Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tantalise your guests with a Black Cherry Trifle this Christmas

Hartley’s have decided to launch a new and thrilling extra to their range of jellies.

Black Cherry flavour is available just in time for Christmas.

So, apart from making a black cherry jelly  (I rather like how that rhymed, there!) What else can you make with it?

How about a delicious Black Forest trifle?

It's a great new desert recipe and it's quick and easy to prepare, too!

Sugar (for decoration)
Madeira cake
Canister of whipped cream (EDITOR: That's fresh whipped cream)

To make the jelly
Hartley’s 135g Black Cherry jelly (or a flavour of your choice)
1 pint of water

To make the syrup
300g of fresh raspberries (keep a handful aside for decoration)
1 jar of Hartley’s Raspberry Jam

To make the custard
300ml milk
300ml double cream
2 large eggs and one egg yolk
50g caster sugar
50g cornflower
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the desired look you will need 8 glass cups.
·        Wipe a wedge of lemon around the edge of each cup
·        Dip the cups in a bowl of sugar, moving it round clockwise until the rim is covered in sugar
·        Set aside until they are ready to be filled

·        Make the jelly according to the packet instructions

To make the syrup
·        Add half a pot of Hartley’s raspberry jam to a sauce pan with your fresh raspberries
·        Cook on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes before removing from the heat and leaving to cool

To make the custard
·        Add the sugar, cornflower and vanilla into a large mixing bowl. Next add the eggs  and egg yolk before whisking until the mixture is blended
·        Pour milk and double cream into a pan and heat gently until hot but be careful not to boil. Pour this over the egg mixture and immediately whisk until blended
·        Wash pan to remove any scum from milk, and then pour the mix back into the pan heating gently and stirring constantly until thickened. Do not panic if the mix is lumpy just continue to heat and whisk until it is thick and smooth.
·        Finally pour into a jug and cover with cling film to prevent any skin from forming, and then set aside to cool

Making the trifle
·        Cut 8 1cm slices of Madeira cake, place one slice into the bottom of each cup, pushing down to make sure it covers the bottom
·        Next pour the raspberry syrup generously over the Madeira slice
·        Take the chilled jelly from the fridge and spoon into the cup on top of the Madeira cake
·        Spoon in some custard on top of your jelly layer
·        Next whip cream and apply over the fresh custard
·        Finally place a couple of fresh raspberries on top and pop in the fridge to chill for two hours before enjoying with friends.

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