Saturday, 17 December 2016

May it Please You, Madam

May it Please You, Madam, by Neil Hickman, is just the type of book that I love.

It is sub-titled a little book of legal whimsy and it contains an enthralling and highly entertaining collection of legal anecdotes gathered together throughout the long legal career (over 40 years!) of retired District Judge Neil Hickman.

The book commences with a collection of approaches used to greet a judge, some which would have worked some which would have worked to bemuse or outrage the judge they were addressed to!

There are strange things people did or said in and around our courts, what they they tried to get away with and, in some cases, what they actually were able to get away with.

There are cases of dishonesty and, perhaps refreshingly, cases of honesty which come wuth sudden and perhaps consequences that were only to be expected.

Such as: " Are the contents of your statement true?" The unexpected response certainly strongly coloured the outcome of the court case: "No. It's what the man from the solicitors said I should say. But it isn't true."

According to Neil Hickman the trial lasted for all of 15 seconds as a result of this admission!

Well collected and beautifully written and nicely illustrated with some well drawn legal cartoons by the late Jeff Bowser, this book is an ideal stocking filler which everyone will want to keep returning to to to read just a few more legal anecdotes

It is published by The Book Guild at £6.99 and it is available for purchase here >>>

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