Friday 25 November 2016

More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot

More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot is subtitled The Veterinary Detectives.

Written by one such veterinary detective, Roger S. Windsor, the book records the stories of the life of Roger Windsor, from  what he self-describes as a "naive student at vet school" to a junior vet in general practice.

Eventually through a series of twists and turns in his professional life, Roger found himself living and working in Africa, where he ran the Veterinary Investigation Service's laboratory, in Botswana.

The stories he tells are an amazing collection of tales (not tails!) of the vicissitudes and woes of a large variety of animals of just about every type you could imagine and some that your imagination might have had problems getting its head round.

The book starts with his pre-Africa career and covers a wide range of subjects such as the "farmer" who cut the beaks off his birds so badly that they were starving to death, because they couldn't eat.

There were incidents of TB to be dealt with, Mastitis, Foot and Mouth disease and so forth,

Eventually Roger found himself working in Botswana with the Veterinary Investigation Service.

This brought a whole host of very different, or sometime similar, veterinary problems.

For example on the back cover of the book are two very handsome looking vultures, something not seen by a vet in the UK!

Dealing with feline enteritis is distressing, but dealing with feline enteritis in a big cat orphanage brought about somewhat unique problems and epidemics in herds were a particular worry.

I is illustrated with a number of high quality images which help tell the story in a charming and delightful way.

This is a remarkable book and will make an ideal  Christmas present for anyone even mildly interested in animal care.

The book is published by The book Guild at £9.99 and it is available for purchase at our very own book store >>>

Actual Reality

We have all heard of Virtual Reality, but what of Actual Reality?

Cat Mantra has spent his working life as a journalist and as a performer, with such luminaries as the Ants, of Adam and the Ants fame, in his more recent history.

But in his debut novel he peers into the near future.

Josh Mantra and his faithful digital companion Tate travel through time and space as they fight evil foes and save the innocent from disastrous outcomes.

Join them as the zip back and forth, from the old Wild West to black holes in the midst of a distant star system.

Josh is a typical boy of his age, 12, and he has the typical life. School, his mates, his family and, of course, video games.

But on his birthday he receives a present from his dad, a very special gift it was. An Actual Reality crystal that had the power and capability to project the holder to anywhen and anywhere.

However, this is not a toy for Josh. It is a tool that he will need in his new role with the IDF, the Inter-Dimensional Federation.

Because it has been determined that only Josh is capable of taking over from his very own father in the business of taking on a variety of life-saving missions and tasks throughout the entire multiverse!

But first he must undergo comprehensive tests and training.

And then? He is out there for real, on his first mission!

This is a fantastic Sci-Fi/fantasy romp and it is aimed at children aged 12 to 14. And probably their parents, too, who might get a sneaky read if they are lucky!

It is published by The Book Guild at £7.99 and it will make an ideal stocking filler present.

You can purchase it at our very own book and gift emporium, via the portal which is this way >>>

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A Cuddle of Cats

A Cuddle of Cats is the perfect Christmas present for all cat lovers, everywhere.

It is written by author Heather Cook and it is copiously illustrated by photographs taken by Roger Cook.

A Cuddle of Cats is described as "Rhymes and Recollections" and this is exactly what this book is all about.

There are poems about cats, stories about cats and also, as the subtitle points out, recollections about cats.

Some of the poems are amusing, yet some of them, especially Why? on page 1, are of a more serious nature.

The person who you buy this book for will read about the cats of Salisbury Cathedral, what happens when a new cat door is installed, the problems of Benjy, a cat who is brain-damaged and who has some habits that might be annoying, or amusing, or, perhaps, both.

How cats can capture the hearts of men. Or as Heather so succinctly puts it, "have the great lump completely under her paw."

This is a book that is guaranteed to warm the heart of every cat lover. And guess what, folks? You have found them the purrfect Christmas stocking filler in this book.

It's published by Matador at £7.99 and you can purchase your two copies (well, you're going to buy one for yourself, too, right?)  at our very own retail emporium which you can find here >>>

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Thursday 24 November 2016


Peggy is the story of a little girl called Susan.

She loves ponies. But she doesn't have one of her own because her father cannot afford to buy one for her.

However, on the eve of her birthday she decides to take a walk in the woods where she meets with the ancient God Zeus,

Zeus gives Susan a very special gift, a pony called Peggy.

