Sunday, 13 November 2016


Mischief is the latest novel by popular writer Liz Vincent.

It tells the story of the younger generation of the Lange family, who readers met in her previous novel, Malice, published last year in 2015.

Grace Langhe is maturing and growing up,. Her mother is worried that Grace seems to be channelling for her grandmother Madge, a somewhat domineering and forceful personality in the family.

Thomas comes onto the scene and Grace falls for him and she enters into a relationship that some might describe as troubled or even risky.

Yet Thomas is not quite what Grace had presumed him to be and the relationship comes to a dramatic conclusion that leaves Grace feeling justifiably traumatised.

Grace feels that, somehow, Grandmother Madge is looking out for her and trying to steer her in the right direction.

Grace leaves to work away from home with her best friend Lucy.

Through Lucy she meets a young man called Seth, though the circumstances of their meeting are a little strange, to say the least. She decides to keep her relationship with Seth a secret from her parents. After all, things had had very badly wrong with Thomas and she was so hurt by her experience that she doesn't feel able to confide in her parents that she is in another relationship.

After a time she reassess her life and decides to take up the opportunity to train to become a journalist.

Quite by chance she catches up with an old friend from her school days who she has seen in years, Jade. Jade is extremely proud of her handsome boyfriend. Thomas!

Grace reveals the less-than-savoury truth about the dark unpleasant true side to Thomas' personality and eventually they join forces to formulate a plot to get revenge on Thomas.

The revenge serves a dual purpose, because it also means that Grace is pushed into the limelight and her career in journalism grows and prospers.

But all the while, Seth is there, being her rock.

She and Seth wed and start their life together. But strange things are happening. What if Madge did not merely approve of her marriage to Seth, but actively arrange for it to take place?

But what, exactly, was really taking place? And what was the link to the long dead crusader with the tomb in the church?

This is an intriguingly mystical book and to reveal more of the plot would spoil this extraordinary story.

It is published in paperback by Matador and will make a very welcome stocking filler for lovers of fiction with historical and modern flashes.

It costs £9.99 and is available for purchase here:

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