Sunday, 6 November 2011

iball3 Voted Toy Launch of the Year 2011, The Perfect Christmas Gift

iball3 The New Electronic 
The stunning iball3 has been voted the top new toy of 2011!
The Amazing New iball3 Presses All the Right Buttons as the Perfect Christmas Gift.

The iball3, is a colourful, exciting, cutting edge electronic game. It is an interactive, brain training game with a world class on-line leader board, showcasing those who are the very best.

The brainchild of genius inventor Andrew Reeves, the unique iball3 has been voted the top new toy of 2011 by the Gadget show and is predicted to be a top 10 best seller this Christmas by Hamleys. The iball3 is suitable for any one aged 8+ and is the perfect Christmas gift for fans of games and gadgets. It is available from a wide number of specialist toy and major retailers or can be purchased on line via, costing RRP £19.99.

What is the iball3?

• The iball3 is a clear electric blue ball with electronic wizardry inside. The iball3 has 6 light buttons and a single LED display. The iball3 can easily be played with by children (8+) or adults.

How does it Work?

• The object of the game is to turn on all the lights to the same colour within a specific time.

• Each iball3 is unique and has a pre-programmed registration number which allows you to compete on a World leader board at:

• The iball3 has two levels which reset after 90 seconds, which is plenty of time for practice games.

• The first level of the game (3 lights) must be completed within a time limit of 20 seconds before the iball3 moves to an automatic advancement sequence of 4 lights to level 2.

• Level 2 must be completed in less than 60 seconds if you want to have a chance of getting onto the World leader board. If the 4 light sequence is completed within 60 seconds you will be rewarded with a unique i-code that can be entered onto the World leader board. This special i-code once entered onto the iball3 website will let you know how long it took you to complete the game within hundredths of a second.

• You can easily Reset Level 2 to the original 3 light sequence game by Pressing buttons 1 & 5 at the same time.

• There are other special button sequences for turning sound off and re-displaying the unique serial number.

The iball3 “Elite”

• Players who achieve a sub 9 second time on the iball3 world leader board will be rewarded in 2012 with a free iball3 “elite”. The elite version has an extra 3rd level and has additional randomization processes to really test the very best in the brain training world.

• The has a new elite world leader board to post “Elite world Record times” for those that can achieve success on the 3rd level game play.

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