Friday, 22 December 2017

Smooth shaving, Gillette and Justice League style

There's going to be some smooth shaving this Christmas and beyond with the Gillette and Justice League shaving kit!

What would King Camp Gillette have thought if he knew that Gillette would get together with the Justice League franchise to produce a special Virtual Reality Experience for shaving men this Christmas?

Actually, I am fairly certain that King Camp Gillette would just have nodded and sad: "That's great!"

Why? Because King Camp Gillette was always at the forefront of technological innovation, producing new, safer razors that gave a shave just as good as a cut throat razor but with much less chance of the terrible injuries (some life threatening!) that could result from the incautious use of those dangerous devices.

You can download the Justice League Gillette experience here and it should be widely available from all good drugstores, pharmacies, leading supermarkets and some independent stores, too.

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