Monday 31 October 2022

From their family to your family! Revealing the Thatchers 12 Days of Christmas Gift Box

Thatchers Ciders are unveiling their Christmas surprise. Their very first Thatchers 12 Days of Christmas Cider Gift Box.

Available online and from their Cider Shop at Thatchers in Somerset, the 12 Days of Christmas Cider Gift Box contains a stunning selection of Thatchers' family favourites, all made right there at Myrtle Farm in Somerset. It costs just £34.99 (plus delivery if you are ordering online).

In the best traditions of Christmas gift boxes, they're leaving it a special Christmas surprise as to which ciders you'll find when you open each door. But in true Thatchers style, there's a Somerset cider for everyone included. 

Happy Christmas from all of them at Myrtle Farm!

They're a family run cidermaker with their home in Sandford, Somerset. 

Their ciders, all full of natural apple character, are crafted there at Myrtle Farm. Pride in their heritage, they've been crafting delicious ciders for four generations, is at the heart of everything they do.  

A spokesman said: "Our knowledge and passion for apples is reflected in our ciders: authentic, full of flavour and with a distinct character that reflects Somerset cidermaking at its best.

"We craft a range of ciders – including Thatchers Gold, Thatchers Haze, Thatchers Blood Orange and Thatchers Cloudy Lemon, but whichever you choose, you can be sure they have all been made with the same care, attention and hands-on experience."

Win a Nobu Golden Ticket Worth £100 This Christmas

For those seeking out a full festive feast, or a lighter bite before a crisp walk around the Mayfair area, Nobu London is your perfect Christmas Day destination. 

Reservations are available from 12:30-3:30pm, and every guest will receive a complimentary glass of Champagne, amuse-bouche and petits fours. Dine from Nobu's à la carte menu, featuring iconic dishes such as Black Cod with Miso and Yellowtail Jalapeño. 

Limited-edition festive specials will also be available, including Grilled Scottish Lamb with Shiso Chimichurri and Beetroot Vinaigrette, and a decadent Chestnut Cream with Tonka Vanilla Cacao Foam.

Guests can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and tables decorated with bespoke Christmas crackers. Inside each cracker is a pocket-sized present from Muji, and three hidden Golden Tickets, worth £100 each. The lucky winners will have 12 months to redeem their ticket. A deposit of £200 per person, corresponding to a minimum spend, will apply for all guests aged 12 and above.


Renowned for over 25 years of New Year's Eve celebrations, Nobu London will be seeing in 2023 in considerable style, with a live DJ in the restaurant playing from 6pm-1am. Reservations are open from 6pm-8:15pm with a deposit of £75 per person, ideal for those looking to dine early before heading on to other celebrations.

A special six-course omakase menu is available all night, priced at £200 per person. Dishes include White Fish with Uni, Caviar and Yuzu Ponzu Jelly, Seared Diver Scallop with Truffle Mushroom Risotto and Fresh Truffles, Nori-Crusted Wagyu Beef, and a selection of hand-crafted Nobu sushi. For reservations from 8:30pm, each guest will also receive a complimentary glass of Champagne on arrival.

From 8:30pm, a deposit of £200 per person, corresponding to a minimum spend, will also apply.

Full details can be found online:

Reservations can be made by phone: +44 (0) 207 447 4747

Please note:- All menus subject to change. At the time of booking for Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve for reservations from 8:30pm, a deposit of £200 per person will be taken, a minimum spend of £173.90, plus an optional 15% service charge. Cancellations made up to 72 hours before the time of the booking will be refunded. Any cancellations after this time will be charged in full.

Saturday 29 October 2022

Asda Launches new, Extra Special Christmas Hampers for 2022

Asda has launched its range of Extra Special hampers, starting at a very modest £25, for those who you care about this Christmas. And they include all your favourite festive products, too!

Following the success of last year’s stunning selection of Asda Extra Special Christmas hampers,  which starred in the 2021 roundup from the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute alongside the likes of Harrods and Fortnum and Mason. So Asda is bringing them back for Christmas 2022.

And Asda has revealed two utterly new Extra Special Christmas hampers, one version with alcohol ASDA Extra Special Hamper with Wine priced at £35, and a special non-alcoholic version too, the ASDA Extra Special Hamper with Presse priced at £25.

Both premium hampers contain 13 expertly crafted and curated Extra Special food and drink products, offering a truly stunning Christmas gift for your loved ones or simply an indulgent festive treat for yourself. (My wife declares these to be "Christmas in a box!")

The hampers will be available in the Asda seasonal aisles of 50 stores from Fifth November onwards, but not including Scotland or Northern Ireland.

All Christmas hampers can be ordered for delivery or via click and collect from the 50 stores too, but you are advised to be quick, as they are available on a first come, first served basis. IE, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Both hampers include the following products:

Extra Special Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Nougat

Extra Special Sticky Toffee Pudding Cookies (A Christmas exclusive)

Extra Special Italian Biscuit Selection (A Christmas exclusive)

Extra Special Sea Salt and Chardonnay Wine Vinegar Crisps

Extra Special Clotted Cream Fudge

Extra Special Blonde Chocolate Bar

Extra Special Strawberry Conserve

Extra Special Parmesan & Garlic Twists

Extra Special Rye Sourdough Crackers

Extra Special Columbia Ground Coffee

Extra Special Caramelised Onion Chutney

Incidentally, the Asda Extra Special Hamper with Wine will also include a bottle of Extra Special Malbec and Extra Special Pinot Grigio.

The Asda Extra Special Hamper with Presse instead will also include a bottle of Extra Special Apple & Elderflower Presse and Extra Special Raspberry Lemonade Presse.

Little Blessings: A very special, appropriate Christmas gift for your children

Little Blessings are six really beautiful Bible stories and a prayer book which are designed to provide inspiration to your children and also yourself.

This is a gift that is a true reflection of the real spirit of Christmas as it contains six beautiful Bible stories that are specially designed and written for children.

The six books are My First Prayers, The Easter Story, Noah's Ark, Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours, Jonah and the Whale and In the Beginning.

They come in a beautiful and colourful cover and each book retells classical Bible stories and each book is sumptuously, brightly illustrated by different artists for each book.

These books are designed to be shared between parents and grandparents and the children in the family and will help to encourage bonding between the generations of families in the context of a Christian family.

In fact, we feel that this set of books would also be an ideal purchase for all Sunday Schools.

It is published by Parragon Books Ltd.

ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1527000036

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1527000032

It's available from a variety of retailers and although the publisher's price is $59.99 (£51.65)  it is currently listed on Amazon UK at £18.99, which strikes us as being an absolute bargain making it a really wonderful and very appropriate Christmas gift.

My Jingle Bells Are Gone by Zanger Rinus and Romana

Whilst researching something Christmassy I accidentally re-discovered this quirky and fun Christmas song sung and performed by Dutch pop music due Zanger Rinus and Romana.

It was release back in 2011 and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Friday 28 October 2022

That's Food and Drink: Asda announces new vegan range for Christmas

That's Food and Drink: Asda announces new vegan range for Christmas: From mains that have the festive wow! factor, to luxurious desserts to delectable and morish party nibbles, Asda’s new range of vegan Christ...

Wow! Biggest Mince Pie ever from Asda!

