Saturday, 10 December 2016

Have Duerr's Marmalade for Christmas

There's nothing like freshly brewed coffee or tea and hot buttered toast with liberal amounts of Duerr's Marmalade for breakfast over the Christmas holidays.

But there's so much more to Duerr's than that!

When you make your mince pies, why not try replacing a third of the mincemeat mixture with whichever type of Duerr's Marmalade tickles your fancy?

Or why not make several batches of homemade mince pies with the different types of Duerr's Marmalade in each different batch?

They are certain to be a sure-fire winner with your family and guests over the Christmas season!

Or why not be even more experimental? Why not try making a batch of mince pies without any of the traditional mincemeat mixture at all? Why not make some Duerr's Marmalade pies, too?

How's that for a different festive treat for everyone? Because not everyone likes mince pies, surprising though this might be!

You will find that Duerr's Marmalades are so versatile that you can add some to home baked Christmas cakes, or, and this will really make for a different, yet utterly delicious Christmas pudding, as well as putting in a good few glugs of Scotch Whisky into your Christmas pudding mixture, why not add a good few dollops of Duerr's Marmalade?

Talk about a winning combination! The best of Scotland and the best of Manchester in a Christmas pudding recipe that would be hard to beat for moisture, texture and taste!

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You can also buy Duerr's at your local Tesco branch or as part of your online order.

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