But Peggy is no ordinary pony, Peggy is a direct descendent of the winged horse, Pegasus and, yes, Peggy, too, has the power of flight.

Peggy's wings can magically appear or disappear at will and Peggy understands everytihng that Susan tells her.

Of course, Susan is thrilled and overjoyed with her new pony, yet she knows she must do everything within her power to keep the secret of her new pony safe.

Zeus has presented Susan with a letter that she can use to show her parents that Peggy is a gift, yet poor Susan has to go through some hilarious events in order to keep Peggy's secret safe!

She does this with the assistance of her confidante, Mickey, a local farmer's son.

But her secret is discovered by a villain who has an eccentric turn of mind who thinks that he fancies to own Peggy, the magical flying pony all for his own nefarious ends.

But how will he fair against Susan, Mickey, Peggy and the influence of Zeus, an ancient Greek God?

This charming and amusing book is a perfect Christmas gift for all little girls who own a pony or who dream of owning a pony. And also for their mums who had those dreams, too.

It is published by Matador Children's Books at £8.99 and it is available to buy here >>>

The Haunted Painting on the Wall

The Haunted Painting on the Wall is a new spooky novel for children from the imagination of author Devika A. Rosamund.

Tracy and Sebastian are brother and sister. They accept an invitation to stay at a castle in the Scottish Highlands, which is owned by their great aunt.

And whilst they are there, they decided that it would be a great idea to create a bit of adventure for themselves by seeking out the secret of the castle, which, legend said, was a secret and long-lost special hidden chamber with the stone walls of the castle. Which housed a priceless family treasure.

But little did Tracy and Sebastian know that they were heading toward a great and terrible danger!

For hiding deep within the walls of the castle lurked a ghost. A ghost that was evil and malevolent, who had haunted the castle for 400 long and bitter years, waiting to be able to wreak its revenge.

Unknown to anyone living, witchcraft had once been practiced in the castle and sinister forces were ready to be unleashed.

In Tracy's bedroom is a painting on the wall. It is a mysterious painting on the wall. A haunted painting which contains a secret. A dangerous, terrifying secret.

What will happen? Will the children discover the secret of the painting? Will they learn the location of the secret chamber?

Or will the evil ghost get the better of them?

This book is aimed at children between 9 t o11 years of age.

It is published by Matador at £6.99 and will make an ideal stocking filler for children who love ghostly stories.

It can be purchased here >>>

The Film Director's Wife

We all love a good autobiography, especially if it can shed light on the lives of the rich and famous from the perspective of someone who was there and who was a part of the clan, so to speak.

The Film Director's Wife is one such book.

It is written by Mo Enfield, who was married to famed International film director, Cy Enfield.

Born into an isolated community in Yorkshire, Mo was then whisked away to the famed Roedean lady's college where she studied for five years before she became a successful catwalk model, including working with Dior in London and Paris.

At the same time as she was carving out a successful career as a model, London was becoming home to a fairly large number of Hollywood writers, refugees from the McCarthy era witch hunt, fleeing from the risk of being hauled up before the Un-American Activities Committee.

Amongst these motion pictured luminaries were the likes of Carl Foreman, Joseph Losey, Sam Wanamaker (incidentally the father of British actress Zoe Wanamaker) Jack Berry and, of course, Cy Enfield, future husband of Mo.

They became a couple and decided to marry at Caxton Hall. Her parents steadfastly and cruelly refused to attend the wedding. Apparently they felt that he husband to be was too old for their daughter, a divorcee, a communist and a Jew.

Despite this somewhat inauspicious beginning to their married life, they spent 40 very happy years and man, wife and parents to their brood of children.

Mo tells their story -pretty much all of it, one gathers from reading the book!- which includes stories of many of the film/movie industry and high celebrity life of the last four decades such as fellow models including Jean Shrimpton, Michael Cane, Terrence Stamp, Joe Levine, Stanley Baker, Germaine Greer and many others including Burton and Taylor. Yes. That Burton and Taylor!

As well as being a leading film director, Cy was also an extremely talented inventor. Read about his genuinely revolutionary invention of the Microwriter.

The book is also copiously illustrated with a wide range of photographs, some publicity stills and some truly charming photographs culled from family albums and, in my opinion, all the better for that!

