Monday, 5 December 2016

Specsavers for Christmas?

I noticed recently that Specsavers have started selling gift vouchers.

This set me thinking. Wouldn't this be an ideal gift for the person who was shortsighted, farsighted or who had some other vision problem that could be corrected by spectacles or contact lenses?

All you have to do to learn more is to go to to find out where your nearest local branch is located.

Or you can order them now -any amount from £1 to £250- at

The gift vouchers are valid for 2 year.

And if you have a housebound relation or friend who needs to see an optician, they might be able to use the gift voucher you give them this Christmas to pay toward the cost of the Specsavers' Home Visit Scheme, where Specsavers' qualified opticians actually make home visits. Specsavers are one of the few -if only- High Street opticians that offers a home visit service.

You can learn more about this scheme by visiting

To learn more about the Specsaver branches in other parts of the world visit

Gift voucher offers will vary from country-to-country, so please check for availability and validity where you live.

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