Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mulled Wine Gift Set

The mulled wine gift set from Just Ingredients lets you turn a bottle of red wine (even a fairly mediocre red wine, it has to be said) into a very acceptable and tasty traditional Christmas mulled wine.

The kit contains a vanilla pod, a cinnamon stick, cloves, bay leaf, star anise, and a couple of slices of orange.

All you have to add is some sugar and the juice of two oranges and a bottle of red wine.

Within 15 to 20 minutes you can be ladling out some very acceptable mulled wine.

However, it can taste a little sweet as it uses 170g of brown or white sugar. So you might like to experiment with the sugar levels. People who are diabetic might consider not using sugar at all and adding artificial sweeteners to taste to the individual servings of mulled wine.

It costs £6.70 (enough for two bottles of mulled wine) so makes an ideal addition to your Christmas provisions cupboard or a splendid stocking filler for the adventurous foodie in your life. 

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