Monday, 1 December 2014

The One a unique British Isles spirit

For the first time in centuries, there are distilleries all over the British Isles, where experts in this ancient and revered craft (some even argue that its origins lie deep within the religion of the early British tribes) are now crafting and creating some very fine whiskies. Some very fine whiskies, indeed!

But then along came the Lakes Distillery in the English Lake District. A small, traditional, yet modern, distillery with a fairly unique take on things.

They fell to thinking and pondering. What if...? What if...? What if they went to all of the distilleries in the British Isles... and what if they brought together the best of the best of these different whiskies?

And what if... they spent month after month blending and tasting again and again until, finally, the had created a veritable admixture that would be justifiably called The One, combining the best  of all the British Isles whiskies?

And that is it. That's exactly what The One is.

Before we start, a question. So, after all that work what does it taste like? Did all that effort pay off?

That's actually two questions and I'll answer the second question first, for no better reason than I can!

All that effort did pay off.

As for the taste, it's not easy to be definite about this.

But it is very pleasing on the tongue. It has all the hallmarks of a great whisky. There are hints of spices, it reminded me of the delicious spices that are used mainly at Christmas. Although there was also a hint of nuttiness, too, with perhaps a tang that reminded me of citrus fruits? Malty smokiness also came through and the finish was surprisingly, sweetly attractive.

To learn more about The One visit

And don't forget they also produce Cumberland's first and only Vodka and Cumberland Gin, too!

A 70cl bottle of The One costs £29.95 on the site.

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