Sunday, 4 December 2016

Check your Christmas foods to ensure they will be within date for Christmas

That's Christmas is reminding all of our readers to check the use by dates on all of their Christmas foods.

This is because some poor souls have been caught out by ridiculously short dates on their Christmas foods.

For example we have seen examples of mince pies and Christmas cakes and some other special festive foodstuffs with use by or best before dates up to two weeks before Christmas!

This is quite obviously ridiculous as it could mean that a family will find out that over Christmas that the foods they wanted to eat were either not as fresh as they should be, totally stale or even no longer fit to eat.

So they could end up with a very limited spread over Christmas, with all the shops closed, meaning that they would be unable to obtain replacement supplies.

What That's Christmas is suggesting is that if you have any shop bought Chirstmas foods, treats or confectionaries that you check the use by date or the best before date on them all as soon as you can.

If there are any that have a best before or a use by date that is earlier that the Christmas period, then you should eat them before the date/s concerned and look to go to the shops this week to replace what you need to replace.

Please do forward this item to your friends and family members to make sure that everyone you know can check their Christmas food supplies well before Christmas.

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