Friday, 18 November 2016

Olverum Bath Oil the perfect Christmas gift

Olverum Bath Oil is the perfect Christmas gift for the person who you know just loves to luxuriate in a nice, hot bath, aided and assisted by a nice, perfectly natural bath oil.

Which is where Olverum Bath Oil comes inot its own!

Olverum Bath Oil is a unique and utterly luxurious bath oil that is a carefully and skillfully prepared blend of ten highy exotic and eminently useful essential oils.

They have been carefully chosen and selected to combine together to create  Olverum Bath Oil, which is designed to help remove stress and reduce tension in both the mind and also the body, too.

Olverum Bath Oil is designed to help bring balance back into your life and help you go back to your natural, stress-free self.

Even the smell of it as you carefully place it into your hot bath will start to make you feel better, even before you slip inot the hot water after you have added the Olverum Bath Oil!

15ml is enough for three baths, so you can see that it is a powerful and highly concentrated yet entirely natural wonder treatment for your bath.

There is Siberian Fir, Ground Nut oil, Lavandin oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium Flower oil and many other oils and special ingredients

It was originally developed in the 1920s by Franz Otto Klein, a highly successful wine maker in Germany's Mosel Valley, when he formed a passion for learning about the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

He and his wife Edith created their own experimental laboratory where they developed their unique product, which has remained unchanged and highly popular to this very day.

The 125ml size costs £26.00 and will be enough for 25 baths, the 250ml size will be £48 and enough for 50 baths. Their main stockists  are Liberty, Harvey Nichols and

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