Is this the biggest Mince Pie ever? Quite possibly!  

It's ideal for Christmas parties and get together over the festive season. It's Asda’s new Extra Special Giant Mince Pie is a showstopping wintertime must-have.

It's new for this Christmas season, Asda’s Extra Special Giant Mince Pie which is deliciously prepared fresh in-store and serves six people.

The launch forms a part of a 15-strong mince pie range including a selection of boozy mince pies, too.

It's available as part of Asda’s largest Christmas range to date, in-store and online from now on.

Christmas just isn't Christmas without mince pies, is it? 

This Christmas, Asda has launched the king of mince pies The Extra Special Giant Mince Pie. The giant treat costs a very modest £4.50 and is enough for six people, thus making it perfect for festive get-togethers this Christmas and New Year.

The mega pie sees an all-butter shortcrust pastry filled with fruity mincemeat infused with brandy and port for the perfect bite. Wrapped in an orange zest-infused casing, this giant treat is bound to impress all mince pie lovers.

As we have already mentioned, it is an integral component of Asda’s 15-strong mince pie range, the range also includes a fine selection of boozy mince pies, perfect for getting the party started or continued!

Asda shoppers can opt for three tipple-tastic flavours, there's Sloe Gin, Irish Cream and Spiced Rum. They are available in packs of six for just £2.25.

Ideal for Christmas get-togethers, the Extra Special Sloe Gin Mince Pies are a gin drinker’s paradise, featuring mincemeat laced with sloe gin and encased in a rich all-butter shortcrust pastry pie.

For something a little bit special, Asda’s Extra Special Irish Cream Mince Pies are rich, velvety, and luxurious and are sure to be a crowd-pleaser this Christmas. Or for those who like a more classic pairing, the Extra Special Spiced Rum Mince Pies won’t disappoint, filled with rum-soaked mincemeat with a hint of spice.

For lovers of a classic, ASDA’s Signature Special Indulgent Mince Pies (£2.50) are a great choice. These traditionally tantalising mince pies come with an all-butter pastry and are generously filled with luxurious fruit mincemeat with citrus peel and a touch of Valencian orange oil, laced with cognac brandy, Portuguese ruby port and a dash of orange liqueur.

And it doesn’t stop there. Perfect for the big day itself, Asda’s Extra Special Indulgent Top Mince Pie Crumble (£2.50) serves as the ultimate treat! This all-butter shortcrust pastry is filled with Bramley apple and toffee and topped with a caramelised pecan nut crumble, offering a wonderful fusion of family pudding favourites.

Asda shoppers can pick up Asda’s new mince pie range online and in-store now. What’s more, the retailer is running an offer from now until the end of the season, giving customers the chance to buy any two packs of Asda’s Extra Special Mince Pies for £3.50 – a tasty saving of £1.

What’s more, with every purchase of the ASDA Extra Special 4 Extra Indulgent Mince Pies (£2.50), the ASDA Extra Special 4 Apple & Pecan Crumble Mince Pies (£2.50) and the ASDA Extra Special 4 Crumble Top Mince Pies (£2.50) shoppers will receive £1.50 in the Asda Rewards cash pot (offer runs from 1st November to 23rd November, 2022).

Great news, parents! Top 10 toys for Christmas are more affordable than in recent years

Yes, there's some good news for parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts, because now the average price of the top 10 toys for Christmas chosen by experts at Tesco will be more affordable this year. 

In recent years, interest in electronic toys in particular has forced the average price of a main Christmas gift for youngsters up to between £60 and £90. 

This year Tesco’s toy experts have chosen their top 10 based not only on their current popularity and desirability but they've also factored in the affordability also, to help parents during the current relatively tougher times. 

Although the toys are not listed in any particular order, there's one expected to create the ‘wow’ factor this Christmas, the Pokémon Sword and Shield Astral Elite Trainer Box which goes on sale early next month, November and is expected to be on many kids’ wish lists. 

Tesco Toys Category Manager Anne Borrett said: “We know times are really hard out there at the moment so our team of toy experts have created a top 10 list based on a number of factors that will not only put a smile on kids’ faces but also their parents’ and carers' too. 

“Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of more expensive hi-tech toys dominate the Christmas market. 

“In the list there are toys for all budgets but more than half of them are priced between £30 and £45.”  

Tesco’s top 10 toys for this Christmas are as follows: 

Pokémon Sword and Shield Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box £42.50

This brand new Pokémon toy is their latest collector’s set and features collectable cards, booster packs and much more.  

The Pokémon Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance Elite Trainer Box includes everything a player needs to outshine the competition in battle!  

Barbie Chelsea Playhouse £60

The Barbie Chelsea doll and her friends have their own playhouse with three levels so there are many play spaces plus a transformation area that unlocks secret play areas. 

Miraculous Switch N’ Go Scooter £43

Race around Paris with Miraculous Ladybug on her Switch N’ Go Scooter. The transforming scooter comes with a 26 cm replica doll of the popular kids’ TV cartoon heroine. 

Zuru Smashers Dino Island Giant Skull £37

Break into the skull to discover 30 hidden surprises while searching through candy cotton foam and super stretchy slime in this epic adventure for ages three and over. 

LEGO Super Heroes – I Am Groot £45

Kids get to build their own version of the Baby Groot model figure from the Marvel Studios Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 

Marvel Studios 3D Puzzle – Iron Man’s Helmet £30

Marvel fans can build this fantastic three dimensional puzzle version of the superhero’s helmet. 

Cocomelon Boo Boo JJ Doll £43

The Cocomelon Boo-Boo JJ Plush is designed to teach kids aged 2-3 years that mishaps are ok. The toy teaches youngsters how to make JJ feel better when a mishap happens. 

LEGO Super Hereos Batmobile £90

Inspired by the latest version of the Batmobile from the 2022 The Batman film, this toy will offer kids a thrilling challenge to build a true to life model of the famous car. 

Fisher Price DJ Bouncin' Beats £45 

A musical learning toy to allow youngsters to have interactive fun with colourful lights, motorised action and more than 75 songs, sounds and phrases that teach the alphabet, counting, colours and much more. 

Squishmallows (7.5” Plush) £9

One of the most popular toys in recent years, the Squishmallow is a cuddly plushie toy that comes in many designs and themes with new versions being released every month. 

Tesco’s Half Price Toy Sale which started at the beginning of October runs until Nov 2. All toys in the sale have been discounted by 50 per cent with some costing as little as £7.50 when bought with a Tesco Clubcard.  

To check these out and buy visit

Stage an Amaryllis race this Christmas

An Amaryllis race? Yes, and it's a great fun activity, too!

Just buy two potted Amaryllis plants and gift them to two people and get them to race them before Christmas.

You don't have them to buy them from any particular place, a garden centre, a hardware store with a gardening section such as Wilko, or a supermarket such as Morrison's, Tesco or Sainsbury's, etc, or from shop that uses eBay or Amazon to sell their plants, or who has their own, dedicated online garden shop.

You and they will have a lot of fun. You could give the winner a special prize, too!

Amaryllis racing is a long and honoured sport in my wife's family.

You can also buy them here

Someone special in your life? Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has their ideal Christmas gift

A spokesperson said: "Here at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust we love sustainable and high quality stunning products.

