Monday 24 November 2014

Catch the flight of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey

Voted as 'Best Irish Whiskey' The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey is a worthy holder of that accolade.

The distillery that produces it claims that it is smoother because they distil it for longer.  And it is smoother. 

They produce several whiskeys all which are highly original and unique, yet all carrying a certain sense of specialness.

Classic Blend is 40% vol Irish Whiskey that has a buttery smoothness that has hints of fruits, with a tang of the grain and a finish that is pleasing and warming.

Rare Irish Whiskey is a 43% vol Irish whiskey that is smooth and has hints of citrus fruits and notes of spices that make it even more interesting than you'd think possible.

Single Malt is a 43% vol Irish whiskey that more than gives Scotch single malts a run for their money. It's lively, vibrant and has an earnest woodiness to it that makes it eager to please. You know the malt is there, waiting for you, beguiling you.

Limited Edition Irish Whiskey a 43% Irish whiskey that is a rare treat. Yes, there's malt, yes, there's the 'usual' fruit notes, some spiced notes to be observed and yet... and yet... this whiskey has a quality to it that makes you look, with regret at your empty glass and say: "Oh! It's gone!"

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