Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Heroes of Elwhen

The Heroes of Elwhen is the first part of a six part series for children, from the pen of Staffordshire author G. H. Cawser.

It is guaranteed to transport young readers to a fantastical and wonderful land, the land of Elwhen.

Joh and Sally-Annie are both city kids, born and bred. However, they like to speond the long, summer months on the farm that is owned by their Uncle Ned.

No matter what rural adventures have befallen them previously, it's likely that nothing could prepare them for the great adventure that was about to befall them, when they would depart on a magical journey to a wondrous world.

They and their cousin Gerald have time for one final trip to the very summit of the mysterious Barrow Hill.

But before they can make for home they are drawn into an amazing world the likes of which they couldn't ever have imagined, a land called Elwhen.

They are soon captured by Belladonna, a witch who they encounter soon after they arrive in Elwhen, so the three children find themselves involved in a struggle that could conceivably destroy Elwhen.

They want to return home, but learn that that dream would be an unattainable one, when they are tricked and cajoled into hunting down an amulet with magical powers. The Jewel of the Isle.

But what if the jewel is already within the purview of the witch? What would she do? Could she take the jewel and use it to her nefarious ends?

They are threatened by the witch and her army of trolls. All seems lost, but they are not without hope, resources or help. They meet with a wizard, Mr Thurlan, who offers them his assistance and the use of a very important waygaerth "for a moment of need."

This will make a wonderful Christmas gift for children who love fantasy novels.

It's just £6.99 and is available for purchase here https://goo.gl/6HLMeo.

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