The Film Director's Wife is an ideal Christmas gift for the film/movie buff, people who love autobiographies and those of you who were moving in those circles. Are you in the book? For the remarkably reasonable price of £8.99 you can buy this Book Guild publication to find out!

You can buy it from our own retail establishment which you can find here >>>

Monday 21 November 2016

That's Books and Entertainment: Madeira in a Nutshell

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Arcanum is a stunning psychic novel that is set in Ireland, in the past and the present.

It is written by author Ann Mann.

A troupe of Irish dancers vanish. This mysterious event leaves the police absolutely baffled and the entire world mystified. After all, a while troupe of Irish dancers cannot just disappear? Can it?

But if the police cannot do something, anything, to find and rescue the Irish dancers, their colleagues and friends will not let them down!

Silas Murphy and Clodagh Trevor decide that if the police can't find them, then they will!

But what can they do? Where can they start? The two friends commence their investigation and soon find themselves embarking on a, frankly, bizarre, convoluted and labyrinthian investigation that transcends both space and time.

They find it necessary to use techniques that no modern police officer would even dare to contemplate, but as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures and they duo employ ancient divination techniques to help them in the quest for their missing friends.

But where or when had they gone?

Who, or what, had taken them?

And would they be rescued?

This is a mysterious story and very well told.

It will make a excellent Christmas present for those who like their fiction of a more mystical nature.

It is published by Matador at £7.99 and is available for purchase here >>>

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The A to Z of Stuff The Indispensable compendium of wisdom

The A to Z of Stuff, The Indispensable compendium of wisdom, as it is subtitled is one of those "must buy" Christmas presents that we see every so-often.

It is compiled and written by prolific author and travel writer David Fletcher.

Like many of us, David became more than a little bit irked and frustrated with the large volume of knolwedge that we are flooded with every single day of every single week.

And what makes it worse is that this knowledge is, for the most part, utterly and completely useless and pointless.

"Life," points out David, "is filled with trivia. More and more, it seems, every waking minute of our lives is accounted for by the inconsequential, the irrelevant, the incidental, the positively wasteful and by a whole host of other stuff that serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to distract us from what is really important."

David Fletcher set out to look for a remedy for this ill, something to act as a counterblast to all of the stuff that we are constantly bombarded with, 24/7, 7 days a week.

Eventually he hit upon the antidote which became his latest book, The A to Z of Stuff!

The book covers many, many different and diverse subjects. Anarchy, education and how dire it is compared to the good old days, the BBC -referred to as the Bloated Bureaucracy Corporation, democracy and how it works, or rather doesn't work, the European Union and how it operate or rather how it fails to operate. Did you know that the European Union has an official with the job title of: "The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy?"

Nor did I, but after reading The A to Z of Stuff, I now know this and, as they say, once the bell is rung, it cannot be unrung.

David coins a monumentally superb name to describe a certain type of EU tax haven, deluxembourg.

He will probably gain few friends in Luxembourg by accurately, though perhaps somewhat harshly, as being "parasitical."

Other subjects such as the United Kingdom, Quaggas (it's on the page after a poem, do check both out) the actual and mysterious continued existence of dinosaurs (see NHS), drones, young people, religion and lots more, receive the keen eye and laser-like probing of the dry with and machine-gun like delivery of David Fletcher.

It's published by Matador at £10.99 and is, as has been pointed out, a must buy Christmas present. No stocking should be without it, this year!

You can purchase it from the comfort of your own armchair or Smartphone when you visit our gift buying emporium, which is filled with enough Christmas food and drink to satiate an army and thousands of books and gifts. You'll find the portal just this way >>>

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Love is Small Talk

Love is Small Talk is a delightfully drawn and very amusing book of cartoons by Fred Jefferies.

It's a large format book and it is, says Fred, "inspired by heaven's 'little angels'".

Fred provides his readers with a peep into the magical and make believe world of little kids which, points out Fred, he is providing for the delight of bigger kids.

It's a "must buy" Christmas gift for Christmas 2016.

It's charmingly and very colourfully illustrated with a whole array of very well drawn and oh-so-believable little characters. And they are little characters in more ways than a little!

Meet children by themselves, with dogs, with prams, with dogs in prams, at the seaside, in the park, in the dark, having a lark,  having a party in fact just about everything is illustrated within  these magical pages.

