Sunday, 4 December 2016

And so to Aldi!

It's the pre-Christmas season, and so it's time to get yourself to Aldi.

I have to admit that my wife and I made a slight error after we got back from our Aldi Christmas shop.

Well, you know how it is, you get the Christmas drink in and you sort of accidentally (yeah, really!) open a bottle of the Aldi Californian Merlot, enjoy a few glasses each and then, you'll use chicken breast fillets from Aldi, naturally, use some of the rich, delicious wine to produce a chicken chasseur that is so tasty that it almost makes your cry.

All served up with the rest of Merlot and some of the rice you bought from Aldi.

However, the rest of what you bought is safe (odd how it's usually the Merlot that's at risk of accidental consumption!)  and the pantry and the fridge is now stuffed full of glace cherries, dried mixed fruit, icing sugar, caster sugar, granulated sugar, at least three types of flour, butter and vegetable shortening.

This week we are scheduled to start on the Christmas cake and the Christmas pudding. (HINT: You forgot the Aldi rum and brandy! Pop back into town to visit Aldi to pick up the rum and brandy tomorrow, after work!) 

My wife may possibly, time willing, be baking her prize winning Aldi cake, her Anni's Vodka Cherry Baked Well Cake.

Actually, we might modify this recipe with the addition of some marzipan and white sugared icing and transform it into a new and utterly delicious Christmas Cake. Though we might need to add vodka to our shopping list. I'll have to check with my wife. Though we could make it a truly unique Chirstmas cake with the switching of vodka for run or brandy? Let's see what happens!

And no doubt we could also add mince pies to the list of purchases, too?

But I don't want you to run away with the idea that Aldi is only about the highest quality festive foods at prices that other supermarkets last charged 15 years ago!

Heavens to Betsy, no! There's so much more to aldi than that!

There's a bewildering array of  Christmas gifts for everyone from the tiniest tot to the most venerable great uncle, great aunt or great grandparent! 

Toys, tools, radios, techno gadgets, car accessories, homeware and much, much more!

There's even special gift packs of the finest Single Malt Scotches (complete with a highly informative and beautifully illustrated miniature guide to the whiskies of Scotland.) 

And don't forget the special  Commemorative Team GB Champagne at just under a tenner a bottle at a stunning £9.99!

There's a fantastic range of wines, beers, spirits. Plus there are special Christmas hampers, some of which are only available on line at

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