Thursday, 24 November 2016

The Haunted Painting on the Wall

The Haunted Painting on the Wall is a new spooky novel for children from the imagination of author Devika A. Rosamund.

Tracy and Sebastian are brother and sister. They accept an invitation to stay at a castle in the Scottish Highlands, which is owned by their great aunt.

And whilst they are there, they decided that it would be a great idea to create a bit of adventure for themselves by seeking out the secret of the castle, which, legend said, was a secret and long-lost special hidden chamber with the stone walls of the castle. Which housed a priceless family treasure.

But little did Tracy and Sebastian know that they were heading toward a great and terrible danger!

For hiding deep within the walls of the castle lurked a ghost. A ghost that was evil and malevolent, who had haunted the castle for 400 long and bitter years, waiting to be able to wreak its revenge.

Unknown to anyone living, witchcraft had once been practiced in the castle and sinister forces were ready to be unleashed.

In Tracy's bedroom is a painting on the wall. It is a mysterious painting on the wall. A haunted painting which contains a secret. A dangerous, terrifying secret.

What will happen? Will the children discover the secret of the painting? Will they learn the location of the secret chamber?

Or will the evil ghost get the better of them?

This book is aimed at children between 9 t o11 years of age.

It is published by Matador at £6.99 and will make an ideal stocking filler for children who love ghostly stories.

It can be purchased here >>>

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