Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Choconchoc, another way to say: "Merry Christmas!" to that special someone!

But especially if that special someone is a chocolate lover!

Visit their website, and be reay for a bewildering but deeply fantastic choice of chocolate and chocolate items.

The chocolates are guaranteed to have been handmade in Great Britain, so there's none of that disappointment when you think you are buying a special chocolate Christmas gift that has been made in Great Britain only to find that it is now made in a far cheaper country in some far-flung part of the European Empire. (EDITOR: Even though the production costs would then be perhaps one third of the previous UK production facility, the price to the consumer remains just as high. Funny, that!)

But with Choconchoc when it says Made in Great Britain, that's what it means!

Some of the gifts not only taste good, they will also raise a smile, too.

For example, you can buy a presentation box of sprouts. But don't worry! Even though they are exquisitely made, perfect representations of this plucky, yet somewhat bitter, brassica, they are created out of delicious white chocolate. A box of 8 costs £8.99.

Other stunning items include a Christmas Celebration Cake (made of a kilo of chocolate!) for £30, chocolate doughnuts, chocolate elf boots, Chocolate Mince Pies and Prosecco (even the bottle is made of chocolate!) and so much more, including special chocolate hampers.

Want cheese and crackers after your meal? As you might expect, even though it looks like real cheese, it's actually cleverly made from chocolate!

Choconchoc brings the fun and frivolity back to the festive season!

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