Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Film Director's Wife

We all love a good autobiography, especially if it can shed light on the lives of the rich and famous from the perspective of someone who was there and who was a part of the clan, so to speak.

The Film Director's Wife is one such book.

It is written by Mo Enfield, who was married to famed International film director, Cy Enfield.

Born into an isolated community in Yorkshire, Mo was then whisked away to the famed Roedean lady's college where she studied for five years before she became a successful catwalk model, including working with Dior in London and Paris.

At the same time as she was carving out a successful career as a model, London was becoming home to a fairly large number of Hollywood writers, refugees from the McCarthy era witch hunt, fleeing from the risk of being hauled up before the Un-American Activities Committee.

Amongst these motion pictured luminaries were the likes of Carl Foreman, Joseph Losey, Sam Wanamaker (incidentally the father of British actress Zoe Wanamaker) Jack Berry and, of course, Cy Enfield, future husband of Mo.

They became a couple and decided to marry at Caxton Hall. Her parents steadfastly and cruelly refused to attend the wedding. Apparently they felt that he husband to be was too old for their daughter, a divorcee, a communist and a Jew.

Despite this somewhat inauspicious beginning to their married life, they spent 40 very happy years and man, wife and parents to their brood of children.

Mo tells their story -pretty much all of it, one gathers from reading the book!- which includes stories of many of the film/movie industry and high celebrity life of the last four decades such as fellow models including Jean Shrimpton, Michael Cane, Terrence Stamp, Joe Levine, Stanley Baker, Germaine Greer and many others including Burton and Taylor. Yes. That Burton and Taylor!

As well as being a leading film director, Cy was also an extremely talented inventor. Read about his genuinely revolutionary invention of the Microwriter.

The book is also copiously illustrated with a wide range of photographs, some publicity stills and some truly charming photographs culled from family albums and, in my opinion, all the better for that!

The Film Director's Wife is an ideal Christmas gift for the film/movie buff, people who love autobiographies and those of you who were moving in those circles. Are you in the book? For the remarkably reasonable price of £8.99 you can buy this Book Guild publication to find out!

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