Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Simplex handmade tea kettle

It has been said that nostalgia has no place in the present and certainly there is no future in it!

How wrong this is!

We made this discovery when we took delivery of a Simplex Tea kettle made to the exact specifications and pattern as they were in 1903

The Simplex  Tea Kettle It is truly a work of art in every way, it is beautiful to look at and to hear. It has a sweet sounding gentle whistle that alerts when the water has boiled. inside the spout there is a rattle that will transport anyone back to the days of childhood when all high quality kettles had this touch.of mystery. Simplex Tea Kettles are individually hand made in Birmingham each one is unique and of outstanding quality and design.

Any one with a love of nostalgia will appreciate the Newey and Bloomer Buckingham No 1 kettle made of polished copper with brass trimmings and a tin lining inside. These solid copper kettles have
travelled all around the world and have gained a tremendous reputation for quality and expertise.

Newey and Bloomer was founded back in 1850 and have produced all kinds of objects. Some of the original barbershop fittings and bar tops can still be seen in their original positions and still in use today. The craft and skill is vibrantly displayed and demonstrated in Birmingham by a family owned firm that is passionate about quality and outstanding customer service.

The Simplex  Tea kettles come in an assortment of designs and finishes but all have a hand turned beechwood handle and a special whistle through the lid that makes for added safety. The Buckingham range all have coil bases and come in a choice of natural copper, silver plated or chrome plated.  The chrome plated kettle is outstanding  with a shiny sparking appearance which will grace a modern or futuristic style kitchen for many years to come.

The natural copper finish arrives bright and shines with a warm glow.  It does dull over time and will require polishing from time to time.  The natural copper finish has got the edge for anyone with a country style kitchen or a love of anything vintage.

Newey and Bloomer have developed the ordinary into a work of art that is timeless and absolutely stunning. Birmingham is once again on the map for outstanding craftsmanship.

Great care is taken in the presentation of. The Newey and Bloomer Simplex Tea Kettles, each one arrives beautifully packed in a cotton bag with the unique number of the kettle on the warranty card. The date of manufacture is stamped on the spout and each kettle has its own identification number that can be registered to validate the warranty.  Customer service is second to none at Newey and Bloomer.

For something made to exact specifications and  so aesthetically pleasing the price is extremely reasonable and worth the initial outlay.  Water boiled in a Simplex Tea Kettle tastes far superior to water boiled in plastic or aluminium kettles.

Good quality tea tastes outstanding and coffee truly refreshing. The Simplex tea kettle does everything Newey and Bloomer say it does and is absolutely 'quintessentially English'.

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  1. The best EVER.... Mine has lasted since 1963. I could do with a replacement but I live so far away that I need to hitch a ride to the UK and get a new one there. AMAZING piece of kitchenware. Durable, astoundingly fast to come to the boil, keeps forever.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I believe they export worldwide, so just send them any email. Please mention our name to them!