiness for planting shrubs, roses, vegetables and even seeds ready for 2018.

It is larger than the traditional border spade and has an attractive ash handle. Enhance the gift by partnering it with its sister - the Digging Fork. This is designed for use on heavily compacted areas of earth, for removing plants, use on compost heaps and general turning the soil.

(Retailing from £29.99 to £69.99)

 Everyone loves an upgrade at Christmas, but why stop at the latest digital technology? The Wilkinson Sword Elite Cutting Collection is ideal for those looking to upgrade their tired old tools with something a bit special.

The range is comprised of a refined selection of premium garden tools ready to provide cutting-edge performance, precision, and comfort. Individually crafted with superior Japanese SK3 steel blades, strong dual cast housing with integrated shock absorption system and lightweight extruded aluminium handles with plush contoured handles, these tools have been created for the gardener who is passionate about quality, durability, and design.

Within this beautifully designed collection are eight tools, to cover every cutting need you have in the garden, all benefiting from the use of top quality materials and craftsmanship.

Vie Recovery Patches

Formulated with essential herbs, vitamins and minerals that will naturally help your body to break down alcohol, the Vie Recovery patch uses transdermal technology to deliver its active ingredients into the bloodstream through the skin.

These include vitamin C, green tea extract, globe artichoke extract, thiamine, taurine and chromium picolinate.

Simply apply the Vie Recovery patch to a clean, dry and hairless area of your skin before your first drink. Patches can be left on for up to 24 hours. For easy removal, wet patch and peel off.

Vie Recovery Patches use only 100% natural ingredients and can be purchased for £4.95 for six patches, online from

NOTE: The Vie Recovery patch is intended for adult use only. The patch will not prevent intoxication. Always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. The Vie Recovery patch should not be used if pregnant or nursing. Anyone taking medication should consult a doctor, prior to use.

A very special Christmas gift from McLaggan

McLaggan have been making beautiful bespoke mugs since the year 1974,  that's 43 years of happy, contented customers!

Ideal for the ultimate Christmas gift, as they have a personalisation service, where names or special messages can be added to all of the mugs they produce.

These can be either on the handle of the mug, or inside the mug with a nifty 'secret' message.

They also have a truly wonderful range of mugs that you can have them personalise with your own message on both the back and/or the front.

For their complete range of personalised mugs, just check out their dedicated Personalised Mugs page  to learn more.

And a name or a short message can be added to the handle of all of their mugs, too.

And why not check out their festive and stylish stocking fillers in their Christmas collection?

The mugs are made with fine quality materials and will make a very special gift for the person you love.

Learn more at

Apothic Dark wine

The makers of Apothic Red have launched Apothic Dark

It is a very dark red wine blend that is very pleasing to the dedicated, experienced drinker or even the newcomer to the complex world of wines.

It is a very rich wine, with notes of hedgerow fruits and also with a hint of blueberries and black cherry, too. There are also other notes, perhaps of a fine freshly brewed coffee and with deeper notes redolent of dark chocolate.

Apothic Dark is made using a unique blend of dark grape varieties, that together reveal distinct textures and unlocks a new wine tasting experience.

Each grape variety is carefully chosen to offer wine drinkers richness, complexity and balance, producing a wine that draws our curiosity to embrace its mystery and darkness. Blending Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Petit Verdot, the smoothness of the wine and the opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate will haunt the palate.

Apothic Dark is available nationwide and should cost you £10.00.

It's aimed at drinking with red meats but my wife and I discovered that Apothic Dark is ideal to drink by itself, with deserts, with red meats and with white meats such as chicken and turkey, too.

So, will we be serving Apothic Dark wine with our traditional Christmas turkey dinner and with our Boxing Day beef joint? I think we probably will!

Apothic Wines are based in Modesto, California.

Elizabeth Shaw launches premium chocolate ‘Twists’ sharing box

The premium heritage chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw, devoted to making every chocolate moment special, is launching a new luxurious box called Twists.

Exclusive to Tesco, Twists include an indulgent selection of hazelnut treats enrobed in milk chocolate and smooth praline, topped with crisp rice and coated in milk chocolate.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped, specially designed to allow you to take your time and enjoy each one. Perfect for sharing and suitable for all ages, Twists are also ideal as a Christmas present - the combination of delicate flavour and texture is guaranteed to satisfy any chocaholic. The box itself is also unique – opening and closing with one big twist.