"Firstly there are our playful Don Fisher bags which make a fantastically stylish gift. 

And what about the Original Duckhead Umbrellas?

Therese are available in a range of fantastic colours and prints, each umbrella is made from nine plastic bottles! A super cool and quirky gift that is totally on trend and environmentally conscious.

Also, when you buy through the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, all profits go straight into conserving wildlife and wild spaces in the county of Yorkshire and make a difference with your Christmas shopping this year.

You can make your Christmas gift purchases at

Take Ten Christmas Crackers

Almost every UK family and household celebrates Christmas with at least one (or more) boxes of Christmas crackers.

At Annabel James you can opt for any one of their many fantastic designs. Or even buy several of the different designs?  

There are Christmas crackers in sets of six: from traditional tartan or pheasants, luxurious pine cones in sophisticated blue, white and gold, blue tit and passion flower for bird lovers and gardeners, to the whimsical Carousel crackers in bright circus colours and more.

All of the crackers are fully eco-friendly are guaranteed to have no plastics in them and come complete with a joke, a hat and high quality little gifts.

However, for when six crackers isn't just enough, the super luxurious Watercolour Tree Christmas crackers come in boxes of eight and there are twelve crackers in the box of 12 Days of Christmas crackers.

Don't forget Not your pets this Christmas! There are individual crackers for kitties , complete with a special raffia pet mouse gift, and a choice of two crackers for doggies, both contain a rope ball and a paper hat. And as Annabel James is conscience of the special needs of your pets, there is no noisy, scary snaps in the pet crackers to protect their delicate ears.

You can make your purchases here:-

However, there is more to Annabel James, they have a wide range of luxury lifestyle items from their special on-line boutique offering interiors and garden accessories and gorgeous gifts, beautifully wrapped and delivered.

So they are an ideal place to purchase some nifty Christmas gifts for the people and pets in your life!

Looking for unique Christmas gifts? Chisel and Mouse have the answer

To be honest this is the first time I have come across such a stunningly interesting idea.

Chisel & Mouse make and sell very special plaster architectural models, unique mantle piece and wall art.

Chisel & Mouse love architecture, they are on a mission to model the world's most iconic buildings and cities.

A spokesperson for Chisel & Mouse said: "We combine modern and traditional techniques to sculpt our models, we have over 100 models from eight countries and we re continually expanding our collections.

To check out their range and to purchase some exclusive gifts for the people in your life who matter to you visit them at

Colourful Reusable Christmas Gift Ideas for the Budget-Conscious

Many of us are watching our pennies at the moment so the requirement for budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas is on the rise. 

With more of us also concerned with living more sustainably and moving away from single-use culture, reusable products are hugely popular so these bright and colourful reusables from Neonimo will not  break the bank are great eco-conscious Christmas gift ideas for this season! 

Colourful Reusables: Christmas Gift Ideas for Eco- and Budget-conscious people

Reusable Coffee Cups (12 designs)

– Thermal Travel Mugs are the perfect eco-conscious option for busy people

– Helps reduce 2.5bn disposable cups thrown away each year

– 450ml capacity

Thermal Bottles (12 designs)

– BPA free

– High-grade stainless steel bottle to refill and reuse

– Keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool

– 500ml capacity

Lunchboxes (12 designs)

– Made from hygienic, shatterproof plastic

– Easy to clean non-porous surface

– Hand-printed to order

Slip cases for pens, phones or glasses (12 designs)

– Multi-use slip cases with snap shut top perfect for phone, glasses, pens, coins etc.

– Long-lasting, durable and tactile super-thick neoprene slip pouch

– Vibrant designs are printed, cut and sewn – the handmade quality is excellent and the colours just pop!

All their products are proudly UK designed and made, too.

That's Food and Drink: Bumper Harvest at Sandridge Barton, the Devonshire...

That's Food and Drink: Bumper Harvest at Sandridge Barton, the Devonshire...: Sandridge Barton, the home of Sharpham Wine, is thrilled to be toasting a bumper harvest.  With the help of paid workers and community volun...

That's Food and Drink: Babingtons Blends Earl Grey Imperial, Wins Highly ...

That's Food and Drink: Babingtons Blends Earl Grey Imperial, Wins Highly ...: Babingtons' version of the world's most famous black scented tea, the Imperial Earl Grey, is an intense and citrussy, yet extremely ...

Thursday 27 October 2022

Someone you know moving home? Give them the Christmas Gift they'll love!

Although it's probably not an ideal time of year to move, many people, for a variety of reasons, find themselves moving house in and around Christmas time.

If you know someone who is moving into a new house, flat or apartment why not create a special Moving Home Kit for them?

Cleaning equipment, cleaning requisites, their first meal in their new home? A gift voucher for their favourite supermarket, their favourite restaurant or the food delivery service they love? 

Might be worth checking to see what they could need. They might need new kitchen equipment, a vacuum cleaner, a toaster, a kettle, for example?  

Or how about some artwork for their new home?

Be creative!

Light up someone's Christmas with Naken

To coin an expression, have put their indoor lighting collection in the spotlight.

Online homeware retailer is bringing some joy to darker evenings with their indoor lighting collection. And what greater gift can you give to a loved one who is a victim of the dreadful Seasonally Affected Disorder (SAD) than a some stylish lighting for this Christmas?

From biophilic-inspired ceiling lights and quirky floor lamps to attention-grabbing table lamps and industrial pendants, the luxury retailer has something, literally, for all interior styles.

Brendon Haxby, who is the co-founder of, said: “Darker evenings might be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. This collection brings together all the functionality of traditional lighting pieces with some real statement designs.”

The curated collection includes pieces from Light and Living, Seletti and Industville.

Brendon added: “Lighting might be an essential but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.”

Prices start at a very reasonable £59.

Products are available now from 

Get your Christmas off to a swinging start with Festive Bart Carts

The Christmas period is the perfect time to host a party!

For those who love to play bartender during this time, a bart cart is a festive party must-have. 

Melody Maison stocks a range of very stylish bar carts, ideal for displaying your favourite drinks and mixers. 

Serve your guests in style!

To learn more please visit them at

Melody Maison was founded by Anna Elkington in 2004 from her spare room. 

It's come on in leaps and bounds since those early days, yet it's still, first and foremost, a family business supplying high quality products that will help you make your house your stylish home!

It's official! Christmas is sorted with Christmas Dinner in a Box!

Masterchef winner Steven Wallis has partnered with recipe box specialists Chefs For Foodies to launch the ultimate Christmas Recipe box.

Supplying all the ingredients you will need to make a chef-quality Christmas dinner, the recipe kit feeds six people and is £139, the equivalent of a mere £23.16 per head.

The kit includes highest quality ingredients sourced solely from British suppliers and family-run butchers including a quality turkey breast fillet with prosciutto ham. The trimmings include, sage and onion stuffing, roasted parsnips with polenta and parmesan, bacon pangritata brussel sprout, roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and luxurious gravy.

Chef Steven has also provided a special video Masterclass with a seasonal, entertaining step-by-step guide crammed to the brim with Christmas tips to perfect the year's most important home cooked dinner.

