Friday, 25 November 2016

More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot

More Sherlock Holmes than James Herriot is subtitled The Veterinary Detectives.

Written by one such veterinary detective, Roger S. Windsor, the book records the stories of the life of Roger Windsor, from  what he self-describes as a "naive student at vet school" to a junior vet in general practice.

Eventually through a series of twists and turns in his professional life, Roger found himself living and working in Africa, where he ran the Veterinary Investigation Service's laboratory, in Botswana.

The stories he tells are an amazing collection of tales (not tails!) of the vicissitudes and woes of a large variety of animals of just about every type you could imagine and some that your imagination might have had problems getting its head round.

The book starts with his pre-Africa career and covers a wide range of subjects such as the "farmer" who cut the beaks off his birds so badly that they were starving to death, because they couldn't eat.

There were incidents of TB to be dealt with, Mastitis, Foot and Mouth disease and so forth,

Eventually Roger found himself working in Botswana with the Veterinary Investigation Service.

This brought a whole host of very different, or sometime similar, veterinary problems.

For example on the back cover of the book are two very handsome looking vultures, something not seen by a vet in the UK!

Dealing with feline enteritis is distressing, but dealing with feline enteritis in a big cat orphanage brought about somewhat unique problems and epidemics in herds were a particular worry.

I is illustrated with a number of high quality images which help tell the story in a charming and delightful way.

This is a remarkable book and will make an ideal  Christmas present for anyone even mildly interested in animal care.

The book is published by The book Guild at £9.99 and it is available for purchase at our very own book store >>>

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