Friday, 18 November 2016

Bored? This super stocking filler will remove all boredom!

Author Graham Lanceley has written a new book that will certainly provide the reader with hours of harmless fun and amusement as they read through his choice of fifty alternative sports and pastimes!

Learn about games, pastimes and sports that are modern inventions or which the origins of which are shrouded in the mists of our ancient history.

Learn about hobbies from A to Zed. Astronomy, amateur radio, beekeeping, bellringing, gem cutting at home, geology and many more.

There are sports a-plenty, from the modern sport of tchoukball to the ancient sport of jousting, they are all here in this most excellent book.

Fancy caving? Or some ancient British pub games? Morris Dancing, postcard collecting, fencing, Falconry, water dowsing, Bandy (it's on page 9!) Equestrian vaulting, Fives?

You'll find all these and many more, with clear but brief instructions of how to get involved in them.

What about some extreme sports? From Zorbing to Ultimate Frisbee, this book will give hours of pleasure and will make a super Christmas present for people form 8 to 88 or even older!

It is published in paperback by The Book Guild at the nifty price of £7.99.

You can purchase it at our very own retail establishment -along with thousands of other books, gifts and DVDs, etc- which you will find here

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