Sunday, 4 December 2016

The Will

The Will is a new novel by prize winning poet and author Jane Mann.
It tells the story of what happens to Hannah Delany.

At age 27 Hannah has to return to the UK from Hong Kong to attempt to disentangle the mystery that surrounds the death of her father and also of his will. And of the letters that he may, or may not, have written.

As she undertakes her investigations she finds herself having to burrow her way, with great tenacity, through lies, deliberate deceits and falsehoods, obfuscations and obstructions.

Some people seem to be trying to manipulate her, to thwart her efforts to learn the truth.

But despite their best, or worst, efforts, they seem unable to stop Hannah in her quest for the truth.

But she learns information that she might not have wanted to learn, really. Such as the disturbing and malevolent motives behind the actions of some people. Motives that might even mean that Hannah's own life is now at risk.

And what, exactly was Hugo's role in all this? And what of the family's home, Yadrahna, built in the 1840s of Cotswold stone?

And the skeleton? Who was it the remains of? And what had happened to them?

And who was Olga Slade? And what was shee doing at Yadrahna?

This is a compelling mystery novel which is very much wirtten in the style of a modern Gothic Novel.

It is published by Matador at a very reasonable £8.99 and will make a most excellent gift for the person who likes the mystery novels with more than a hint of the gothic about them.

You can purchase it online at our very own book and gift shop, here >>>

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