Friday, 23 December 2016

Got some last minute Christmas shopping you need to do? We have you covered!

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how hard you work and plan, something goes wrong.

Your plan to have a Christmas present delivered to a loved one or a good friend is thwarted by circumstances that were outside of your control.

A delivery company goes broke,  an order went astray or you forgot to make the order.

But rather than let people down, you can use The That's Christmas gift shop to order them a present that they will get before Christmas is over!

As well as a wide range of books, DVDs, food and drink items TVs and audio gear and a whole host of other gift ideas including perfumes, jewellery, watches, etc., we also sell Amazon Gift Vouchers!

You can email these gift vouchers to your gift recipient so they could even use your gift to buy themselves the exact gift that they want within minutes of them receiving their gift from you!

All you need do is follow this link to the Gift Card department of our online retail store  and click on "email gift vouchers, >>>

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