Monday, 1 December 2014

Soft Brew. Brewed for discerning adults

Just because you are driving or on antibiotics or just because you do not want alcohol is no reason why you should be condemned to a life of drinking fizzy pop!

Because it's no longer the bad old days when you would find yourself, as an adult, drinking some awful rip-off cola like drink at a party whilst all the other adults were drinking stuff that, you know, actually had a taste of something?

The bad old days of yesteryear have been replaced by the good new days and a new range of tasty, adult drinks that, although they are proud of their brewing heritage actually contain zero alcohol.

Whilst the Soft Brew range lacks alcohol the drinks contain a whole lot of taste and character.

There are three flavours to choose from: Apple, Lemon and Lime and Elderflower.

They are brewed to bring out the full, soft flavours of the fruits, there's a delicious aroma of hops and a full, satisfying flavour that is free not only of alcohol but also of preservatives and additives.

Chill the bottles (not too much) Gently shake the bottle (not too hard!) to make certain that the fruit is properly mixed throughout the bottle and then pour into your glass and enjoy.

Which one would you like best? Well, as for me, Lime and elderflower is probably the best, though Apple and Lemon come as join seconds, though not far behind.

To learn more about this delicious addition to the Christmas and New Year party scene please visit

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