Saturday, 17 December 2016

Get Stoopido!

You must get Stoopido for your family for this Christmas!

It's simple, yet it is utterly crazy and will have everyone laughing their heads off when you and your family and friends play round after round of this fantastic game, the game they are all raving about, the game that is called Stoopido!

You roll the dice, and then race to slap the matching face feature or give the squeaker a good squeeze!

The player who is the fastest then has the opportunity to pick a funny facial part for a rival player and the last player with a full face wins the game!

Each game set comes complete with four sets of special glasses, 25 double-sided mask features, four slap pads, one loser's selfie card, one squeaker and one dice.

Although the description here is deceptively simple, the game is absolutely hilarious to play.

It's made by Drumond Park of and should cost about £14.00. It's available from all good toy stores but if you want to buy it online you can do so here at our very own gift and book shop, but do remember to use the express delivery option as it is getting very close to Christmas. >>>

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