Sunday, 4 December 2016

Love Across the Decades

In his new collection of short, romantic stories, writer Steven Baker (who we just met, you will remember!) has produced an entirely different work to his novel that your review has just written about.

Love Across the Decades covers five different love stories that cover, as the title indicates, different love stories from periods including The Great Depression, The Second World War, the post Second World War era, the 1960s and then, almost, but not quite, up to the modern times with an excursion into the 1990s.

But these are no Mills and Boon style fantasy romances. These are romances that deal with a whole host of human issues and human emotions.

How a family are tested to breaking point by the utterly unexpected and totally devastating loss of a young child, love at first sight, pregnancy, a man who found romance late in life, very late in life, in fact!

And we learn of the difference between a peccadillo and an armadillo.

We learn of the crushing isolation of being single whilst being at a certain age and all this whilst trying to pull at a dance.

And how even if the location of a marriage proposal is not, of itself, especially romantic, that by some magic, the location is, somehow, rendered romantic. Such as a bus, for example.

Yet how such a proposal may engender a spark of envy in the heart of someone who is less fortunate.

All Human emotion is here. Even the odd glimpse of canine emotion, too.

This book is a romance, yet it is unusual as it is real life, lived by ordinary people who just happen to fall in love. Or not, in some cases.

It's published by The Book Guild and is available for purchase at our very own book and gift shop which you will find here >>>

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