Chocolate producers for 136 years, Elizabeth Shaw are passionate about making chocolates that anyone can enjoy, any time, which is why they have created a premium box of chocolates to be shared or gifted.

Managing Director Karen Crawford, is, rightly, excited by this news. She said: "We have been creating chocolates for over 100 years, and continue to keep up with what consumers want and need.
35% of shoppers buy chocolate for an evening in at home, and 28% to share with others; so we’ve created a beautiful deluxe box perfect for sharing at home but also for giving to friends, families or colleagues."

Launching in November, Twists will be on introductory offer for £3, one pound off the RRP for a 201g box.

An idea Christmas and New Year purchase as gifts for loved ones and something for the table for the party season.

Have a Demijohn Christmas this year!

Demijohn have just launched a whole new range of very elegant gift boxes containing their delicious artisan gins, spirits and liqueurs. Handmade in Cumbria the oak boxes each contain a bottle or bottles of delicious, artisan liqueurs or spirits so not only look good and taste good but will be warmly welcomed by any family member or friend who enjoys the finer things in life.

The Liqueur Tower (with oak gift box) holds 3 stackable x 250ml Impilabile bottles in a stunning upright box. Customers can choose the contents of the bottles from any of the Demijohn products, but we’d recommend the lovely combination of Seville Orange Gin, Rhubarb Vodka and Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur as a sophisticated trio. This is priced at £88.15.

For a single, ‘stand-out’ present, The Sloe Gin Gift Box is it. Containing the world’s best artisan gin (as voted in the World Sloe Championships for the last 3 years running) the Mystic 500ml bottle comes in the most stunning oak presentation box. Made in Worcestershire from sloes collected from the hedgerows, often by the Demijohn team who shut up shop to do a day of foraging, this is a traditional liqueur with an added bitter taste making it ideal as a fresh air sharpener, an after dinner digestif or even in cocktails. But hurry as stocks of this product are limited given its seasonal nature. This is priced at £62.95.

If you’re looking for something more luxurious then the Liqueur Gift Boxes are ideal. Hand created oak boxes hold 6 x 100ml bottles of the best of Demijohn’s liqueurs, including Rhubarb Vodka Liqueur, Seville Orange Gin, Spiced Rum, Sloe Gin, Morello Cherry Brandy and Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur. Of course if you’d rather choose your own liqueurs then that is also possible.  Priced at £90.55.

If budgets are tight the Mini Christmas Stacker is perfect, priced at just £27.60. Three Mystic 100ml bottles are filled with warming Christmas drinks – Sloe Gin, Spiced Rum Liqueur and Morello Cherry Brandy. This little present will certainly spice up a Christmas morning.

If you’d rather a non-alcoholic gift we have created a Cordial Gift Set, comprising 3 charming 100ml Chiara bottles filled with our handmade fresh Raspberry Cordial, Lemon & Mint Cordial and Rhubarb & Ginger Cordial, all held together in a poplar wood rack or tantalus. Only a small amount of cordial is required to be diluted with still or sparkling water, garnished with lime, lemon or other fruits and is a very upmarket and delicious option for non-drinkers and drivers.

The appeal of the Demijohn gifts is that they can all be personalised with either a complimentary handwritten message on the bottles or for an additional fee, an engraving of choice can be marked in the actual wood.

Ideal Home Show at Christmas

It's back at London Olympia for what is its seventh highly successful consecutive year, advance ticket prices for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas start from as little as £11.00.

It's being staged from 22 to 26 November, with a very special 'After Dark' evening on Thursday 23 November, what's now acknowledged as the UK's biggest seasonal event will feature over 600 exhibitors under one roof.

New for 2017 is the Eat and Drink Festival running alongside the show.

Visitors to the Ideal Home Show receive free access to the festival, where artisan food producers and top brands join to create a unique experience, celebrating the very best on offer in the world of food and drink.

With street food vendors and mixologists, plus modern cuisine experts, you'll be able to test and taste all the latest trends in Christmas fare at the Eat and Drink Festival.

