Sunday, 4 December 2016

Death in Winter

Death in Winter is a new crime novel from veteran crime writer Ian McFayden who is certainly going to please his fans and new readers alike with his sixth Inspector Carmichael novel!

It's just four days until Christmas Day and there's a good covering of snow on the ground, and the villages and small towns of rural Lancashire are abundant in Christmastime good cheer and bonhomie.

Inspector Steve Carmichael is really looking forward to a rarity for a detective of his standing and experience in the force, a long and very indulgent break over the Christmas period in his own home, surrounded by his own family.

But there's the little -or not so little- incident which involved a woman who mysteriously disappeared after boarding a train home.

This has the unfortunate effect of totally ruining his plans for a traditional Christmas.

But this still leaves Inspector Carmichael and his equally dedicated team of police officers with a real conundrum to solve. What on earth has happened to Hayley Bell?

Interviews with her husband  -is he really as eccentric as he appears?- and with her friends (or her "so-called" friends)  seem to be less than helpful, as they start to dig through the facts and sift through what evidence they can find.

So... what really happened to Hayley Bell? Inspector Carmichael begins to form the impression that all is not quite what it seems in this case. And he is never wrong and never misses his mark.

Though readers will be kept guessing right through to the end of this intricately plotted crime novel.

If you have a crime novel fan you need to buy a Christmas present for, then you seriously do need to buy them this novel!

It's published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

You can purchase it via our very own online bookshop (it's powered by Amazon) and you will find the bookshop here >>>

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