Monday, 18 October 2021

That's Food and Drink: Pull the Pin Rum

That's Food and Drink: Pull the Pin Rum: Before I start this review I must point out that my wife does not like rum. She especially doesn't like spiced rum. However when I opene...

Sunday, 17 October 2021

latentia primitivo puglia 2020

Latentia primitivo puglia 2020 wine is one of the best wines that my wife and I have tasted in recent years.

It's a high quality and award winning Italian red wine. It's a very red type of red wine, with a good deep colour. 

The flavour is a very full flavour, yet it is not too overpowering. 

There are hints of hedgerow fruits such as blackberries, but also there are strong notes of cherries and dark red berries.

It also carries some spiced notes like fresh black pepper and also cinnamon and perhaps a touch of ginger? I thought I could detect ginger, but my wife wasn't in agreement with me on that point. But we both enjoyed the wine very much, which is the main thing.

We feel that it would be a good accompaniment to red meat dishes and also with cheeses, though the winery points out that it pairs well with cured cheeses and with pasta dishes.

I personally found that it was a fine choice of wine to be served with minced pies. It has a 13.5% vol.

We actually feel that this wine would also be a good match for traditional Christmas delicacies so we would heartily recommend buying several bottles (or a case) for the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Check your local wine merchant or it is also available via Amazon at £12.00 a 75 cl bottle. 

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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Get Unearthed for Christmas

With talk, and a good deal of nonsense to be honest, in the mass media about shortages of foods for Christmas, our minds turned to finding out what will really be available for Christmas. It's a lot, you can trust us on that, but it's best to look for new and different things that you can eat over the Christmas and New Year season.

There are many companies out there who are working hard to unearth novel taste experiences for you. And one of these companies is actually called Unearthed.

Since 2008 they have been striving to bring foodies the best that is available from olives to absolutely delicious Pork Rillettes, to the freshest of continental meats. You have got to try their Calabrian Selection and their French Torchon Ham is the epitome of what every good ham should be; Succulent and exquisitely tasting. Is that because it's wrapped in cloth whilst it's cooking? Quite probably the answer is yes.

They also sell something that my late father would have adored, properly cooked and perfectly balanced Spanish omelettes. My grandfather was a businessman who was based in Spain for a number of years and my father who grew up in Spain had a governess and they had a cook who made absolutely delicious Spanish omelettes.

For years my father spoke with fondness of the omelettes he ate in Spain. I feel sure that he would have loved  the Unearthed Spanish omelettes. 

Try their Potato with Red Pepper, or their Potato Omelette with Onion or their Potato Omelette with Spinach. I have to admit that the latter was my favourite. I adore spinach, as it happens.

Check out their website at to learn more about the stunning range of outstanding foods such as Olives with Gouda; Chorizo Meatballs; ready-to-eat Garlic Prawns on skewers in handy, microwave-friendly packaging; and Surimi Rings and Spicy Spanish sausages.

Also, should you feel like a picnic (if you have never had a Christmas picnic, you haven't lived!) the products don't necessarily need to be cooked or heated so you can eat them cold supported with some suitable wines and carefully chosen beers. And mince pies, too.

Their ibérico steaks are remarkable as are their antipasti, their Pâtés and sausages. As for their meats? I would suggest you buy double the amount because they taste so good, you'd be crazy not to.

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Christmas is coming!


Yes, dear readers of That's Christmas, Christmas is upon us!

Time to check out the recipe books, note down what food and drinks you will need to purchase, work out what Christmas presents you will need to be buying and thinking of what Christmas films/movies you will be watching.

There are many different versions of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, including cartoon and puppet versions and even one silent version, too.

My favourite version is the 1951 version, although the George C. Scott version comes a very close second.

How did a Christmas Carol come about? This video will relate that story to you:-

That's Christmas has now gone live. From now until Christmas we will bring you news about Christmas recipes, Christmas food and drink, ideal Christmas gifts for all.

Do you have a product or service that you want our readers to know about? Then please let us know by emailing us at