Sunday, 4 December 2016

Georgina A song of youth

Georgina A song of youth is a new novel by Cedric Paul Foster.

It relates the story of Georgina, who is an extraordinary woman.

She is somewhat stifled at home. Her mother is overprotective and her father is demanding and very ambitious.

So, what is Georgina (Gina, or Georgy as she is more usually known to all save for her poor mother) supposed to do?

Simple! She runs away from home and finds herself living in France.

But as with much in life, that might, actually, mean leaving one set of problems and finding them replaced with an entirely different set of problems.

For Gina's story is set in the late 195os, when times were somewhat different and the life of a very young woman living by herself in a very foreign foreign country might prove, to put it diplomatically, a little problematic?

However, Gina does have one advantage over many of her contemporaries, in that she is exceptionally beautiful and is able to take up a career as a model. So long as she can evade the clutches of predatory males who mean her no good whatsoever!

But Gina manages not only to evade the lotharios, she even prospers and becomes a hugely successful woman in her own right becoming very rich in the process and carving out a life for herself which also included long lasting happiness.

It's an interesting novel, which allows you to share the life of an very remarkable woman and the friends which she shares her life with.

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It is published by The Book Guild at £8.99.

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