The Masterchef winner and judge commented: “The ubiquitous Christmas dinner is the most important meal of the year, but unfortunately it's also the most stressful to prepare and, unfortunately it's the easiest to get wrong." 

He went on to say: This special pre-prepared Christmas menu contains recipes which not only bring something special to your table but are also crucially, easy to prepare. The Chefs For Foodies recipe box is the perfect solution for taking the stress out of Christmas day, while also wowing your dinner guests.”

And vegan families are catered for, too! Because Chefs For Foodies have also created a Vegan Christmas recipe box which includes a premium Portobello Mushroom Wellington, and four sides including a delicious Butternut Squash and a Blue Cheese Crumble.

To ensure quality, fresh ingredients, the food boxes are delivered a few days prior to Christmas. Chefs For Foodies ensure minimum waste by supplying pre-portioned ingredients and recyclable packaging.

For a Boxing Day treat, Chefs For Foodies has also designed a Beef Wellington meal kit which includes a recipe for maple roasted carrots and a swede and celeriac mash with nutmeg brown butter.

For any festive occasion with guests there's also the ultimate Indian platter & drinks party box created by renowned chef DIpna Anand. The spicy recipes include Prawn Pakoras, Lamb Tikki Pitta Pockets, Turkey Malai Tikka, Onion, Spinach & Potato Bhajis all served with Traklemans cranberry & mint sauces.

Recipe Kits can be pre-ordered from the 20th end of October from the Chefs For Foodies website:

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Looking for a new managerial role for Christmas time? Check out Aldi

Employer of the Year Aldi has opened applications for its latest Area Manager scheme intake.

The supermarket is looking to fill up to 100 roles on its Area Manager Programme.  

Those enrolled on the scheme will participate in a year-long training programme, helping to provide candidates with all the skills they need to run a collection of stores successfully. 

Salaries start from £44,000 for successful applicants in the first year, with permanent contracts offered after this point and pay rising to more than £81,000 by the fifth year.

Kelly Stokes, Recruitment Director at Aldi UK, said: “We’re on the lookout for some of the most hardworking and ambitious individuals to join our team as part of the Area Manager programme.

“The scheme gives individuals the chance to learn the ins and outs of the sector at one of the fastest-growing retailers in the country, while also receiving in-depth training along the way.

“At Aldi, our colleagues are central to everything we do and we’re constantly searching for amazing individuals of all ages, roles and backgrounds to join our team.”

Those interested in applying for the Area Manager scheme with Aldi can visit:

This would make an ideal Christmas gift to yourself.

Customers rush to buy energy-saving products as discretionary income continues to fall

With household bills continuing to rise sharply, the latest Asda Income Tracker shows families were £141 per month worse off in September compared to the previous year, primarily due to soaring utility bills, with gas prices up an eye-watering 95.7% and electricity prices up by 54% year on year.

In response, customers are increasingly turning to energy-saving products to try and keep their bills in check. 

Asda has seen a 320% increase in air fryer sales year-on-year, sales of slow cookers have more than doubled and sales of heated airers are 90% up compared to last September.

Regionally, those living in the south east saw the sharpest drop in discretionary income, with families in that region £212 a month worse off compared to this time last year, whilst the East Midlands showed the most resilience. However, they still saw an annual decrease of £116 per month, meaning no region saw an uptick in discretionary income compared to September last year.

To help customers during the cost of living crisis, Asda is introducing a new ‘winter warmer’ initiative offering those aged 60 and over the chance to enjoy soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffees for just £1 in any of its 205 cafes all day and every day throughout November and December. This will run alongside the current ‘Kids eat for £1’ offer which continues to be hugely popular, with more than 630,000 meals served since the launch in late June.

The Asda Foundation has also launched new ‘cost of living’ funding pot worth £500k to help keep community groups running and the supermarket is also running a ‘Community Cuppa’ campaign in its cafes by creating space for community groups, who may otherwise struggle to meet due to rising energy costs.

We at That's Christmas feel buying energy saving devices for potentially vulnerable family members as stocking fillers for them this Christmas. So, please check out Asda

Make their Christmas a Lush Christmas

At times our world can feel a bit darker and heavy at times. Even more so over the last few years.

So, what to do? This winter, Lush is encouraging a culture of kindness, giving and community.  

Lush’s 2022 Christmas range is designed with kindness in mind, being kind to yourself, others and the planet.   

Lush wants to spark moments of joy, with beautiful beneficial products for every need that have had a positive impact at every stage, and encourage not only gracious giving but opportune moments of self-care.  

You’ll see the rebellious return of Snow Fairy, whilst an extended collection of Lord of Misrule aims to unleash the mischievous side in us all! 

Available in Lush shops and online from now on here

More Christmas Products Available at Live Laugh Love

Good news! Live Laugh Love has just increased their range of wonderful Christmas Products.

A spokesman said: "Our Shabby Chic and Vintage Christmas decorations are a wonderful way to create a unique look and ambiance in your home, and certain to bring years and years of eclectic and festive charm, magic and joy."

Bring festive cheer into your home, and onto your Christmas tree this year, with our joyful, unique, handpicked, shabby chic and vintage décor from Live Laugh Love. 

From their Porcelain House Tealight Holders, Rustic Bells, snowy, Freestanding Twiggy Tree Decorations, tree hanging mice with fur coats or our woolly Nordic Gonks, your home is sure to heart-warmingly overflow with the charm, magic and enchantment of Christmas.

You can purchase these products from

That's Gardening: Dobbies can help you prepare your garden for the y...

That's Gardening: Dobbies can help you prepare your garden for the y...: Dobbies’ Horticultural Director, Marcus Eyles  Garden centre highlights winter gardening tips to prepare for a blooming good 2023 As tempera...

New funny cards and gifts for Christmas

Brainbox Candy have just launched new funny cards, gifts and wrapping paper, just in time for Christmas.

All their products are made in the UK and their cards and other paper goods including notebooks, wrap etc are printed on FSC accredited paper, sourced from sustainable sources.

They sell online at and also stock great retailers including John Lewis, Waterstones, Urban Outfitters, Selfridges, Waitrose, Fenwick and many others.

They are also suppliers to galleries and museums like the Tate Modern, Turner Gallery, MOMA, Saatchi Gallery, Warhol museum and many others, besides.

Brainbox Candy is an award-winning, family owned and operated business that has been designing funny cards and gifts for over 14 years. 

Removable Christmas Wallpaper – The Ultimate Christmas Decoration

Did you know that removable Christmas wallpaper was available as an option for your home? Neither did we at That's Christmas. But it is!

You can deck your halls and walls and create yourself the ultimate winter wonderland this Christmas with removable festive wallpaper murals from

From snowy winter wonderlands to sparkling Christmas trees and joyful grottos, choose from a wonderful and vast range of beautiful images and bring the spirit of Christmas to your home.

Not only are these murals made to your dimensions so that waste is minimal, but the peel-and-stick material is also recyclable!

Embrace the traditional colours of Christmas with this winter scene wallpaper. Its gorgeous, deep greens bring a touch of nature whilst the golden hues add a hint of luxury. Complete this stylish look by decorating your Christmas tree with gold, snow-white baubles and candy canes to add an extra splash of colour to your room.