There are eight dedicated sections across home and lifestyle include interiors and home accessories; home improvements and outdoor living; eat and drink; style; Christmas decorations; a Christmas arcade with toys, games and books; kitchenware and the pet pavilion. Feature areas offer craft workshops to make everything from decorations to hand crafted gifts, and mulled wine and fondues can be enjoyed in the new alpine lodge-themed ski bar, together with tasty Christmas nibbles and festive drinks.

Throughout the show's five days, a roster of household names take to the Christmas Theatre stage with presentations from the worlds of fashion, interior design and cookery. Visitors can learn how to get the best Christmas party looks, indulge in the show's Pamper Lounge and enjoy some wonderful live entertainment at the Christmas Bandstand.

There's something for everyone to enjoy at the Ideal Home Show, the UK's one-stop-shop for everything festive.

Tickets for the Ideal Home Show at Christmas 2017 are now available from or by phone on 0844 209 7330.

A £1.70 transaction fee is £1.70 applicable.

Who are Stag Bakeries? That's Christmas finds out

Stag Bakeries are perhaps one of the most remote bakeries in the entire UK. They are based in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

This family owned bakery makes a vast range of both savory and sweet items, using traditional Scottish recipes that have been passed down through several generations of craft bakers.

Wherever possible, Stag opts to only use locally sourced ingredients such as sustainably sourced seaweed.

The seaweed is cultivated locally and a unique blend is used baked into water biscuits, oatcakes and shortbread.

The Stornoway Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed won Best Scottish Product 2013 at the Great Taste Awards and their Scottish Seaweed Oatcakes won 3 stars at the Great Taste Awards.

Perfect Christmas Gift for Food Lovers? Yes! Without a doubt!
It’s increasingly difficult to find gifts for foodies as well as dads, grandads and uncles. Stag Bakeries has the perfect solution and something altogether ‘different’ whether their tastes are sweet or savoury.

The appropriately named ‘Something Different for Cheese’ is a luxurious fruit cake that is delicious when served and eaten with cheese. It is presented in a balsa wood box, making it the perfect gift.

Traditionally Scottish? Most certainly!
For something different this Christmas, adorn your buffet table with a selection of Scottish treats. The Water Biscuit with Hebridean Seaweed and Scottish Oatcake with Seaweed offer great alternatives to serve with cheese and are both available from within the artisan food section at Marks & Spencer. For snacking, Stag’s Smoked Dunlop Cheese Straws are made with a carefully selected Scottish Cheese and is again available from Marks & Spencer.

(EDITOR: I can attest to the wonderful flavours of the Stag Bakeries range, so can heartily recommend them to you.)

A garden swing for Christmas

A Tree Swing for Christmas? Now, that is a unique gift. First time we have heard of this idea which is coming to you from Sitting Spiritually.

They are not mass produced, they are genuinely hand carved and can include names or perhaps a meaningful word.

Their gorgeous handmade Oak Rope Swings are available to buy exclusively and are each made to order.

They come with 5 metres of rope attached to either side and come complete with simple to follow instructions to hang it.

Hand Carved names and special, personal inscriptions and longer ropes are available and are priced accordingly. Please ask for details.

They come in four sizes, child's, single, double or round, prices start at £149, including Vat & Delivery.

Incidentally, they are the only Rope Swing Makers Licensed by The RHS.

And for the indoors you can purchase Leather Rope Swings, too.

You can also use these outdoors, but they'd need to be brought in during wet weather.

They are Hand Stitched in Devon by an English Master Saddler who only uses finest quality handmade thread and the finest quality, naturally tanned, unique, full grain bridle leather.

Dimensions 260mm deep & 530mm wide.
Price with 5 metres of rope & fixing clips £269.00 including Vat & delivery. Longer rope available, if required.

For details please call 01297 443084 or visit them at

Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauces? At Christmas!

Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauces? At Christmas?

Yes! And why not?

Most of us love the traditional foods of Christmas, but why not put a new twist to them? Try them with something a little different, perhaps?

And what better different twist could we try but the Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauces range?

What is available? You can try Full Flavor Smokey, Smooth Original Barbecue Glaze, Tennessee Honey™ Barbecue Extra Hot Habanero and Hot Pepper Steak Sauce.

You can add them to a turkey casserole, use them as very tasty dipping sauces for party favourites to give them a bit of extra zing. Pork pies, sausage rolls, canapes, nuts, breadsticks and your cheeseboard never tasted so exciting!

