Friday, 25 November 2016

Actual Reality

We have all heard of Virtual Reality, but what of Actual Reality?

Cat Mantra has spent his working life as a journalist and as a performer, with such luminaries as the Ants, of Adam and the Ants fame, in his more recent history.

But in his debut novel he peers into the near future.

Josh Mantra and his faithful digital companion Tate travel through time and space as they fight evil foes and save the innocent from disastrous outcomes.

Join them as the zip back and forth, from the old Wild West to black holes in the midst of a distant star system.

Josh is a typical boy of his age, 12, and he has the typical life. School, his mates, his family and, of course, video games.

But on his birthday he receives a present from his dad, a very special gift it was. An Actual Reality crystal that had the power and capability to project the holder to anywhen and anywhere.

However, this is not a toy for Josh. It is a tool that he will need in his new role with the IDF, the Inter-Dimensional Federation.

Because it has been determined that only Josh is capable of taking over from his very own father in the business of taking on a variety of life-saving missions and tasks throughout the entire multiverse!

But first he must undergo comprehensive tests and training.

And then? He is out there for real, on his first mission!

This is a fantastic Sci-Fi/fantasy romp and it is aimed at children aged 12 to 14. And probably their parents, too, who might get a sneaky read if they are lucky!

It is published by The Book Guild at £7.99 and it will make an ideal stocking filler present.

You can purchase it at our very own book and gift emporium, via the portal which is this way >>>

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