Host a Christmas meal your guests will remember when you extend your decoration to your walls with this beautiful snowflake wallpaper. A wonderful aspect of this wallpaper is how it will suit your walls throughout Christmas and also the winter months! Pair it with mustard or gold dining accessories such as plates, salt and pepper shakers and even your table runner. A wooden dining table with mismatched chairs will add the perfect whimsical touch. For ambiance make sure to include warm-white lighting.

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas! Create your own winter wonderland, right in your living room, with this stunning winter sunset mural. A soft, blanket of snow covering the roads, pavement and trees is enough to transform any area into a gorgeous wonderland. Team this wallpaper with brass accessories in the form of candle stick holders and a mixture of cool grey and crisp white fabrics in the form of throws and cushions. This will make your living room feel like a wintery paradise!

Treat the kids to a magical bedroom with a beautiful snowy landscape removable mural. This particular style is perfect to recreate a cosy scandi-style room. Stick to muted greens and greys with splashes of mustard and pine furniture for a gorgeous winter-inspired room.

With over 60 designs for you to choose from, you’re sure to find a design for any room and any style. Available to order on the removable peel and stick wallpaper, the Christmas murals are the perfect temporary solution for creating impressive festive décor.  Simply choose your favourite design, enter your dimensions and select the option for ‘peel and stick’ wallpaper.

Once your made-to-measure festive backdrop arrives, simply ensure your wall is smooth and clean, peel off the backing and stick each panel to your wall. Should you ever wish to remove it, peel it off and see your wall return to how they were.

Go ahead and bring the Christmas magic to your home with a festive wallpaper mural.

This Girl's Ability needs your support as they strive to help disabled girls and young women flourish. Ideal Christmas project

If we can raise £4,500, Sport England has confirmed they will pledge the other half!

This Girl's Ability needs £9,000 to help them start their non-profit community company, which seeks to decrease the isolation of disabled girls and young women and forge deeper connections within their community. 

Disabled people were disproportionately impacted on by COVID-19, and This Girl's Ability is committed to supporting their recovery post-pandemic.

The £9,000 raised through Crowdfunder will be used to provide weekly sports and creative sessions for disabled girls and young women in Havering and Essex.

Through regular group interaction, they aim to prevent and improve mental health, help members grow in confidence and learn new skills to improve employability, and provide sporting opportunities to this group not known to partake in physically active hobbies.

They aim to create a sustainable project by making the most of their current connections and creating new collaborative links with national governing bodies, sports clubs, local businesses, and community groups.

Georgie Hart, Director and Ambassador at This Girls Ability, said: “I believe this is a vitally important project. Growing up as a disabled girl with cerebral palsy was very hard at times. A club in my local community would have helped me make friends, given me more confidence and made such a difference in my life.”

The money they hope to raise through Crowdfunder will enable them to empower disabled girls and young women. If we can raise £4,500, Sport England has confirmed they will pledge the other half!

 They have some great rewards to claim with your donation. The community project will help to tackle inequalities and reach another area of regional deprivation.

This Girl's Ability has big dreams for their future, and by donating or purchasing a reward, you will be part of their journey and help them hit the ground running!

Donate at

Go Vegan for Christmas and beyond?

The suffering of billions of animals worldwide every year who are used and abused for human gain counts as one of the major moral issues of our time.

University Preacher at the University of St Andrews is urging Christians to adopt a vegan diet for the sake of animals and the environment.

Preaching on Animal Welfare Sunday, Dr Clair Linzey argues humans should move to a plant-based diet as envisaged in the first chapter of Genesis. “God blesses humans and gives them a vegetarian, actually plant-based diet, ‘every plant yielding seed’ to eat (v. 29).”

She argues: “We must ask ourselves what kind of relationship to the world is envisioned in a plant-based dominion? The answer, I suggest, is one of service and responsibility. We are to care for the world as God would care for the world.”

Recalling how scientific research has shown animals experience both pain and suffering, Dr Linzey maintains we should live without violence wherever we can.

“Seeing the world for animals involves facing the reality of suffering and pain of billions of animals worldwide for human gain. Over seventy three billion cows, sheep, pigs and chicken are killed every year for human consumption. Seventy three billion animals, for just 7.8 billion humans. And this is not all the animals killed for food, nor does it include all the fish and birds killed.”

“The suffering of billions of animals worldwide every year who are used and abused for human gain counts as one of the major moral issues of our time.”

The suffering we inflict on animals has harmful effects on ourselves, argues Dr Linzey, not least of all on the environment. “The primary emission from animal agriculture is methane, which is four times more potent than carbon dioxide. Researchers have concluded that becoming vegan is the single most effective thing you can do personally to combat climate change. What we choose to consume will determine whether we are able to address the climate crisis. Climate change truly begins on our plate.”

Dr Linzey is Deputy Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and was preaching St Salvator’s Chapel in the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

Other Christian preachers have different views on this matter. What do you think?

Ideal family Christmas project? Charities urge people to volunteer for the UK’s biggest winter food drive

As food banks and frontline charities face their most difficult Christmas ever, people are urged to give the gift of their time to take part in the UK’s biggest food donation drive. 

And it's something you and your family can get involved with.

The Tesco Food Collection is taking place in all Tesco stores from December 1 to 3 and the Trussell Trust and FareShare are urging volunteers to sign-up to support the event in store.

It comes as both charities face an unprecedented level of demand for food. The Trussell Trust, which has the biggest foodbank network in the UK, has seen a 46% increase in the number of food parcels distributed in recent months, while FareShare has a growing list of thousands of other frontline charities seeking food.

During the collection Tesco customers are to be encouraged to donate long-life food to support the charities in their work. Donations for the Trussell Trust will help its network of food banks provide emergency food parcels to people in crisis, while donations to FareShare will support its food deliveries to thousands of frontline charities. Tesco, which has been partnering with the charities over the past decade, will once again top up the customer donations by 20% in cash.

Volunteers are needed to staff collection points, because, when volunteers are present, they collect a greater amount of food. The fact one in five food parcels given out by the Trussell Trust come from donations from Tesco and its customers underlines how much the donations made in Tesco stores are needed.

Trussell Trust CEO Emma Revie is urging people to volunteer. “As winter sets in, even more people will be pushed deeper into poverty and we're expecting hundreds of thousands of people to be forced to use a food bank in the coming months,” she said.

She went on to point out: “This increase in need means the winter Tesco Food Collection will be more important than ever as food banks work tirelessly to help everyone who needs their support.”

Lindsay Boswell, the CEO at FareShare added: “The cost-of-living crisis is forcing more and more people to turn to their local charities for support with food and other services, meaning the demand for FareShare food has skyrocketed.

“The Tesco Food Collection is a vital event for FareShare, helping to bring in much needed long-life food that will help us continue our support of the people most in need this winter. Volunteering at the Tesco Food Collection this December will make a huge difference during this increasingly difficult time.”

You can sign up to volunteer with FareShare at or with the Trussell Trust at

Christmas Gastronomic Gifts from Gosnells: Mead Must-Haves

Developed by Tom in 2021, this giftbox explores the honeys from four different postcodes in London, Oxfordshire and Bishops Stortford. 

It highlights the nuances between different postcodes, and the contrasts of urban (a wide variety of nutrients) against rural (bigger areas with just one or two crops). Wine says that a vineyard's 'terroir'  soil, altitude, weather etc, has a major impact on flavour. 