Why is this book of cartoons so popular? The cartoons are funny, yes, that's true. But there's more to it than that.

This book of cartoons is so popular because it takes the reader back to a time when they were the kids taking part in apparently bizarre conversations.

It is published by The Book Guild at a very reasonable £7.99 and will make an ideal book to flip through during and long after the Christmas period.

The book is available to purchase at our own book and gift shop, along with thousands of other great gift ideas, please do check it out:-

Friday 18 November 2016

Olverum Bath Oil the perfect Christmas gift

Olverum Bath Oil is the perfect Christmas gift for the person who you know just loves to luxuriate in a nice, hot bath, aided and assisted by a nice, perfectly natural bath oil.

Which is where Olverum Bath Oil comes inot its own!

Olverum Bath Oil is a unique and utterly luxurious bath oil that is a carefully and skillfully prepared blend of ten highy exotic and eminently useful essential oils.

They have been carefully chosen and selected to combine together to create  Olverum Bath Oil, which is designed to help remove stress and reduce tension in both the mind and also the body, too.

Olverum Bath Oil is designed to help bring balance back into your life and help you go back to your natural, stress-free self.

Even the smell of it as you carefully place it into your hot bath will start to make you feel better, even before you slip inot the hot water after you have added the Olverum Bath Oil!

15ml is enough for three baths, so you can see that it is a powerful and highly concentrated yet entirely natural wonder treatment for your bath.

There is Siberian Fir, Ground Nut oil, Lavandin oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium Flower oil and many other oils and special ingredients

It was originally developed in the 1920s by Franz Otto Klein, a highly successful wine maker in Germany's Mosel Valley, when he formed a passion for learning about the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

He and his wife Edith created their own experimental laboratory where they developed their unique product, which has remained unchanged and highly popular to this very day.

The 125ml size costs £26.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml size will be £48 and enough for 50 baths. Their main stockists  are Liberty, Harvey Nichols and

Bored? This super stocking filler will remove all boredom!

Author Graham Lanceley has written a new book that will certainly provide the reader with hours of harmless fun and amusement as they read through his choice of fifty alternative sports and pastimes!

Learn about games, pastimes and sports that are modern inventions or which the origins of which are shrouded in the mists of our ancient history.

Learn about hobbies from A to Zed. Astronomy, amateur radio, beekeeping, bellringing, gem cutting at home, geology and many more.

There are sports a-plenty, from the modern sport of tchoukball to the ancient sport of jousting, they are all here in this most excellent book.

Fancy caving? Or some ancient British pub games? Morris Dancing, postcard collecting, fencing, Falconry, water dowsing, Bandy (it's on page 9!) Equestrian vaulting, Fives?

You'll find all these and many more, with clear but brief instructions of how to get involved in them.

What about some extreme sports? From Zorbing to Ultimate Frisbee, this book will give hours of pleasure and will make a super Christmas present for people form 8 to 88 or even older!

It is published in paperback by The Book Guild at the nifty price of £7.99.

You can purchase it at our very own retail establishment -along with thousands of other books, gifts and DVDs, etc- which you will find here

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Ben and the Spider Lake

Ben and the Spider Lake is another magical book from children's author Angela Fisher.

She returns to the Spider Kingdom for this her third book.

It is the summer holidays again and Ben, together with his dog Scoot and his family plus his best friend Jess travel to a small cottage close by the Dark Mountains.

He learns that the lane at the back of the cottage is to be dug up. This is a disaster for it would result in homelessness or even injury for the families of spiders who live under the lane.

Ben must locate Lox, who is the guardian of the Spider Gate.

With Jess, Ben tries to work out a way to help move the spider kingdom subjects  to a safer location.

But they only have one month before to workmen arrive!

Where can they be moved to? How can they be moved?

Will there be any help forthcoming? Or does Ben's gran know more than she is letting on?

The book is ideal as a Christmas present for any children between 3 to 6 for parents, grandparents or other relatives to read with them.

This book is published in hardback by The Book Guild at £9.95 and it is available for purchase at our own shop along with thousands of other books and gifts of all types.

Sunday 13 November 2016


Mischief is the latest novel by popular writer Liz Vincent.

It tells the story of the younger generation of the Lange family, who readers met in her previous novel, Malice, published last year in 2015.

