Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ben and the Spider Lake

Ben and the Spider Lake is another magical book from children's author Angela Fisher.

She returns to the Spider Kingdom for this her third book.

It is the summer holidays again and Ben, together with his dog Scoot and his family plus his best friend Jess travel to a small cottage close by the Dark Mountains.

He learns that the lane at the back of the cottage is to be dug up. This is a disaster for it would result in homelessness or even injury for the families of spiders who live under the lane.

Ben must locate Lox, who is the guardian of the Spider Gate.

With Jess, Ben tries to work out a way to help move the spider kingdom subjects  to a safer location.

But they only have one month before to workmen arrive!

Where can they be moved to? How can they be moved?

Will there be any help forthcoming? Or does Ben's gran know more than she is letting on?

The book is ideal as a Christmas present for any children between 3 to 6 for parents, grandparents or other relatives to read with them.

This book is published in hardback by The Book Guild at £9.95 and it is available for purchase at our own shop along with thousands of other books and gifts of all types.

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