Thursday, 24 November 2016


Peggy is the story of a little girl called Susan.

She loves ponies. But she doesn't have one of her own because her father cannot afford to buy one for her.

However, on the eve of her birthday she decides to take a walk in the woods where she meets with the ancient God Zeus,

Zeus gives Susan a very special gift, a pony called Peggy.

But Peggy is no ordinary pony, Peggy is a direct descendent of the winged horse, Pegasus and, yes, Peggy, too, has the power of flight.

Peggy's wings can magically appear or disappear at will and Peggy understands everytihng that Susan tells her.

Of course, Susan is thrilled and overjoyed with her new pony, yet she knows she must do everything within her power to keep the secret of her new pony safe.

Zeus has presented Susan with a letter that she can use to show her parents that Peggy is a gift, yet poor Susan has to go through some hilarious events in order to keep Peggy's secret safe!

She does this with the assistance of her confidante, Mickey, a local farmer's son.

But her secret is discovered by a villain who has an eccentric turn of mind who thinks that he fancies to own Peggy, the magical flying pony all for his own nefarious ends.

But how will he fair against Susan, Mickey, Peggy and the influence of Zeus, an ancient Greek God?

This charming and amusing book is a perfect Christmas gift for all little girls who own a pony or who dream of owning a pony. And also for their mums who had those dreams, too.

It is published by Matador Children's Books at £8.99 and it is available to buy here >>>

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