Sunday, 12 November 2017

Quiet Rebellion brings new and joyous life to socks at Christmas

Yes, Quiet Rebellion does bring new and joyous life to the idea of socks at Christmas.

There are some people, I am no exception, who rather likes the idea of getting a new packet of socks at Christmas. And on the odd occasions when I haven't had any socks as Christmas presents I have found myself joining the "happy" throngs of shoppers participating in that well-known blood sport, the Boxing Day Sales.

But sometimes it must be said that the socks one receives as a gift, no matter how well-intentioned, might not be the most imaginative of gifts and perhaps weren't the ones you would have chosen for yourself.

And, to be fair, it's also sometimes difficult when we are looking for socks to buy as Christmas gifts for other people.

The choice is seemingly limited to dull, plain designs or garish novelty socks that really do not belong on the feet of someone you love or, to be honest, are only someone you vaguely know!

But that's all over now! Because now there's a company which is producing socks with stunningly original designs that are bright and stand out from the crowd, yet are not hideous in any way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Quiet Rebellion Socks.

They are designed for maximum comfort and wearability and are made from 80% combed cotton to provide strength and 18% nylon to provide strength. Wait! Isn't that only 98% So what's happened to other 2%? Glad you asked! The other 2% is taken up with that nifty and remarkably flexible material called elastane to provide a nice bit of stretch.

And there's an extra two inches of length, too. Also, sock wearers will be pleased to know that the toes are hand-linked to provide extra comfort and the heels are reinforced to offer extra wear.

My own personal favourite is the jigsaw-inspired John Spilsbury Sock, created in honour of John Spilsbury Socks, the father of modern jigsaws. They are £12.00 a pair, though half a dozen will only cost £7.83 a pair.

But there's more available, too! There's a fantastic array of boxer shorts in a wonderful selection of prestigious designs from Picasso to Roger Bacon Boxers to Agent Zigzag, all at £49 for three, as a mixed gift pack or as individual designs.

And there are also some particularly funky weekend bags in a range of prices from £199 up to £249. The bags are specially hand crafted in Hackney, in London.

And on orders of more than £50, you don't pay postage.

To learn more about Quiet Rebellion and their interesting and quirky story and to place orders please visit them at

To learn more about the names behind the designs (they are all named for famous rebels throughout recorded history) please visit

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