Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A machine for making educational chocolate treats

When I was a child I always loved to get a plastic net filled with chocolate coins.

They came wrapped in a gold or silver cover and had a design embossed on the chocolate.

I always wondered how they did it.

Children of today don't have to wonder, aimlessly! Now they can actually see the whole process for themselves!

The Chocolate Coin Press  costs a very modest £20 and they are available from John Lewis.

The Chocolate coin maker creates chocolate discs, then it warps them up in gold foil and presses a coin design onto each face.

How does it work? The base of the coin press is filled with hot water.

Then the four coin dishes are placed on each corner.

Chocolate drops are poured into these dishes,  are gently heated by the base, causing them to gradually melt into the all-important coin shape.

The discs are then removed from the press and placed in the fridge until they become solid.

The now set chocolate discs will then be placed in a special slot in the machine where they are wrapped in gold foil using the press.

They are then passed through the machine for a second time, which allows it to imprint the coin designs on each side.

Finished coins can be emptied into the red net bag and eaten later. If they last that long, that is!

It comes complete with 150g of chocolate ready to get you started on your career as a chocolate coin maker!

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