Grace Langhe is maturing and growing up,. Her mother is worried that Grace seems to be channelling for her grandmother Madge, a somewhat domineering and forceful personality in the family.

Thomas comes onto the scene and Grace falls for him and she enters into a relationship that some might describe as troubled or even risky.

Yet Thomas is not quite what Grace had presumed him to be and the relationship comes to a dramatic conclusion that leaves Grace feeling justifiably traumatised.

Grace feels that, somehow, Grandmother Madge is looking out for her and trying to steer her in the right direction.

Grace leaves to work away from home with her best friend Lucy.

Through Lucy she meets a young man called Seth, though the circumstances of their meeting are a little strange, to say the least. She decides to keep her relationship with Seth a secret from her parents. After all, things had had very badly wrong with Thomas and she was so hurt by her experience that she doesn't feel able to confide in her parents that she is in another relationship.

After a time she reassess her life and decides to take up the opportunity to train to become a journalist.

Quite by chance she catches up with an old friend from her school days who she has seen in years, Jade. Jade is extremely proud of her handsome boyfriend. Thomas!

Grace reveals the less-than-savoury truth about the dark unpleasant true side to Thomas' personality and eventually they join forces to formulate a plot to get revenge on Thomas.

The revenge serves a dual purpose, because it also means that Grace is pushed into the limelight and her career in journalism grows and prospers.

But all the while, Seth is there, being her rock.

She and Seth wed and start their life together. But strange things are happening. What if Madge did not merely approve of her marriage to Seth, but actively arrange for it to take place?

But what, exactly, was really taking place? And what was the link to the long dead crusader with the tomb in the church?

This is an intriguingly mystical book and to reveal more of the plot would spoil this extraordinary story.

It is published in paperback by Matador and will make a very welcome stocking filler for lovers of fiction with historical and modern flashes.

It costs £9.99 and is available for purchase here:

Friday 11 November 2016

Gifts to buy? Then get them Faith In Nature!

The Faith In Nature range is chock full of great beauty and skincare products that do have a great level of Faith in Nature.

For they are all made from natural ingredients. And organically sourced, where this is appropriate.

And they carry their very genuine care and concern for the natural environment throughout their offering, as they insist on using plastic bottles that are made from recycled materials wheber this is possible.

The range of beauty products is award winning, so you know you will be buying your Christmas gift recipients only the best that is available.

Take for example their Pineapple and Lime Shampoo, with added organic mango extract.

It is specially formulated and blended to be perfect for people who have hair types from normal to oily.

I have very oily hair which often defeats lesser shampoos. But not Faith in Nature Pineapple and Lime Shampoo! Not only does it smell great, I could actually feel it doing my scalp good as I massaged it in.

And there's also the complementary Faith in Nature Pineapple and Lime Conditioner, also with organic mango extract, formulated for normal to oily hairy.

It also has a great scent to it and it help condition even the most oily of hair types!

And they also have a range of absolutely perfect handmade soaps, including the wonderful Coconut soap that is carefully blended with organic coconut.

There's a wonderful range of beauty and skincare products, plus an amazing range of gift sets, ideal for Christmas presents.

To purchase please visit

(We would like to thank Discount Supplements for their help with arranging the review samples for our review team.)

Tuesday 8 November 2016

The Heroes of Elwhen

The Heroes of Elwhen is the first part of a six part series for children, from the pen of Staffordshire author G. H. Cawser.

It is guaranteed to transport young readers to a fantastical and wonderful land, the land of Elwhen.

Joh and Sally-Annie are both city kids, born and bred. However, they like to speond the long, summer months on the farm that is owned by their Uncle Ned.

No matter what rural adventures have befallen them previously, it's likely that nothing could prepare them for the great adventure that was about to befall them, when they would depart on a magical journey to a wondrous world.

They and their cousin Gerald have time for one final trip to the very summit of the mysterious Barrow Hill.

But before they can make for home they are drawn into an amazing world the likes of which they couldn't ever have imagined, a land called Elwhen.

They are soon captured by Belladonna, a witch who they encounter soon after they arrive in Elwhen, so the three children find themselves involved in a struggle that could conceivably destroy Elwhen.

They want to return home, but learn that that dream would be an unattainable one, when they are tricked and cajoled into hunting down an amulet with magical powers. The Jewel of the Isle.