And for a bit of an extra thrill, why not make your guests some Jack Daniels cocktails, too to go with these ultra tasty Christmas and New Near snacks and foods?

To learn more please visit

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That's Books and Entertainment: Footsteps in the Dew

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That's Books and Entertainment: A Season in the sun

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

That's Books and Entertainment: Zed and Dez 005 Secret Service Agents

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That's Books and Entertainment: The Yellow Bills

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That's Books and Entertainment: It's Not All Rosey

That's Books and Entertainment: It's Not All Rosey: This is not a work of fiction, it is a memoir written by Rosemary Bensley. It starts with the event that defined her life, a tragic car ...

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The Mathmos Neo. The latest word in lava lamps

Stress and mental health issues are written about and published throughout the world.

Each one mentioning the value of relaxation and the importance of a good night's sleep. Anyone who has actually tried to make themselves go to sleep and relax will be aware that it is not an easy accomplishment.

However, have been producing a possible solution to stress and insomnia for over 50 years.

In the preceding half century there have been many fashions and fads that have gone into history never to be repeated. There have been many opportunities for innovation and design, have kept themselves at the cutting edge of lighting by using the services of top designers and deploying innovative ideas.

The lava lamp was invented by Founder Edward Craven Walker back in 1963 and has been modified and developed to keep pace with the changing needs and expectations of today's generation. have created one of the best ways to relax by using distraction and have become living proof that some of the best things in life originate in the United Kingdom. In today's noisy world it is good to learn that something silent and safe can be obtained for a reasonable price and has the potential to enhance the life of everyone from children to great grandparents.  One such creation has held our researchers and writers in awe.

Neo is designed by lighting designer Jonathan Coles Studio and is the only lava lamp in the world that has been completely tested and verified for customers of all ages. Every detail has been designed
with safety and quality in mind.

Neo is made from precision cast metal and is low voltage; powered by long lasting halogen capsules for extended use. Its internal diffuser ensures that the heat and light are directed into the bottle ensuring the best view of Mathmos’ unique lava lamp formulation. The shatterproof bottle is made in Britain and filled in the Mathmos’ factory in Pool,e Dorset.

Within half an hour of the Neo sending up its Lava  it created a relaxing and unique ambience, safe in the knowledge that it was securely fixed, stable and safe without the risk of a burn we all relaxed and enjoyed the experience so much we dozed off. The Neo is safe for kids, the elderly and pets when it is secured and the simple instructions are followed.

Please visit to learn more.

The Simplex handmade tea kettle

It has been said that nostalgia has no place in the present and certainly there is no future in it!

How wrong this is!

We made this discovery when we took delivery of a Simplex Tea kettle made to the exact specifications and pattern as they were in 1903

The Simplex  Tea Kettle It is truly a work of art in every way, it is beautiful to look at and to hear. It has a sweet sounding gentle whistle that alerts when the water has boiled. inside the spout there is a rattle that will transport anyone back to the days of childhood when all high quality kettles had this touch.of mystery. Simplex Tea Kettles are individually hand made in Birmingham each one is unique and of outstanding quality and design.

Any one with a love of nostalgia will appreciate the Newey and Bloomer Buckingham No 1 kettle made of polished copper with brass trimmings and a tin lining inside. These solid copper kettles have
travelled all around the world and have gained a tremendous reputation for quality and expertise.

Newey and Bloomer was founded back in 1850 and have produced all kinds of objects. Some of the original barbershop fittings and bar tops can still be seen in their original positions and still in use today. The craft and skill is vibrantly displayed and demonstrated in Birmingham by a family owned firm that is passionate about quality and outstanding customer service.

The Simplex  Tea kettles come in an assortment of designs and finishes but all have a hand turned beechwood handle and a special whistle through the lid that makes for added safety. The Buckingham range all have coil bases and come in a choice of natural copper, silver plated or chrome plated.  The chrome plated kettle is outstanding  with a shiny sparking appearance which will grace a modern or futuristic style kitchen for many years to come.

The natural copper finish arrives bright and shines with a warm glow.  It does dull over time and will require polishing from time to time.  The natural copper finish has got the edge for anyone with a country style kitchen or a love of anything vintage.

