Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Bring a touch of the Summer to your Christmas fayre

As a long-time fan of Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer, I would not have thought that you could improve on perfection.

I am happy to say that I was proven to be wrong, when I tried Crabbie's Strawberry and Lime flavoured Ginger Beer.

Yes, there's the traditional warming ginger flavour we have come to know and love. But! There's now so much more to enjoy with Crabbie's Strawberry and Lime flavoured Ginger Beer.

There's also now a subtle hint of zesty lime and also a strong, yet not overpowering, taste of real strawberries.

Serve chilled and over ice this is the ideal drink for just chilling with your friends and family during the Christmas and New Year holidays or even as an interesting replacement for the more traditional wines to accompany your Christmas Dinner.

And the Raspberry Ginger Beer is equally tasty and just as satisfying in its own unique way.

Here is a cocktail you can try
Crabbie’s Moscow Mule

50ml vodka

25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

20ml sugar syrup

Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Plenty of crushed ice

GLASS: A long Collins


Add the vodka, fruit juices juice and syrup to a cocktail shaker.

Shake well and strain into a glass filled crammed with ice.

Add a generous measure of Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer, or use the Strawberry and Lime or Raspberry versions, to be a little adventurous.

GARNISH with a wheel of fresh lemon

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