Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Boathouse

The Boathouse is a romantic debut novel from Dane Anthony Howard.

It's the story of how a young couple,  Ben and Louise, fall in love one summer in North London.

The story of how they meet, fall in love and how their romance blossoms and grows during one idyllic summer is set against a backdrop of poetry, of rock and roll and even a modicum of drugs and sex.

But as the love story moves form North London -Primrose Hill, to be more precise- and the English Lake District, their relationship is hit by a terrible double tragedy that shatters their romance and changes lives for ever.

For a debut novel this is a stunning work and it is to be hoped that this is the first of many novels from Dane Anthony Howard.

The book is published in paperback by The Book Guild at a very reasonable £6.99 and is available from us at our retail site at this address https://goo.gl/6HLMeo.

It will make an excellent Christmas gift for those who do not always expect a happy ending to the novels they read.

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