But as honey's flavour derives from each flower or bush or tree, this gives mead fanciers the opportunity for terroir on steroids. The sweet shop flavours of Oxfordshire honey; the lighter more perfumed flavours of Bishops Stortford; and the more consistent flavours of E15 and W5.

Says Tom Gosnell: “Brewing these four Postcode Meads has demonstrated the awe-inspiring brilliance of the bee, and the differences in flavour between urban and rural honeys. 

"It's my belief we have demonstrated both the terroir of each location and the nectars they contain. The flora available, on which the bees foraged, created significant nuances in all four of the meads."

He went on to explain: "While rural apiaries often gather a springtime honey harvest from agricultural crops with a summer harvest in addition, urban apiaries tend to have only a single summer harvest. 

"Urban apiaries can benefit from a wider variety of nutrients from their parks, municipal plantings, allotments and residential gardens, while rural apiaries exposed to modern monoculture farming can experience extremes of feast and famine, and limited alternative forage. However pollinators are in steep decline as the variety and accessibility of flowers on which they can forage has decreased with the use of pesticides and herbicides, though hopefully this may now change.

The four 50cl bottles with sample pots of their relevant honeys and an elegantly penned brochure are available at £39 from

These are ideal for Christmas gifts for the Mead and honey lovers in your life. Or for a nifty example of self-gifting? You decide! Or why not buy for others and for yourself? 

Tom Gosnell developed the recipe for his sparkling classic Gosnells of London 5.5% in 2013. His aim was to take mead away from its dark colour, strong sweet flavours and high strength past. He did this by creating a mead which was much lower in alcohol (5.5%) and with characteristics closer to an elegant white wine. Using honey from Spanish Orange groves as its base, along with a zesty yeast, gave Gosnells of London a light, crisp citrus flavour. It is made from just honey, water and time. It contains no added sugar, sulphites, artificial flavours or colourings.

Gosnells of London has the elegance of a Chardonnay-rich sparkling wine. It is gluten free, and best served chilled in Champagne flutes or tall white wine glasses.

Founder Tom Gosnell, London's only mead maker, goes on to say: “'Gosnells of London' is gluten free and just 5.5% against the 12% of most sparkling wines. Just think how many people would prefer that gentler flavour profile and lower alcohol levels of meads at Christmas. And there is so much subtlety in the flavours produced by those under-appreciated bees. 

"Our five brightly coloured 4% abv canned meads, including our new Wildflower Mead, are all flying. They are purposefully modern and challenge old perceptions that mead needs to be high in alcohol and conservative. But for Christmas we feel that our original bottled mead's time has come. We're aiming to build on its earlier success to drive sales in the UK and abroad”

Gosnells of London benefits from a consistent flavour profile, combining elements of tart sourdough bread, a smooth richness and an edge of gentle orange. This is a perfect gift for Christmas, and it will make a great replacement for Champagne or Prosecco, and with the Xmas meal. It is ace with all manner of cheeses, and with that turkey, fish, and especially smoked salmon.

The gently sparkling 5.5% ABV mead will be available in a smart gift box, the 75cl bottle retailing at £12.50 a bottle from This natural product has already been dubbed Peckham's answer to Prosecco – by its SE15 fans.

That's Food and Drink: Devon Hampers and Salcombe Distilling Co. Combine ...

That's Food and Drink: Devon Hampers and Salcombe Distilling Co. Combine ...: Devon Hampers and Salcombe Distilling Co.  have joined forces in an exciting new collaboration between the two top West Country businesses. ...

Tuesday 25 October 2022

New Gin for Christmas Feasting. And it's from the Historic Goodwood Estate

This year you can  give the Christmas gift of a new Levin Down Goodwood Gin from one of England's most historic stately homes and sporting estates.  

Goodwood Gin uniquely employs genuine English wild juniper and aromatic gorse flowers which flourishes in the Levin Down nature reserve.  

Levin Down, derived from 'Leave-Alone-Hill', is an ancient hill on the Goodwood Estate and is located just north of Goodwood Racecourse and Goodwood House. 

The gin has already begun winning awards, including London Dry Gold and Contemporary Gold at The Gin Masters 2022 blind tasting from over 500 entries.  

Fans of unusual gins will enjoy its distinctive nature.  It is a small batch London Dry style, distilled with mineral water which is naturally chalk-filtered through the South Downs. 

The 43.6% abv strength and depth of flavour from 12 separate botanicals creates a classic and elegant gin. 

Served with tonic and exhilarating long serves to evoke the heady freshness of the countryside and sociable sporting activities of the estate. 

Buy it online from at £40 for a 70cl bottle.  The last date for online orders is Tuesday 20 December (currently UK mainland only).  Or visit the Goodwood Farm Shop and be tempted by estate produce, organic meats, award-winning cheeses, craft beers and local treats to complement your festive feasting. 

For those of us who like to learn things, Goodwood is a unique sporting estate set in 11,000 acres of beautiful West Sussex countryside. Owned by the Dukes of Richmond since 1697, it is renowned for its thrilling motorsport events and spectacular horse racing.  

The Duke of Richmond and Gordon has been closely involved in the creation of the gin which reflects the estate's organic farming heritage and gives a proud sense of terroir.  Goodwood Home Farm is one of the largest lowland organic farms in Europe.


DIY Editable Santa in Sleigh Christmas Photo Card

This instant download DIY Editable Santa in Sleigh Christmas Photo Card, with its cute Santa scene design, is the perfect way you can pass on your season's greetings and festive best wishes to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues etc. 

You can also add your favourite photo to this Christmas card, too! This is a Christmas card template for you to edit with your own details and send by email or message, whatever you choose! 

You can change the details to suit personal purposes either to send one photo card design to all your friends and family or to create individual cards for Grandma Jean or Uncle Peter, for example.

These Christmas photo cards are also ideal for businesses to send out to their clients, you can change all the text to include a Christmas message to your clients, details of a special offer or a charitable donation, whatever you wish. You can add a company photo, product photo or company logo.

You can also print this card to send to those who will enjoy getting a personalised Christmas card in the post! This card is 7"x5".

Please note the graphics aren't editable, but that all the text is editable. You change text, font style, font colour, resize, move, add or delete text.

Raspberry red art adds bold on-trend 2023 colour to walls Claude & Leighton

Just right for Christmas gifting, Claude & Leighton® has launched Seize the Day, a new fine art print by British artist Jayne Leighton Herd. 

This striking abstract art offers an easy way to bring rich colour and dramatic interest to home and office walls.

The custom-made art print is from an original mixed media artwork by Jayne, who is also a co-founder of Claude & Leighton.

With warm raspberry reds and peach, accents in turquoise and black, and layers and layers of details, the artwork is bold and really makes an impression. Whilst inviting you to take a closer look into its depths.

Seize the Day is available in 3 sizes, and prices start at £30 for an unframed A4 open edition print.

The art is printed with high quality, fade-resistant pigment inks on acid-free, archival quality, heavyweight 100% cotton rag paper, to ensure it will last you, or the fortunate recipient, a lifetime.

