Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What would your dog tell you, this Christmas?

Apart from: "I love you," that is?

"I’ve got a bone to pick with you…. I’m sick of squeaky toys. I’m bored of bones. And that woolly doggy jumper you got me last year, well that is not making an outing this year let me tell you!! This year I want to get my paws on the doggy-licious collars and leads from

I’ve heard through the dog-vine that, this season, purple is THE colour to be seen in around the park. My wish list to Santa “Paws” therefore includes a must-have purple suede collar and lead. I just know that it would give me a new leash of life!

I know exactly where you can find these one-of-a-kind dog collars. Luxuryhound - a Scottish boutique with luxurious leads and a variety of doggy accessories is the best for a pampered pooch like me! Don’t I deserve better than those scratchy collars and tight leads?

I want to strut my stuff this New Year without getting lost in the crowd. With my very own inscribed dog tag proudly around my neck showing off my fine, furry chest and an extra D-ring handily located at the back, I will make all the other dogs jealous. Whether one is a pocket sized pooch or a Great Dane, any dog can look as glam as me and of course I can be colour co-ordinated with your latest dog walking outfit so we can be a pair of fashionistas!

Also, whilst I’m lolled out by the fire under your feet wearing my brand new collar, we can both relax in the knowledge that we have helped other pooches that are not as lucky as me. Luxuryhound donates 5% of the profits from every product sold straight to dog charities so less fortunate hounds can be looked after or helped to find happy homes.

So, if you don’t want me hounding you this Christmas, just please get me a gorgeous bespoke Luxuryhound collar and lead. Otherwise, it will be you in the doghouse on Boxing Day…. woof woof!"

OK, you heard it from the horse's, sorry, the doggies mouth!

Luxuryhound is a wonderful doggy boutique based in Scotland that specialises in luxury leads and collars for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Luxuryhound was set up in 2008 by Mirren Fischer, who works with a variety of quality artisans and craftsmen, top-notch suppliers, and patient dog models to get designs, prints, and stitching just right. Luxuryhound products are also environmentally friendly as their tweeds are bought from local small weavers and organic farms; their leathers progress from well-treated herds to tanneries that use vegetable dyes and control their emissions tightly. 

To see the full range of products please visit

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