Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My wife will be happier this Christmas with Genius

My wife suffers from a gluten allergy that, sadly, went undiagnosed for many years.

Now she has the diagnosis she can steer herself away from foods that contain foods with gluten and steer herself toward the fantastic range of  gluten free products that are available from Genius.

What about Christmas? Well, you'll be glad to know that she has it all planned out!

We'll have traditional mince pies (using her famous home made mince meat!) made with Genius shortcrust pastry.

We and our guests will also enjoy some very tasty chocolate and lemon cupcakes and on Boxing Day the traditional Turkey sandwiches will be made with some utterly delicious Genius Triple Seeded bread.

The loaf costs £2.99, the cupcakes are £2.39, the pastry is £2.49.

Expensive? Well, no, not really, because it's well worth that and more money besides to be able to see my wife eat something that she enjoys, without it giving her a terrible stomach ache.

There's also a host of other tasty Genius products that we are getting used to buying, you can find out more about them at www.geniusglutenfree.com

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