A spokesperson said: "Claude & Leighton is proud of its British design credentials. All art prints are created and custom-produced to the highest quality from its Berkshire art studio, and carefully packed in gift-ready, British-made, eco-friendly, reusable packaging."

Claude & Leighton® is the online home of high-quality, contemporary fine art prints by British artist Jayne Leighton Herd. Stunning abstracts, beautiful landscapes and gorgeous seascapes, and intriguing figurative art are available in either open or limited editions. It's art to enable people to enhance their homes and offices with expressions of emotion, style and joy.

Founded in 2020 by Jayne and her husband Laurent Stadelmann, Claude & Leighton is based in Berkshire. 

Jayne is a professional artist and designer with over 17 years of experience in selling her statement original paintings, and Laurent is an experienced businessman. Together, they created Claude & Leighton to be the online art destination for reproductions of Jayne’s original fine art, as well as her original digital artwork.

Proud of its “made in Britain” credentials, all art prints are created and custom-produced to the highest quality from Claude & Leighton’s own Berkshire print studio. Then carefully packed in gift-ready, British-made, eco-friendly packaging.

Time Team archaeology and gardening gifts for Christmas Time (Team)

Time Team, the much loved archaeology series which broadcast on television from 1994 is back after a 10 year hiatus!

This iconic television series broadcast in excess of 35 countries worldwide. Across 20 series and countless specials, conducting over 220 archaeological digs from back gardens to Buckingham Palace.

Time Team relaunched in 2021 exclusively on Patreon and YouTube and has developed a range of stunning merchandise to compliment the relaunch.

For archaeology or gardening buffs, there is a huge range of merchandise available online from the Time Team Shop.

From Travel Accessories, Men's and Women's Clothing, Bags, Hats, Books, Jewellery, Tools and much more, besides.

(As a former archaeologist back in the 1980s (who actually worked on digs with a member of the original Time Team) I think these gifts are great! I still have my own archaeology trowel, somewhere.)

Time Team Limited Edition Trowel - RRP £44.95

Limited Edition Time Team Archaeology Trowel. The hand finished, forged steel trowel is the must have tool for delicate but exacting excavation work.

The tempered carbon steel blade is laser engraved with the classic Time Team logo. The natural wood handle is laser engraved on one side with your unique Limited Edition trowel number (eg 'TIME TEAM 001'), and 'THE ONCE AND FUTURE TEAM' on the other so no one will be able to mistake your trowel for theirs! (A good trowel is a 'must have' for any archaeologist. 

Finished with the Time Team enamelled inset badge at the end of the wooden handle, and packaged in a printed cotton drawstring bag, this really is a one-off collectors item that is both practical and unique!

Time Team Gold Foil Notebook - RRP £12.95

Keep your notes and reminders all in one place with our Time Team Gold Foil Notebook. The gold logo adds a wonderful finish to this luxury soft-touch outer cover, making this the ideal gift or keep-sake for any Time Team fan! (Actually, a notebook is ideal for when you are working on an archaeological dig.)

Time Team Mens Wax Jacket - RRP £135

Their premium Time Team Wax Field Jacket is engineered to keep you warm and dry, and protected against the elements. This new addition to their collection is the ideal tran-seasonal layer and perfect for country walks or the daily commute making it a wardrobe staple. 

Comfortable and insulated country vibes. The jacket is perfect for getting the job done in style. It's a great all-weather garment for both work and adventures whatever the weather!

The wax jacket features 100% Coolweave cotton, soft cotton check lining, and a Corduroy trim on the collar for a comfortable wear. There’s a classic natural wax finish too for those country casual vibes.

The full length antique gold zip and popper buttons add a practical closer and stylish detailing. The warming Thermoguard quilted insulation provides that extra warmth and comfort on colder days. Made in England by world renowned outdoor and adventure brand Regatta.

Time Team Threaded Digging Spade - RRP £69.95

They are absolutely thrilled to launch their new premium Time Team Treaded Digging Spade. This spade features forged carbon steel head and sockets, and proven 'Spear & Jackson Professional Quality' with hammer finished powder coated head for improved resistance to rust, scratches, humidity and alkalis in the soil.

Weatherproofed natural hardwood handle for greater durability is beautifully hand finished with the Time Team name and logo laser engraved on the front making this the must have tool for any excavation work, or just digging in your garden or allotment.

This really is a one-off collectors item that is both practical and unique and would make the perfect statement gift to any keen archaeologist or gardener, that would likely be passed on to generations to come!

Time Team Gold Mug - RRP £10.00

Being one of their most popular Time Team designs, they are certain there’s no better way to enjoy a brew than in their Time Team mug. This recently updated and improved navy blue ceramic mug features our classic gold Time Team logo on both sides. So stick the kettle on and put on your favourite episode of Time Team Teatime! 

Personalised Christmas Dog Stocking from Ruff And Tumble

One of the key family points about Christmas is the Christmas Stocking isn't it? If your kids are going to have Christmas stockings, why not get one for the doggies of your family?

Even better, have their name embroidered on it, too!

Ruff and Tumble's new Brick Red and Bottle Green Stocking has a velvet trim for extra gorgeousness and can be hung up right next to yours, too.

Pick and mix little gifts from the Ruff and Tumble Christmas Shop and you'll have the dog's Christmas pressies sorted in no time at all. 

With prices starting from a mere Fiver, you can choose from treats to toys, mitts, shampoo, breed specific decorations, key rings, leads, mitts and more besides.

Everything in the Ruff and Tumble Christmas Shop oozes practicality, style and class.

We've chosen original, quirky and useful gifts from companies we know and love and added our own stylish must-have accessories too. 

Your Dog Stocking will cost £19.95

Burgundy Thick Slip Lead, £16.95

Ruff Wash Shampoo and Ruff Fresh Spritz, £10 each, UK only

Bottle Green Mitts, £21.95 per pair

Sustainable Lokta Christmas Gift Wrap from Paper High

I must admit I was unaware that 227,000 miles of wrapping paper is thrown away every year. And that's exactly what happens!

And that's like travelling around the entire world a total of nine times and then finishing it off with a trip across America. The long way! 

This Christmas, Paper High are encouraging all of their customers to choose sustainable gift wrapping options.

Paper High’s gift wrap is handmade from lokta, which a shrub that it is found in the foothills of the Himalayas. Lokta is a highly sustainable plant as it grows quickly and is in abundant supply all across Nepal.

Known for its durability and resistance to tearing and humidity, lokta paper makes an excellent eco-friendly choice for gift wrap, as it can be reused many times over so long as it’s looked after properly.

The plant harvesting and paper creation provides employment opportunities for women in Nepal's rural villages.

Paper High work directly with an incredible socially aware cooperative which provide employment and training opportunities for their Fair Trade artisans.

The charity work they do in their local areas has earnt them many awards, from their support of people affected by HIV and Aids, to establishing schools to support the education of underprivileged children, etc.

After being harvested, it’s boiled, cleaned, and beaten with wooden mallets to produce a fibrous pulp. It’s then mixed with water and poured into a shallow frame made of bamboo poles and canvas, before being sun dried.

Finally, natural dyes and details like petals and sun-bleached leaf patterns are added to the paper to create the beautiful designs it is well known for.

The gift wrap is available in sets of three or five sheets and each sheet comes with matching gift tags for each sheet. 

