Sunday, 4 December 2016

Battling Spirits and Kindly Hearts

Battling Spirits and Kindly Hearts is a new novel from author Steven Baker.

It tells the story of young Londoner Michael Forbes. His was a typical East End childhood. Poverty, hardship  but lots of love. And, with his parents, Frank and Honeysuckle, the annual event that many Cockney families looked forward to, the hop picking holiday in the garden of England, Kent.

But the year was 1939 and with the advent of war life would change for the Forbes family and for all of their neighbours, too.

Upon the outbreak of war his parents took the decision that Michael should be evacuated.

But his planned evacuation was no 60 mile journey to the countryside by bus or train. The evacuation of Michael was a journey of nearly 11,000 miles. For he was to be evacuated to live with his aunt in Melbourne, Australia.

We follow Michael through his life as he copes with the loneliness that he is faced with as he is separated from his parents, and how he learns to cope with living in an utterly different environment so many miles from home.

The book also looks at Michael in his later life as he looks back on his life, remembering all the people who he met along the way and thinking especially of those who helped him to develop into the adult that he grew into.

It is an extremely compelling novel with a narrative that grips the reader.

It is published by The Book Guild and will make an excellent Christmas gift for the lover of well-written modern fiction.

It costs £8.99 and is available for purchase from our very own book and gift shop here>>>

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