Newey and Bloomer have developed the ordinary into a work of art that is timeless and absolutely stunning. Birmingham is once again on the map for outstanding craftsmanship.

Great care is taken in the presentation of. The Newey and Bloomer Simplex Tea Kettles, each one arrives beautifully packed in a cotton bag with the unique number of the kettle on the warranty card. The date of manufacture is stamped on the spout and each kettle has its own identification number that can be registered to validate the warranty.  Customer service is second to none at Newey and Bloomer.

For something made to exact specifications and  so aesthetically pleasing the price is extremely reasonable and worth the initial outlay.  Water boiled in a Simplex Tea Kettle tastes far superior to water boiled in plastic or aluminium kettles.

Good quality tea tastes outstanding and coffee truly refreshing. The Simplex tea kettle does everything Newey and Bloomer say it does and is absolutely 'quintessentially English'.

To learn more about this amazing kettle please visit

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Winter's Leap

In Winter's Leap, a book by Timothy Raine, with some charming illustrations by Haleema Karim, we meet Tommy.

Tommy has a mild form of cerebral palsy and the reader is given the opportunity to take a peek into Tommy's life and the problems and trials that he finds himself having to face and to deal with.

Winter's Leap takes a snapshot of his life on one significant day, Christmas Day.

He explores what Christmas means to him and also he contemplates the meaning of "family."

The tale that Timothy Raine weaves is a naturalistic one as it sees glimpses of human frailty, sadness and joy as we see what life means for Tommy.

It is an important and compelling book as not only does it make a good read it also looks at important concepts such as joy, identity and empathy.

It's a story with some sadness, yet also hope, too. It will make people think, which is all to the good.

It's ideal for everyone from young teenagers to adults it is published by The Book Guild at £6.99 and can be bought at the that's Books Bookshop which you will find here:-

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Mathmos Lava Lamps. Original and best for 54 years.

Britain has seen enormous changes in the last 54 years especially in technology and fashion.

Many have said that quality has been lost and that British manufacturing is not what it used to be.

However British firm has proven that things only get better over time. Everyone has experienced that moment when a youngster says "what was it like when you were my age?"

It is often difficult to explain but thankfully has solved that for us too. When asked we can now say "'I'll show you!"

If you were around in the '60s and '70s  you will know what a Lava Lamp is but there are not many millennials that do!

There is always someone ready to copy a great idea and the original Lava Lamps have been copied but never beaten in their unique British design. Mathmos Lava Lamps are as good if not better than when Mr. Edward Craven-Walker made the first one in 1963, under the Crestworth brand, latterly changed to Mathmos.

Mathmos have been producing to the same quality in Britain ever since 1963 using the unique formula that keeps the lamps clear, bright and absolutely captivating.

The swinging sixties was a time of mystery and legend to today's youngsters. The '70s were colourful, vibrant years and defiantly an amazing experience.

The Mathmos Astro says the 1960s all over again, it was designed in 1963 and 54 years later spare parts and replacement bottles are available from The Astro Baby lamp is slightly slimmer and has remained in popular demand. The Telstar design was inspired by the space race fever of the 1960s.

The Telstar is an absolute design classic. The legs are made of Zinc and are polished to an incredible shine together with the bottle cover on the top it looks as though it is ready to launch into space!

After turning the lamp on and allowing it to warm up, it has the ability to convince an observer that they have indeed been launched into some mysterious environment. Bubbles gyrate, twist and turn as they rise upwards defying gravity and gently slide downwards in a truly mesmerising display of fluidity.

Nothing can equal the clarity, colours and especially the wide range of designs that have on offer. No matter what design is chosen each part of it is individually inspected and tested here in the United Kingdom.

Replacement parts can be obtained from for Crestworth lamps purchased from
the 1960s. are based in Poole and are able to produce individual designed lamps to a customers specifications. Mathmos Monster Lava Lamps are becoming very popular for individuals and companies that wish to maintain their individuality and remain loyal to British engineering and manufacturing. have Lava Lamps that are powered by Tea Lights.

They even some specially commissioned lamps taller than a human.

That in itself should be enough to convince youngsters that Britain was 'Great' before their time and will continue to be Great into the future.

Take a look at, they are out of this world!  Launched in a Telstar!