Monday, 1 December 2014

Baru at Christmas

Baru have produced one of the best confectioneries known to man and woman kind.

They take their awesomely delicious honey and vanilla bean Marshmallows, and then make them even more awesomely delicious by giving them each a topping of proper burnt sugar caramel with just the right amount of genuine Fleir de Sel sea salt from Guerande.

And then just to make the whole process even more deliciously decadent, they cover them in thick, rich dark chocolate.

The result? A truly wonderful experience for the chocolate lover in your life.

They come in boxes of four, so please don't expect them to share them with you! That would be far too cruel!

Our best suggestion is that you should buy two boxes, one for you, one for the recipient. But here's a tip, don't try them before you make the presentation, or you will eat both boxes yourself!

They cost £6.40 for a box of four.

By the way, other flavours and other delicious treats are available, learn about them at

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