Saturday, 10 December 2016

Deathling of Dorn

Deathling of Dorn, by John Timmis, is an ideal Christmas gift for the lovers of Fantasy Fiction in your life.

It tells the story of the inhabitants of the Southlands and of Dorn who have known safety, peace and security for many millennia under the benevolent and protective rule of Virdil, their wizard.

But on one great and terrible day, the unthinkable happens! The evil and vicious sorcerer Venain has slain Virdil, their protector!

Now the denizens of the Southlands and of Dorn fall prey to the vile Baeths, hostile and barbaric killers who are lusting after the spoils of the conquests they can so easily make, now the people's champion and protector is no more!

But the people of the lands strive to continue some semblance of normal life and for them concepts of honour and love are still adhered to by them.

They try to fight off the evil despoilers of their lands but great and terrible events are taking place and these events and the ensuing chaos bring about the spawning of a Deathling.

What could this mean? What will the consequences be? Nobody could know, but the results could mean life or death.

What will happen to the lands, to the people? Will they ever know peace and happiness? Or will their lives forever be blighted?

Published by Matador at £8.99 the book is available here at our own bookshop >>>

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