Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Get the Hexbug this Christmas!

Currently taking the UK by storm HEXBUG is the perfect present to delight children everywhere this Christmas

Original, innovative and highly entertaining, these micro sized robotic critters will keep your kids entertained for hours. These colourful, collectible creatures behave just like real insects. Powered by tiny motors they scuttle over the surface and each type of HEXBUG behaves in a different way with its own traits unique to them.

Winners of a multitude of awards including ‘Mums Choice’ and ‘ToyTalk’, and with a cult following of celebrity fans including Lily Allen and Ben Shephard, HEXBUGs are almost as popular with adults as they are with kids!

Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the HEXBUG’s robotic intelligence makes them fascinating for all ages, meaning parents everywhere will love playing with them alongside their own children - making them a great gift to deliver this Christmas. 

The HEXBUG family of critters is available in a variety of designs and colours including the Nano, Inchworm, Crab, Original, Ant and Spider.

HEXBUG Nano is the smallest HEXBUG in the collection, but amongst the most mighty. It uses the physics of vibration to propel forward and explore its environment. Powered by a tiny motor and 12 fixed, angular legs, they can quickly navigate through the most complex mazes. Possessing an uncanny sense of balance, it can even flip to its feet and zoom forward when turned on its back! When coming into contact with an object in its path, the energetic insect will switch directions and scurry away on a new path due to its persistent random behaviour. Check out the HEXBUG range of Habitat Sets – the natural home of the HEXBUG Nano at www.hexbug.com/nano
The newest addition to the range is the brand new HEXBUG Spider - an electro mechanical marvel to watch and operate. HEXBUG Spider features 360 degree steering, an LED forward eye, and two-channel, user selectable infrared remote control. The two-channel remote control enables the user to operate multiple bugs independently or at the same time. The largest member of the HEXBUG family, the complexity of its internal mechanisms and six-legged crawling motion is simply fascinating to operate and watch.

HEXBUG Inchworm is a tiny electro mechanical wonder that is directed by the user via a miniature infrared remote control unit. Each HEXBUG Inchworm and controller is outfitted with two channels, allowing two bugs to be operated independently or at the same time. The HEXBUG Inchworm offers seven-way steering and its crawling motion is fascinating to operate and watch.

HEXBUG Crab uses its autonomous light and sound sensors to hide in the dark and run from loud noises. You can control where each HEXBUG Crab scurries and can make it change direction with the clap of your hands.

The HEXBUG Original feels its way around by sensing objects in its path and avoiding them, using its bump sensor feelers. Users can control where it scurries and make it change direction with the clap of a hand or making a loud noise. 

The high-speed HEXBUG Ant has probing, tactile antennas and hooked claws. The industrious critter features front and rear touch sensors that allow it to manoeuvre around objects in its path, whilst its wheel-legs that propel it forwards, backwards and over small obstacles with furious speed.

Each HEXBUG is available in assorted colours
Replaceable cell batteries are included with each product
Products are sold separately. Current RRP for each product are as follows:
  • Nano £8.99
  • Ant £10.99
  • Original £10.99
  • Crab £14.99
  • Inchworm £18:99
  • Spider £24.99
Available now at Hamleys, Next, Selfridges, Toys R Us, Red5 stores and Red5 in House of Fraser, Waterstones and HMV, other specialty retailers or at www.hexbug.com (a full list of suppliers is also available on the website).

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