But what if the jewel is already within the purview of the witch? What would she do? Could she take the jewel and use it to her nefarious ends?

They are threatened by the witch and her army of trolls. All seems lost, but they are not without hope, resources or help. They meet with a wizard, Mr Thurlan, who offers them his assistance and the use of a very important waygaerth "for a moment of need."

This will make a wonderful Christmas gift for children who love fantasy novels.

It's just £6.99 and is available for purchase here


Blackmail is the debut thriller novel by retired judge, Michael Stokes.

Stokes uses his training as a lawyer and his experiences in the courtroom as both an advocate and a judge to create this thriller.

A group of professional criminals plan and execute a daring robbery.

However, the gang of professional crooks bungle the operation and as a result a security guard is shot and left seriously wounded.

Michael Doyle, the leader of the gang is not too concerned by this rather unfortunate turn of events.

After all, hasn't he been able to concoct an apparently cast iron alibi that means that he could not have been anywhere near the scene of the crime?

However, his clever alibi is put at risk by the discovery of DNA evidence that link a gang member with the injured security guard.

CCTV images link Doyle and his gang member to the scene of the crime and both are subjected to arrest.

Smart lawyers seem to have the DNA evidence excluded on a technicality. However, Doyle's girlfriend is a smart cookie -as they say- and with her knowledge of the law, she believes that these machinations do not have a viable chance of succeeding.

However, someone decides to take matters into their own hands and the wife and child of a judge are kidnapped.

If the judge issues a ruling that is to the liking of the kidnappers, then his wife a son will be released. If not....

But what will the judge do?

Who is responsible for the kidnapping? Is it Doyle's girlfriend? Or perhaps there is someone from the past life of the judge who has an axe to grind and a point to make?  

Will his family be save? Or are they already dead?

If the judge rules in favour of the defence, will his family be released unharmed? Or not?

And who is the mole behind the major robbery?

This is a stunningly good debut novel. I hope that it will be the first of many thrillers from the pen of Michael Stokes. (More are planned, so please keep an eye out for them.)

It is published by Matador at £9.99 and is a good, substantial read of well over 500 pages.

If you have a lover of legal thrillers to buy a Christmas present for, this will be an excellent and well-received gift.

You can buy it from us at this link

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a romantic debut novel from Dane Anthony Howard.

It's the story of how a young couple,  Ben and Louise, fall in love one summer in North London.

The story of how they meet, fall in love and how their romance blossoms and grows during one idyllic summer is set against a backdrop of poetry, of rock and roll and even a modicum of drugs and sex.

But as the love story moves form North London -Primrose Hill, to be more precise- and the English Lake District, their relationship is hit by a terrible double tragedy that shatters their romance and changes lives for ever.

For a debut novel this is a stunning work and it is to be hoped that this is the first of many novels from Dane Anthony Howard.

The book is published in paperback by The Book Guild at a very reasonable £6.99 and is available from us at our retail site at this address

It will make an excellent Christmas gift for those who do not always expect a happy ending to the novels they read.

Brockmans Gin it belongs in your Christmas drinks cabinet

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a gin aficionado. However, in the case of Brockmans Gin, I am more than happy to make an exception!

Brockmans Gin is vastly different to the gins you might already have tried. In fact, I will issue you the That's Christmas challenge. Please buy a bottle of Brockmans Gin and give it a try. I think you will be pleasingly surprised at the flavours in Brockmans Gin.

The scent is pleasing, with nice floral notes.

But then comes the taste! My word, what a revelation it is to the artistry behind the creation of a good gin!

This is my own personal opinion: At first there is a definite subtle hint of Palma Violets.

But next there's a definite little hint of roses and thirdly there's a visit to a hedgerow in full floral bloom at the height of summer.

Although, obviously, you can make cocktails with Brockmans Gin, you might feel more than a little guilty about spoiling the natural taste of this fine gin.

For the purposes of research we did prepare some cocktails with some Brockmans Gin.

We found it worked extremely well with Fevertree Indian Tonic Water, with Fentiman's Rose Lemonade and with some Opies cherries in Kirche. Plus, of course, a good deal of the Kirche!

If you intend to make some Brockmans cocktails for the Christmas and New Year period, please take our advice and buy more than one bottle, or run the risk of running out!

It should cost about £28 a bottle.

