Sunday, 11 December 2016

Chasing Cloud

If you have to buy a Christmas present for a lover of historical fiction, here's a book that will fit that bill perfectly.

Chasing Cloud by David M. Smith, which is set on the island of Malta in 2500BC.

We meet Laxme who is the priest at the Tarxian temple.

He devotes his life to the worship of the goddess of fertility and has over his many years at her temple worked diligently to become a master of not only the temple rituals but also of the theology of the goddess' religion.

He believes his life life to be perfect. Well, nearly perfect.

Suddenly his life of order and ritual is replaced with a new life that is unexpectedly filled with adventure and danger.

He finds himself searching for a missing woman, called Cloud, who he knew from his childhood, and he also joins a young sculptress, Pebble, on a quest to the distant island of Sicily in order to help her find a copper idol that she requires for a carving that she is undertaking.

Will Laxme be able to complete both tasks, or neither?

Will his chasing Cloud result in her being found?

Can he help the young sculptress attain what it is that she needs?

This is a very interesting novel, it is a whimsical and romantic novel which will be a welcome Chirstmas gift for the lover of stories set in the past.

It is well written and the historical research is also first rate.

It is published by The Book Guild at £8.99 and is available for purchase at our own Christmas gift shop which you will find here >>>>


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