Thursday, 17 November 2011

Firebox announces its Top 10 ‘WTF?!’ Gifts: Pure opulence with a price tag to match for billionaires

Electric DeLorean DMCEV
Christmas gifts for the Glitterati?

Ever fantasised about what you’d buy if you won the lottery? Perhaps you need a bit of inspiration? Firebox, the world’s greatest retailer, has - for the first time ever - developed a Top 10 WTF?! (What The Firebox?!) gift list aimed at the mega-rich and the incredibly famous.

Curated by Firebox from its super high-end WTF?! range, this Top 10 gob-smacking list is the defining wish list of what to ask for this Christmas if money was no object.

Ben Fowler, WTF?! Curator at Firebox, said: “Firebox is well known for its crazy, fun and entertaining gifts and gadgets but we wanted to bring attention to our most ridiculous, fantastical products that would make your eyes pop. Earlier this year we launched the WTF?! range – a range of Firebox products but gonzo. More insane, more quirky, more expensive and more unique, they will make you to cry out WTF?!”

Continuing, Ben said: “If I were rich and famous these are the kind of products I’d want for Christmas – they’re amazing, astounding and brilliant fun.”

Surveying Firebox’s Facebook Fans it was discovered that if money was no object its customers would opt for an island, world peace or never ending happiness. But perhaps they’ll settle for one of these instead?

1 DeLorean DMCEV - £70,000
What do you mean we’re going Back to the Future? The DeLorean, made famous in “that” movie is back and this time it’s electric. Retaining the unique gull-wing design and silver exterior, the word ‘iconic’ doesn’t even do it justice.

2 Triumph Bonneville Steve McQueen Edition – £7,700
Based on the classic T100 and inspired by the Trophy TR6 McQueen rode during the stunt scene from The Great Escape, the Triumph Bonneville T100 is limited to just 1,100 bikes, and features a super cool matt khaki green paint job and the late actor's signature on the side covers – it also arrives individually numbered, with a plaque on the handlebar clamp and a certificate of authenticity. Now that’s cool!

3 Project Utopia - £100m+
You want a man-made island-like cruise liner? Done. How about one that is almost identical to Stromberg’s Atlantis hideout in the classic Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me? Done. Spanning eleven decks yet still coming with full climate control, this is an architectural maritime masterpiece.

4 Caran D’Ache 1010 Diamonds Fountain Pen - £850,000
In white gold with more than 850 exceptionally pure diamonds (totalling approximately 24.61 carats) this dazzling writing instrument brings together the Swiss expertise of leading jewellers, goldsmiths and master craftsmen and is in fact the world’s most expensive pen, ever. This Pen is certainly mightier than the sword.

5 Blue Forest Tree House - from £20,000
If you want a tree house then why not go all out – Blue Forest will design amazing houses ranging from fantasy to functional just for you, high up in the canopy of your trees. Or, in your office; wherever you like really.

6 One Degree of Turntable - 1£00,000
It’s gold, it’s beautiful, it’s a record turntable and it is for the biggest audiophiles of audiophiles. NASA engineers designed it, Firebox loves it.

7 F5 Custom Luxury Golf Cart - £20,500
For the seasoned golfer, looking the part is as important as the playing handicap. You drove a Ferrari to the club, you wanna drive a Ferrari in ‘da club too. Behold the F5 Italian Sports Car Custom Golf Cart. Complete with headlights, turn signals, electric horn and 15” wheel rims this awe inspiring luxury vehicle looks every bit the real deal, albeit in miniature form. And with a top speed of almost 20mph, it is sure to burn off every other cart on the course.

8 Agility Saietta R Bike - £13,750
Designed for urban living, the Agility Saietta R Bike combines powerful performance with Hollywood looks. As the specs show, this isn’t simply an exercise in style. Thanks to the Saietta R’s electric motor, the engineers have stripped out all of the bulk that once dictated how a bike should look – letting the design evolve beyond the traditional petrol-driven motorbike shape.

9 JetLev Flyer - £115,000
Messing about on the water is great fun, but jetting about above the water is like, totally awesome, especially when you’re strapped to the jaw-droppingly impressive JetLev Flyer. The result of years of painstaking R&D, the precision-made design allows you to achieve stable, controlled flight as you soar 10 metres above the water at speeds of up to 30 mph.

10 Marchi Mobile EleMMent RV - £1.9 Million
Littlest Hobo syndrome? The EleMMent RV has its own roof terrace, expanding living space, a rainfall shower and of course a bar. This really is a mansion on wheels.

And, if all this looks a bit pricey for you, Firebox has created a budget Top 10 stocking filler gift list for those with smaller purses than the average billionnaire.


  1. You can purchase the F5 custom golf cart direct from They have 4 other models to choose from.