To find your nearest stockist visit

For more general information please visit

And please do mention That's Christmas when you contact them.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Amazing Pages has a perfect stunner of a gift for your child!

Seeking out a truly personalised, high quality Christmas gift like nothing you have ever seen before?

Well, Amazing Pages can help you, right there!

Because they can offer you an unprecedented chance to put your child at the heart of their reading journey.

At a stunningly modest price of from £16.99, Amazing Pages children’s books weave real life experiences, names and a photograph of the child together with high quality art work to create a truly unique Christmas gift.

Unlike other personalised books that are available, each of the three Amazing Pages titles offer different personalising options like the names of your child’s friends, school, favourite food, hobbies and a time when they felt shy.

To complete the package, the photograph of the child can be enhanced to blend with the art work, or if no photo is available, the website enables users to personalise the central character further to include skin tone, hair style and colour, using the Character Customiser  application.

The handmade books are aimed at boys and girls up to the age of seven and are made to order using high quality, digital, full colour printing with “perfect bound” soft covers.

The ethos of this family run business is simple but clear; they offer beautiful, one of a kind, personalised books that excite children about the joys of reading.

For younger children, yet to learn to read, seeing their own photograph upon the page, ensures they can identify that this very special story is all about them.

Founder, James Cooper started the company after creating books for his two young daughters. Remembering a primitive, personalised book from his own childhood, he recognised the same “magical feeling of reading a book and realising it’s all about you!”

“I looked around at what was on offer and was disappointed. I wanted to create an alternative to the cheesy, commercial personalised books and offer grandparents, parents and children the opportunity to share in something that was truly special to them.”

Ordering Amazing Pages books couldn’t be easier. A simple, user friendly online video guide  shows customers how to make the most of the personalisation options and once ordered, books are delivered within five days.

The family business will soon be launching personalised A3 colour wall prints (framed or un-framed) in the same imaginative and personalised style as their three books.
Watch this space; Amazing Pages offers all it takes to be the next big thing in personalised children’s gifts, but don’t just take it from us, our customer’s reviews speak volumes:

“My four year old adores these beautiful books with their retro illustrations and clever, personalised stories. He wants them read again and again.” – Susanna, London.

“The book is brilliant! Harry was amazed at how all his favourite things were in it, and he couldn't wait to show his best friend that he was mentioned in it too.” – Simon, Manchester.

“The quality of these books is fantastic...I’ve had other customised books given to me in the past and they seemed a lot more “cookie cutter” style with a lot less attention to detail.” – Suzanne, London.

To order your special book please visit

That's Books and Entertainment: Visions of the Righteousness of God

That's Books and Entertainment: Visions of the Righteousness of God: Visions of the Righteousness of God is a new book on theology from Dr Danson Enogiomwan Ubebe. It starts with the concept of who created...

Voice Behind the Mask

The book Voice Behind the Mask is a thrilling book by Doctor George Lahoud, MD.

From the first page I was gripped by the terse yet compelling writing style of Doctor Lahoud.

And yet this is not a work of fiction, it is a factual book that details the extraordinary professional life of Dr Lahoud as he worked as an NHS anaesthetist.

However he also worked overseas as the personal physician to the Saudi Arabian Royal Family when he was employed for several years At the King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah.

He also spent time in Harvard University, Massachusetts, where he was an instructor in anaesthesia.

Some the stories are sad, some horrific and some amusing, but all are extremely well related by the author who has a keen eye for the absurd and with and the ability to relate these recollections to his readers!

How he saved a patient from bleeding on the operating table when two other doctors had, apparently, not been taught about the law of gravity, how he was able to demand, and get, a heater for the decrepit house that a hospital had provided him, his young wife and baby son.

Read how he thought he had accidentally detached an elderly patient's head, how he managed to successfully perform the role of a plastic surgeon, because one was just not available, how he had to deal with an unorthodox and xenophobic Scotish anaesthetist who had an incredibly short fuse and some bizarre methods of working.

George also touches on his own health problems in a straightforward and no nonsense fashion.

This book is a must buy Christmas present and at only £8.99 it will make an excellent gift for admirers of well-written memoirs and books about medical matters.

It is published by Matador and is available from our gift store at

That's Books and Entertainment: A Healing of Gardens

That's Books and Entertainment: A Healing of Gardens: A Healing of Gardens is a debut novel from the pen of L R Gray. It's the first part of a two part series and it concentrates on the ...