The gift boxes are crafted from a mixture of lokta and recycled paper, and are available in two sizes and three vibrant colours, as well as the cute Christmas pattern.

Find sustainable gift wrap and a huge range of expertly crafted, Fair Trade stationery and homeware gifts at


Get creative this Christmas: Give Pott'd, the kit with everything you need to get started in the world of clay

Get creative this Christmas: Give Pott'd, the kit with everything you need to get started in the world of clay.

Pott’d's Air Dry Clay Pottery Kit (RRP £30) is a perfect Christmas gift for beginners, having already inspired a generation of creators on TikTok. 

It comes complete with all the tools and paints needed to create your first clay creation, including air-dry clay, tools, paintbrushes, and varnish. 

The kit aims to bring clay to more people and is designed so there is no need for a pottery wheel, kiln, or studio. Everything is packaged into a beautifully designed gift box, making it the thoughtful choice for the creative in your life this Christmas. 

The kit can be used to make mugs, plant pots, trinket dishes, vases, candle holders, incense burners, and more, which can all air-dry at home without the need for a pottery wheel or kiln. Each kit can be used to make up to 10 unique creations. 

For those who are just at the start of their pottery journey, fear not, the Pott’d kit includes lots of handy how-to guides for each of the above, talking through how to make them step by step, with even more available on their website.

Pott’d is a great bonding activity for date night with a partner, families looking to spend some relaxing time together or those looking to discover their inner artist. 

If that isn’t enough to convince you to Pott, recent research has also shown that working with your hands can also benefit mental health, by producing endorphins and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Available on or Amazon, Pott’d is a great gift to inspire this Christmas, and could mean you end up gifting someone a hobby that will last long after the 25th December.

Start your clay journey today! New and improved Pott'd kits include everything you need to create your own unique clay creations at home. The perfect creative, mental health-enhancing gift for yourself or a loved one.

That's Food and Drink: Sandford Orchards Celebrates 20th Anniversary of '...

That's Food and Drink: Sandford Orchards Celebrates 20th Anniversary of '...: Back in 2002 Barny Butterfield began making cider in a shed.  Two decades later and Barry is Chief Cidermaker and owner of Sandford Orchards...

Is your Christmas beauty Advent calendar damaging the environment?

Over the past decade, the beauty industry has created some truly spectacular Christmas Advent calendars which have gained a cult following as consumers rush to purchase them. 

But! With sustainability a growing key trend driving our purchasing decisions, how sustainable are these products which often have layers of excess packaging and no responsible instructions or advice for disposal?

With only 61 days until Christmas, the search term "Beauty Advent Calendars 2022" is  up by 170% on Google Trends over the last 30 days. 

Sustainable accreditation organisation and consumer shopping guide app ethy is looking at the importance of ‘clean beauty’ and sharing how customers can make better choices when it comes to their beauty Advent calendars this year. 

So, what should customers be looking out for when purchasing beauty-based Advent calendars?  

ethy’s Co-Founder Kaisa points out: "Customers should look for calendars from verified sustainable and responsible brands because they're more likely to have considered the impact of the product on the planet and taken steps to make it as sustainable as possible. 

"Look for Advent calendars made from sustainable, recycled, or recyclable materials. Avoid plastic where you possibly can. As an ideal, advent calendars will display plastic-free or reduced plastic labels. 

" Or alternatively, why not make your own 12-day Advent calendar with products from verified sustainable and clean beauty and vegan brands to be sure the products and packaging will be kinder to the skin as well as the environment?"

What is clean beauty? 

Kaisa explains: "Clean beauty is all about acknowledging there are ingredients in our everyday beauty products that we may perceive to be harmless. But we're seeing that some of these are actually problematic and for consumers, it's really quite hard to always know the difference. 

"Like with the whole topic of sustainability, the beauty industry is complex and even the sheer amount of info and ingredients can be bewildering and confusing to anyone who doesn't work with it on a daily basis.

"We wanted to get brands and consumers to define clean beauty products and to be able to buy with confidence. Yes. it is complicated, but we're doing our very best to keep really high standards on the ingredients."

We at That's Christmas have noticed that on some products the ingredients list is so long and complicated that the print is so tiny that we often need to reach for a magnifying glass to try and see what the manufacturer wants us to put on our skin! 

How can a brand be accredited with the Clean Beauty Standard by ethy? 

It mustn't use aggressive ingredients, synthetic scents or fragrances, or colourants (and this includes animal-derived dyes) in any of its products. 

To learn more about ethy and to start using it to help you make your purchasing decisions, please visit them here

You don't have to get drunk to party! Indulgence Without Guilt! Enjoy the Mavrik Virgin Cocktail Experience

Are you looking for a festive tipple that won't lead to the dreaded morning after the night before feeling?

Nominated as the responsible driver but sick of sipping water or drinking overly sweet so-called diet drinks?

Worried that any festive merriment could seriously derail your healthy eating plans?

Or maybe you're a pregnant party fan, animal looking for a tasty alcohol free drink to kickstart your Christmas and New Year celebrations?

Then, That's Christmas has some fantastic news for you! We introduce you to Mavrik, an exciting new range of exciting drinks specially created for those choosing to abstain from alcohol or to simply moderate their intake. 

Mavrik has launched four non-alcoholic, low calorie cocktails that look good and taste great, setting the brand up as the go-to for free-spirited adults who are happy to avoid alcohol and its after effects.

The story of Mavrik drinks began as a casual conversation about the total lack of desirable non-alcoholic drinks and ended up as an obsession to create a range of great tasting, low calorie and alcohol-free cocktails that have a clear WOW factor. 

Eighteen months in the making, Mavrik is now hitting the shelves, thus making it possible to enjoy the cocktail experience without any of the negatives associated with imbibing in alcohol.

These expertly created and crafted all-natural drinks aren't merely cocktail substitutes, they're something to look forward to and to savour, too.

Mavrik's virgin cocktails are made from the best-quality ingredients, with zero compromise on taste or enjoyment.

Enjoy Mavrik as delicious, long drinks that'll leave you feeling fresher, more alert and free of that dreadful, cloying sugary after-taste. Best of all there's a fabulous flavour combination to suit everyone. 

AROMATIC G&T: a delicious and refined low calorie pink G&T, without the naughty ingredients. 

CUBAN MOJITO: a totally gorgeous, low calorie, indulgent alcohol-free Mojito cocktail inspired by the renowned Cuban highball.

VENETIAN SPRITZ: a refreshing, spirit lifting, low calorie Spritz that takes its cues from the classic Venetian cocktail. 

STORM & SPICE: a fiery, tongue tickling, low calorie Dark & Stormy type drink; the alcohol-free version of the classic and spicy Bermudan rum cocktail. 

Whether you're looking to cut down on alcohol, go fully teetotal or simply just feel the need to give your body a break, reach for Mavrik. With under 50 calories per can, they can even fuel your fitness goals and help keep you on track, whilst still allowing you to let your hair down and have fun with family and friends. 

And the handy recyclable can format ensures minimal wastage and a real value-for-money treat.

Mavrik drinks are available to buy online from, RRP £9.50 for a tasting pack of all four flavours or create your own mixed case of 12 for £23.80.

What's even better, they are gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, too.