Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Gin lovers, Whitley Neill Gin will make your Christmas

Although I am not, in the ordinary run of things, a gin aficionado, I can report that  Whitley Neill Gin will make your Christmas, if you are a gin lover or not.

It is a superbly produced example of the art of the true handcrafter of small batch gins.

We were supposed to be using Whitley Neill Gin to develop some new Christmas cocktails, but my wife, who is a true gin aficionado, would not hear of such sacrilege.

"You are not going to mess around with my gin, by adding other things to it!" she told me and so this Christmas there will be no gin cocktails. Well, certainly none that are to be made with Whitley Neill Gin!

What does it taste like? What makes it so special. so unique?

It's warming, so is an ideal stiffener after a bracing Christmas walk through the frosty countryside.

And when you taste it (sip, by glorious sip!) you know you are in the presence of pure gin making genius.

I couldn't quite get my head around the intoxicating mixture of flavours. It's gin, but like no other gin I have ever tried before.

My wife, who is knowledgeable about such matters, said: "It's because it's produced using African flavours, plus more traditional botanicals. It's the Baobab tree fruit and Cape Gooseberries, really. That's what makes it different and that's why you aren't adding anything to it!"

So, that's me told!  will tell you all you need to know, including the fact that they have been small batch producing gin in an antique copper still for well over 250 years.

I think, when nobody is looking, I might try to make at least one gin cocktail. Actually, no. I've just had another sip and I'll take my wife's advice and enjoy Whitley Neill Gin as it comes!

Happy Christmas comes no happier, I think, than with Whitley Neill Gin and some organic mince pies!

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