Choconchoc, another way to say: "Merry Christmas!" to that special someone!

But especially if that special someone is a chocolate lover!

Visit their website, and be reay for a bewildering but deeply fantastic choice of chocolate and chocolate items.

The chocolates are guaranteed to have been handmade in Great Britain, so there's none of that disappointment when you think you are buying a special chocolate Christmas gift that has been made in Great Britain only to find that it is now made in a far cheaper country in some far-flung part of the European Empire. (EDITOR: Even though the production costs would then be perhaps one third of the previous UK production facility, the price to the consumer remains just as high. Funny, that!)

But with Choconchoc when it says Made in Great Britain, that's what it means!

Some of the gifts not only taste good, they will also raise a smile, too.

For example, you can buy a presentation box of sprouts. But don't worry! Even though they are exquisitely made, perfect representations of this plucky, yet somewhat bitter, brassica, they are created out of delicious white chocolate. A box of 8 costs £8.99.

Other stunning items include a Christmas Celebration Cake (made of a kilo of chocolate!) for £30, chocolate doughnuts, chocolate elf boots, Chocolate Mince Pies and Prosecco (even the bottle is made of chocolate!) and so much more, including special chocolate hampers.

Want cheese and crackers after your meal? As you might expect, even though it looks like real cheese, it's actually cleverly made from chocolate!

Choconchoc brings the fun and frivolity back to the festive season!

Lord's Cricketing gifts, ideal for the cricket lover in your life

Sometimes buying Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest or for someone at the office Secret Santa can be hard.

If you have been buying gifts for family members for more Christmases than you might care to remember it can be difficult to find something unique and different every year.

And as for your colleague at work, what about them?

How do you find the ideal gift for either or both of them?

It's actually not as hard as you might think. If they are followers of the great English game of Cricket, then your problem is as good as solved, for Lord's, which is justifiably known as "The Home of Cricket", has a fanastic range of cricket and cricketing memorabilia and gifts for sale.

You can buy them at Lord's itself, at the main shop, which is for dedicated merchandise, clothing, gifts and souvenirs.

There's something for everyone as a memento of their visit to the Home of Cricket.

But there's also The Lord’s Cricket Store in central London, London’s only dedicated cricket equipment retailer offering a huge range of brands for all levels and all ages.

You can also buy gifts online at

You can buy replica teamwear, a stunning range of Lord's dedicated clothing, special Lord's souvenir gifts, books on cricket, cricket equipment, special Lord's Experiences and also some rather nifty dedicated Middlesex Cricket Club memorabilia, too!

In fact, there's even stuff that non-cricket followers will be proud to own, too!

There's everything from a zipable individual Lord's bottle cooler (£5.00) right through to some of the most exquisite sets of perfectly designed and made Lord's cufflinks (£15.00) that come in a truly stunning magnetised triangular presentation box.

Other items include portable phone chargers, umbrellas, plus an amazing range of homeware including a glass paperweight (containing genuine Lord's turf!) plus mugs and even a very special teatowel that explains the many and varied rules of the game of cricket!


Gillette Fusion Proshield razor, an ideal Christmas gift

The Gillette Fusion Proshield razor is an ideal Christmas gift for the person who does not like using electric razors.

There are a variety of reasons as to why this might be. They like the whole process of washing their face, applying the shaving foam or the shaving oil and then applying the wet razor to their skin.

Or perhaps they feel that a wet bladed shave is better than a dry, electric shave?

Whatever their reasoning, you can be sure that the Gillette Fusion Proshield razor will be an ideal Christmas gift for them.

How so? There is lubrication twice, both before and after the blades, and because Gillette know that not every face is exactly the same, they have designed a stunningly effective flex ball to make certain that the Gillette Fusion Proshield razor follows every one of the unique contours of the shaver's face.

And it has cooling technology during the shave to help the shaver get exactly the kind of sophisticated, cool shave that they will e thrilled to receive.

And not only that, there's a special precision trimmer on the back to make certain that the edging is perfect.

They are available from chemists and supermarkets all over the country and cost £15.00 from Ocado and £12.00 from Morrisons.

Add some other Gillette shaving after aftershave products and you will have a Christmas gift that you can be proud to give the shaver in your life!