Monday 22 October 2018

That's Books and Entertainment: The Snow Foresters

That's Books and Entertainment: The Snow Foresters: The Snow Foresters  are a set of 20 new ghost stories from the pen of David Phelps, who is a traditional storyteller. They are all set i...

The best Christmas fudge ever from Copperpot Originals of Cornwall

Cornwall is well known for its Cornish Fudge, but the Queen of Cornish Fudge has got to be Copperpot Originals Fudge of St Ives, Cornwall.

Copperpot Originals Fudge is an ideal Christmas gift and also makes an ideal addition to the Christmas fayre for when you entertain guests at your home this festive season and into the New Year.

Our team of tasters have declared Copperepot Originals Cornish Fudge the best they have ever tasted. One even declared it better than her, until then, favourite Scottish fudge!

My personal favourite is the Christmas Spiced fudge which is like a Christmas Party exploding in the mouth.

It's so full of Christmas spices and a hint of brandy that you could almost swear that you can hear Santa's sleigh bells from over the roof tops!

What recipes are available?

 Caramel & Sea Salt
 Clotted Cream
 Maple Syrup
 All Butter
 Irish Cream
 Christmas Spiced

Our taste team was able to try the Christmas Spiced, Irish Cream and Chocolate flavours all of which really did perform very, very well indeed.

Prices start at £3.50 to £4.50, and you will find some very helpful recipes on the site although it has to be said that in our house the fudge would not last long enough to make it into the recipe!

(Note to self: With Copperpot Originals Cornish Fudge, always buy twice the amount you think you'll need.)

Our thanks to the team at Copperpot Originals Cornish Fudge for their assistance in the preparation of this article.)

Saturday 20 October 2018

That's Books and Entertainment: The Cats of Butterwick Sands

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That's Books and Entertainment: Sir Sam Fay Railway Manager Elite

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Tuesday 16 October 2018

Olverum Bath Oil is the ideal Gift for Christmas

Olverum Bath Oil is an absolutely ideal gift for Christmas gift.

It's perfect for the people in your life person who love to luxuriate in a fantastic hot bath, with a natural bath oil.

Which is where Olverum Bath Oil comes into its own!

Olverum Bath Oil is a unique, luxurious bath oil that is a carefully prepared blend of ten exotic essential oils.

They have been carefully chosen to create  Olverum Bath Oil, which is aimed at helping destress the bather.

Even the smell of it as you carefully place it into your hot bath will start to make you feel better, even before you slip inot the hot water after you have added the Olverum Bath Oil!

It's highly concentrated, so only 5ml is required per bath. Whilst it is a powerful, concentrated bath treat, it is perfectly natural.

What is in it? Siberian Fir, Ground Nut oil, Lavandin oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium Flower oil and many other special ingredients

It was developed back in the 1920s by Franz Otto Klein, a highly successful German wine maker.

He and his wife Edith created their own laboratory where they developed their unique product, which has remained unchanged and highly popular to this very day.

Their main stockists  are Liberty, Harvey Nichols or their own online store at

Wednesday 10 October 2018

That's Books and Entertainment: Hector's Wheels

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