Tuesday, 25 November 2014

U'Luvka Voda. It is the spirit of pleasure

Have you heard of U'Luvka Vodka? I hadn't until recently.

We had a beautiful gift box of U'Luvka Vodka, my wife and I.

On the presentation box is the legend: "The Spirit of Pleasure." I know that one can't always rely on what one reads on adverts or presentation boxes, but in this case, "The Spirit of Pleasure" is perfectly correct. U'Luvka Voda truly is "The Spirit of Pleasure."

It is claimed that it is based on an ancient recipe originally created a famed Polish alchemist, Sendivogius for King Sigismund III of Poland, for use by the Royal Court.

This modern version of this legendary spirit is created in small batches by the alchemical descendants of  Sendivogius, using highest quality Polish rye, wheat and barley.

When you pour it into the glass there is that unmistakable sweet scent that one only ever gets from a truly great Vodka.

The flavour sets U'Luvka Vodka into a class entirely of its own.

There's a whole range of  flavours, from hints of summer grasses, of spices and fruity notes and others besides.

My wife, a confirmed gin  aficionado, said: "This is better than gin. So much better than gin! And you can put that in your review!" And so, as you can see, I have done.

But don't take the maker's bold, but truthful, statement or our own unbiased review for granted. Just buy a bottle of U’Luvka Vodka and see for yourself.

You can buy a special presentation box with a 100ml bottle, we loved the unique shape of the bottle, and two very unique legless and etched shot glasses for just under £20.00, the ideal gift for the Vodka lovers in your life. And trust me, they will thank you for it!

Or if you wish you can buy a Magnum bottle for £69.00.

To purchase the magnum visit 

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